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Deeding Territories

We have been taught that in Heaven the Father has His throne and Satan wants the Father’s throne and he wants to put his throne higher than God's throne, but God is El Elyon and His is the Highest Throne. When sons and daughters begin realizing that if we are made in his likeness, then the Father gave us a throne in our realm as well. This was before we had any understanding of the word realm. Yet, the hope of Heaven would be that we would remove self from our realms throne and invite Jesus to take that throne. He would then have kingship over our realms.

Sanctified Imagination

As part of that process, we need to realize that within our realms are territories that still have ownership claims upon them that need a transfer of ownership from whomever is claiming them, over to the Lord of Hosts. One of those territories is our imagination. We need to have our imagination sanctified.

Removing the Squatters

If any darkened parts of our imagination exist that satan, or his minions are squatting on, then he is an illegal squatter because we are a child of God. In the courts, we can ask for every squatter to be removed by reason of the fact that we have been purchased by Jesus, through his own blood and his body.

We can choose to trade with the Father every unsanctified imagination that we might have a complete and whole sanctified imagination, so that from today forward we only operate only out of that sanctified imagination with no tainting.

Once we choose that trade, what the Scripture speaks of in Psalm 24, the King of Glory is then welcomed into your realm – the King of Glory can come in[1]. Once we have removed ourselves from the throne and asked Jesus to sit on that throne. The Father is welcome to sit on it as is Holy Spirit. Then a long line of people who travel with the King want to come into our realms and all of them had the name of a quality of the Father. Wisdom, Purity, Righteousness, Glory, Peace, among others want to join you in new measure.

As each of these come, invite them into your realm. Make them comfortable to be with you. We can ask our angels to make sure that all of those coming into our realm know they are welcome. Charge our angels to keep the gate open to them and allow them entrance and welcome them in.

We also need to make sure we release the old imagination – the unsanctified imagination from our realms. Very simply pray:

In Jesus' name, I command every unsanctified imagination in me to leave now in Jesus’ name.

Deeding Your Imagination

To make this official we need to do some court work.

Request access to the Court of Titles and Deeds where we will deed over our imagination to the King of Glory. We may realize we had never made a legal trade in the Courts of Heaven that deeded the territory called Imagination in us. The territory of our imagination is still legally in our name. It is on a document in the Court of Titles and Deeds. It represents a territory. It represents who has right of ownership to it and we still hold the deed. We can see on that document where the enemy has made inroads and he had has pieces of it, but once we deal with this in the courts, no longer will that be the case. He will not have pieces of it anymore. He will not be a co-owner. It may not say. “Satan,” or “King of Darkness,” but once you realize you are holding ownership, you are at a tipping point where you are on the precipice of a decision.

Let’s begin the process.

I request access to the Court of Titles and Deeds. I come in regard to the Territory of My Imagination. Today Jesus, I deed this over to you. I do it freely. I do not want to be the deed owner. I do not want to have a ownership of my imagination. I want you to have ownership of my imagination. Would you by this court, come and take ownership, full occupancy and own the deed of my imagination and thereby sanctify it?

The Court may ask us, “Do we do this with our full intent and choice of desire?”

Reply affirmatively, then…

I request paperwork and documentation of the Court of Titles and Deeds for the removal of every squatter who has illegally been occupying territory in my imagination.

You will likely sense the squatters being removed.

We also request a a deed transfer and we sign over the deed to the Lord Jesus and ask that he would become the titled owner of the deed of the Territory of our Imagination.

We probably have not really looked at imagination as a territory in our realm.

The court will then document this in their records and this provides you with a door of entry, so all that's left to do is to ask that the door be opened that the King of Glory may come in to the territory of your imagination and sanctify it fully in every respect.

I request that the gate of my imagination be opened so the King of Glory might come in and that He might sanctify the territory of my imagination fully and possess it as His territory.

Now, declare that you have a sanctified imagination.

“I have a sanctified imagination.”

Synchronizing Your Clock

In the Court of Times and Seasons we have requested a Deed Transfer to the Lord of Host, Jesus, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. We have requested Orders of Eviction for the eviction of squatters, and requested that the door to your realms be open for its subsequent occupation by the Lord of Hosts.

Now we need to request that our clock be synchronized with this “As if it Never Were.”

I request based on the documentation that I received of the transfer of title deed of my imagination to the Lord of hosts, to the Holy Spirit and to Jesus and the eviction of all squatters who illegally held places of my imagination and the event of the opening of the door of my realm to the King of glory and his possession of my imagination based on this documentation, I request in the Court of Times & Seasons that my clock and seasons be synchronized to as if it never were…as if my old and imagination never were.

A sanctified imagination is the result of transferring ownership of the deed by choice (because the Father has left it to our choice). The Lord does not make claim on it because that is controlling and manipulative, but the Father granted us the right to be the owner until we desired to give it to the King.

The Transfer of Title in the case of imagination, benefits a son or daughter of God with the mind of Christ and a pure flow of sanctified imagination – imagination being that thing so highly sought after in our world, because it is a first step entrance into things beyond the 3D realm, the natural plane and is given to humans specifically for a first step into places beyond their physical sight and physical senses.

Animals in the 3D realm do not have imagination. They live by instinct. As we learn about realms and the need of our realm to be filled with the righteousness of God. If we have given Him the throne, the Father will point out a territory within our realm that doesn't bow or acquiesce to the throne that we have given Him. That territory is an area He is not ruling over within us.

In this instance, the imagination is the territory needing a new owner. When we deed it as territory to the new owner – the King who we have installed on the throne of our realm by your desire, then He has access to benefit us with all the original design that He made the imagination for.

Satan is doing the same thing on the other side – tricking people, deceiving them, gaining and capturing the realm of their imagination for the sole purpose of bringing about more evil into the world through deception, lies, manipulation, and bondages.

We, as sons, counteract that by deeding every territory within us to the King of kings and Lord of lords – Jesus.

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Deeding Territories
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[1] Psalm 24:7-10

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