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Dealing with Expansion & Push Back

A few days before this engagement with Heaven I had announced to our team a new expansion of the ministry in response to an instruction of Heaven. Within a couple of days, we experienced what Heaven referred to as push back. Ezekiel gave us the strategy for dealing with push back which you can find in another blog post on the subject.

Lydia brought some additional clarity to us concerning push back and how to maintain the right perspective on it. A couple of things were recalled as we were going through the push back:

Never be impressed by anything the enemy does.
Never succumb to fear in ANY arena.

We often forget that as Kingdom sons and daughters we should always be advancing, expanding, and extending. We move in our own circles so much that we forget what our purpose is–to be expanding. And the expansion is the uncomfortable place. Maybe we forget when we expand (or especially when you span to greater), that we going to feel push back. That is what war is it? It is expanding territory against an unseen foe that does not want you to do that, and who has used all wickedness to convince you how small you are when he is the small one.

In World War II, the allies made rubber tanks and trucks and put them out to look like they had this massive force of tanks and troop trucks and things like that. But they were all inflatables. They were a fake out.

I had a couple of questions for Lydia[1], so we accessed Heaven to speak with her.

Once Lydia appeared, she said, “I have been listening into your conversation today with Ezekiel (on push back). I am pleased to hear his report to you.

Stand your ground.

Stand your ground. Belief is under attack. You have made great strides. You are AND you will expand the ministry. The ministry is already expanding. You will expand the ministry. You are diligently seeking the path of onboarding more people to stand shoulder to shoulder with. This will be helpful in days ahead. There is an announcement from this ministry.”

We asked, “What is the announcement?”

She replied in a matter-of-fact manner,

  • We are not backing down.

  • We are here.

  • We are not moving back.

  • We will fill up every place we have expanded, and we encourage you to believe along with us.

  • Believe in your identity as sons and daughters of God, believe in your identity of access to realms of Heaven.

  • Believe in the identity given to you in Jesus Christ to see and know what the Father is revealing.

  • Believe you have been given access to understand unseen workings of His Kingdom.

  • Believe that the demonstration of His glory is great and will be greater in days ahead.

  • Believe and do not stop believing.

  • Do not doubt.

  • And especially do not entertain fear.

The spirit of fear seeks to paralyze your steps, but not only that, the spirit of fear also seeks to cause you to flee from that which you have taken back from the enemy.
You are learning to be fearless because you have been made fearless.

“Because the spirit of fear has been long defeated, and wickedness moves in ethereal ways to make you forget this. You are much more than what you seem to be, and you are much more than you are in a natural realm. You are a son and daughter of God, a magnificent creation of the Father.

The Precipice

“A precipice is being approached by society. Humanity is approaching a precipice of understanding that the natural will never bring that which they seek and only in the spiritual realm will they receive that which their spirit hungers for. As spirits awaken and are trained and are coached by ministries like yours, humanity will begin to awaken to the magnificence of the spirit side of their being as deep calls to deep and the communication lines (you call these portals, which is true) and places of outpouring are going to become stronger, wider and with more velocity in the weeks and days ahead. Believe it or not, the work of pressing through to that is strengthening your spirit in ways you probably are not able to understand yet. It is a shift between using natural elements to fill what the spirit is looking for. It is the shift where the spirit of a man or a woman begins to find spirit things that feel and fulfill what the spirit has been looking for.

“Do you see the inequity where the soul has tried to show the spirit? This is what we are all about. The spirit is like, ‘Well, okay, I guess so (receiving from the soul), but it is not happy because it does not fulfill what the spirit is looking for.

But when the spirit finds what fulfills it, then it stands up, comes forward and remains.

And the soul finds rest, not having to accomplish what it was never designed to accomplish. This is a many eras transition for humanity and the spirit of humanity in total will present a united and beautiful bride for Jesus on that day.

Donna spoke, “It is almost like Lydia; I hear you saying that we are in this zone of shift for our spirit to overcome our soul, but not in harsh ways, but just in the plan of God to be more spirit than soul.”

Lydia said, “In some ways you are moving through that. And can you see the stages that there may be for that, even waking up past stages?

