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Deep Calls to Deep

On this particular morning we had accessed the Help Desk of the Business Complex of Heaven to discover if anything was in the ministry Outstanding Folder that we needed to take care of. The angel at the desk, whom we had seen often began to share with us. She explained that she was the angel we would most often see at the Help Desk because she had an assignment to our ministry.

At this point Donna began to have a vision of shifting, blowing sand. She asked the angel, “What can you tell us about shifting sand related to the ministry?” In the vision of the shifting and blowing sand she also had a sense of a time marker.

The angel began to explain, “All things are moving together according to the plan of God. Many things are shifting–moving.”

Donna then said, “I see the strings of a large upright harp, like a floor model that is five to six feet tall. And I see the end of the harp where the thicker (bass tones) are vibrating.” She explained as understanding came, “The vibration of these larger strings are larger movement frequencies which are moving, moving, moving. It is a good thing. It is vibrating according to Heaven’s movement.”

The angel spoke saying, “The deeper strings or the lower tones are the stronger shifts of atmosphere. When these play from Heaven, the result in the physical world is what you call a shaking. We call it movement with many levels of movement involved–national level movements, movements on family levels, movements on individual levels, movements in hearts, movements in manner of thought, even the shifting of many layers and the shifting of hearts. The effect of this heavenly bass tone in spiritual dimensions cause heartstrings of humanity, which are tied to emotion and tied to movement because things are often moved by the desire of one's heart as Heaven plays the deeper bass tones to synchronize. As the bass tones are played, the heart movement of God's people are synchronized.

She asked, “Can you equate this to the mind of Christ?” Before we could answer, she explained that the movement of the heartstrings of Heaven, the deep tones of Heaven, cause the mind of Christ to begin to resonate in the heart of God's people, and they are afforded greater wells of thinking as the Father thinks, emoting as He emotes, which then equates to focusing on what He is focusing on, gazing on what He is gazing on. This is timely due to many clocks and many times of Heaven. The angel asked, “And do you not know how significant a time you are in now as you approach Pentecost?[1] This feels like the stirring up to intercession, the stirring up to higher dimensional thinking.”

Donna then began to describe a new vision, “Now I see trees in a forest being blown by a great wind, not like a hurricane, but more like a consistent heavy breeze. I hear the angel say, ‘Command, command, command! Command your day! Command your heart! Command the things of God to appear in the earth realm. Command them at the hands of angel armies. Command them by verbal release. Command because Yeshua is the Captain of the Host. As He lives and dwells in you, command the alignment of seasons and times on earth as it is in Heaven.’”

Then she said, “Conquer! Conquer! Conquer! All His foes will be conquered by the verbal release of God’s people. Announce the conquering King. Announce the coming move. Conquer enemy tactics. Conquer the presumption of the enemy. Conquer the presumption of defeated foes and defeated kingdoms. Conquer them by faith’s release. Verbally command and conquer the enemies of God. Put them under your feet.”

Then the angel paused and said to us, “Well, you did come and ask.”

We then asked to visit with Lydia, the woman in white assigned to our ministry for a meeting. Once she appeared, she began by saying, “All need refreshing.”

As she began speaking Donna could hear extremely low tones coming from what sounded like horn instruments, perhaps like a tuba or trombone would make. These were very deep sonorous resonant slow-moving sounds.

Lydia continued, “Much will be poured out in coming days, but it is wise for people of God to request a refreshing when they are aware of their need. Personal requests to be filled up with the living water of God is so important for God's people. Your body (flesh) and your soul require the constant refreshing and filling of the Holy Spirit in your spirit being. If you are a vessel filled with the living water of the Holy Spirit, filled with the Spirit of God, filled with the knowledge of His presence, filled with the sensation of His movement, then you resonate what He resonates.

“Now deep tones are coming from Heaven and you are filled in your spirit. Your spirit has an ease. It finds itself more harmonious. You resonate what Heaven resonates. Then the soul does not have to strive because the soul is paying attention to the spirit and the body undergoes a synchronization.

“Every time you gather, many vessels filled in joint harmony, focused on being filled and staying filled with the Spirit of God, you move with greater ease, with greater velocity, and with greater impact, and greater miracles. And the soul can find rest here.

“What the enemy does is vex the soul and the soul feels that vexation. If the soul is trained to rely on the spirit, which is your design; then your spirit being filled with the Spirit of God and His living water by asking for the serving of living water, and by the spirit focusing its spirit sight on the presence of God; this is where the spirit feels that nothing is impossible. The soul begins to understand nothing is hard. More spiritual activity–spirit forward–spirit first, this is a central theme of what is available to God's people.”

Lydia then began speaking to Donna saying, “You can tell how much of your weekend you were able to be spirit forward and the waning of that signals the need for getting refilled. Speaking in tongues is essential. Taking time to be quiet with the Lord is essential. Taking time to follow the unction of the Holy Spirit in your day-to-day activities and breaking free of soul routines that have no advantage to you. Soul routines often get in the way of the spirit operating by the unction of the Holy Spirit and will clash.

The soul must learn to surrender to the spirits function in order to continue spirit-forward living.

Many people are learning many things about this right now.

There is healing for the soul and this comes much quicker when the spirit has been filled–when the spirit man is full, when the discussion of what the spirit is saying among you is highlighted, primary, forward, and given permission. Then joy returns from the spirit and is translated to the soul. And the soul is surprised that it can have joy amid transition, change, movement, shifting sands, blowing sand, and the deep that calling to the deep–the deep tones of Heaven calling to the deep tones and in our spirit man.[2] The deep tone of Heaven grounds you. The deep calling to deep gives you the firm foundation that you are standing on in spiritual realms.

Donna explained what she was understanding as she conversed with Lydia, “I see how you can say that Lydia, like the deeper tones of the deep calling to deep in spiritual terms, it forms a foundation that is sturdy. It is rock solid is another way to say it.

Lydia then said to her, “Do you feel better having heard it?”

“Yes,” Donna replied, “I feel better, my spirit feels better having heard it.”

This closed our engagement with Lydia, so we requested to meet with Ezekiel.

Ezekiel began speaking before he could be seen, saying “Lydia has been talking to you about shakings. There is a lot still shaking in the earth. You thought shaking was over after the recent difficulty with the exposure of viral weapons, but it's all part and parcel of the same shaking.” “Do you know what happens when you shake people?” he asked. “They wake up. So, there is a great awakening happening."

Donna noted how warrior-like in appearance Ezekiel was this day. She was drawn to his feet and the footwear he was wearing. She began to describe them, “They are not boots because they are more conformed to his foot, but they have spikes that are about four or five inches long which taper. They are wide at the base where they attached to his footwear and they taper to very needle like points, and they are in the heel area. These spikes stick out of the back and on the side and on the bottom as well. They were like the footwear a Roman gladiator might wear.

Ezekiel began to give some explanation. “I’m showing you from my dimension in a way you can understand in your dimension. I wear these when I am about warring functions. It is also a kind of visual that Is the result of my alertness. It signals that I am ready for action. I am alert. I am not on standby. I am on call, and ‘all hands on deck.’”

Donna noticed that his wings also looked different. They looked like a deep blue metal. On the bottom of the wing, where it tapers off, they had a titanium look to them.

Ezekiel said, “This is a form of weapon as well. I show you what you need to know and what you are permitted to know. We are ranks of an army, and we not only take our cue from your activity, but we take our cue from the commander of angel armies, King Jesus, the Lord of All. There are developments going on that we are aware of before you are that we prepare for and take our mission from the King.”

Donna was then given insight on what occurred on the Day of Pentecost recorded in Acts 2 (after Jesus had ascended) when the Holy Spirit was poured out in the upper room.

Ezekiel explained, “It was a great day of much battle, but not because we were trying to win. We had won since time immemorial, but your foe never admits defeat. So, we consistently must remind him of his defeat. You would be well to remind him too. Ezekiel said, “Get your game on and remind the enemy of his defeat. Praising God reminds the enemy of his defeat. Celebrating your victory reminds the enemy of his defeat. Praying in faith with full belief reminds the enemy of his defeat. Activating spiritual realm dynamics reminds the enemy of his defeat. Engaging angel armies reminds the enemy of his defeat. Engaging Counsel Rooms of Heaven reminds the enemy of his defeat. He will battle till the end, but he has always been defeated.

“Rise up! Rise up! Rise up! Speak to your spirit to rise. Rise up in your spirit. Announce the defeat of the enemy. No matter what your physical eye sees your spirit eyes see with much more truth. Announce truth from your spirit.”

[1] The engagement occurred a few days before Pentecost Sunday 2021. [2] Psalm 42:7

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