Do you remember when Jesus walked the earth and He said to those He loved, ‘I have much to tell you, but you cannot bear it yet’?[2] He had much to share with their spirit, but their spirit had no capacity to contain what He shared with them, and it would overburden the soul realm had He shared out of time. So, this awakening of spiritual sons and daughters living from spirit, in spirit, with Spirit creates greater spirit containers to hold those things that Jesus longed to say to them[3].

“Remember, when Jesus told you that you were free–you are free indeed.
You must live out your freedom.

We agree with what Lydia shared with us that we are explaining. We are not backing up, not backing down, not retreating, not about facing, or anything of the sort. We are pressing into it.

Lydia said, “Are you finding that you are more staunch?”

“Yes,” we replied.

Lydia tapped Donna on the chest and said, “You have a message.”

Donna replied, “I am just going to say, I agree with you, Lydia. I have a message. I have a message. I have a message. Father. I just agree with Lydia. I agree with the realms of Heaven, and I have a message.”

As she repeated this, she was almost brought to tears by the weight of something.

She said, “I think I know what this is. I think this is, I told the Lord the other day, after pressing through some recent resistance from the enemy, and just seeing how all that played out, I think it is that you must be in the spirit who you are a hundred percent of the time. Your spirit is capable of that. You just do not know it. Your soul does not know it yet.

Your soul does not know that you can be your spirit person a hundred percent of the time.

“Here is another part of this message. Your soul, due to whatever the familial spirits are in the bloodline or whatever, has this expectation that those that you are physically related to are going to be those who physically or spiritually support you. I have a feeling that this could not be further from the truth sometimes. If you swing that pendulum the other way, you will see the truth. The truth is what Jesus said. He said when the crowd told him, ‘Your mother and your brothers are outside asking for you,’ and He said to them, ‘Who are my mother, and my brothers? Are these not my mother and my brothers (motioning to the crowd around him)[4]. And they were so shocked, they were so incensed saying, ‘I do not know about this guy’.

But, when I went through all that in the middle of the week, that is the Scripture that was right there. To a society built like the Israeli society, the Hebrew society, what Jesus said was so in-your-face the opposite. It really was. Yet, there is a key to a door in the Kingdom right there. I think it is a Kingdom door. And I think I am about to be shown that, because I have left that family vacation and now, I am going with these ladies[5], and then I will have had both sides of my family in the last two weeks.

When I get back, I will have had that pendulum swing, where I can tell the difference because who your natural man (your soul) man thinks are going to support you due to whatever it is (it is probably a lot of different nuances for different people because of their walks), but there is a family of God that God means for you to have. And He means to build those connections. He means for you to strengthen those ties and stay connected and it may not look like traditional church or your natural family. It may have nuances of a traditional church, but the new era that we are going in to, it is small pockets of the family members of God, like I think of LifeSpring and what it is becoming–that is a pocket of family members of God. Then, there is some that, if you let Him, God will do a work and He will bring some people that become your family in God. And just like your natural family, you must flow and flex with the needs of that family. Just like you flow and flex with the needs of your physical family. There is a relearning of your soul in this. And that is where you feel the tension. This is what I told the Lord, “I asked Him, ‘why does my soul feel sad?’”

He said, “It is because my natural father cannot be a hundred percent for me.”

Donna continued, “There is no overt evil in my dad. To the best of his ability, he seeks after God. I believe he is absolutely saved. I believe he is going to Heaven. I have no issue with that. But when I enter that space that familial spirit does a couple of things. I become aware that it tries to control me–it tries to control my expression and it tries to limit my freedom to be who I have become in Jesus. I am a very quiet person around my natural extended family, because there is not a lot that I can say spiritually. We had some good times. We played games. We went out to eat. We went to the beach. We had some good times and plenty of good laughs, but there were some times where I missed the spiritual connection….and I know a lot of natural families are like that.”

Another Subject

Donna continued, “I would encourage people to remember who they are, especially in this year where people are trying to travel and get back into travel.

Having recently traveled in this 2021 year, it sounds harsh to say this, but it needs to be said in a safe place, we are not going back to the old normal. We are going to the new, but your soul man really wants it to go back to the old comfort and this time it is not going to do that. We do not live in that era anymore. So, give yourself permission to become accustomed to the new…and then watch your mouth.

“As everyone gets back to doing more face-to-face things (in this 2021 summer), we must be careful with our words and what we are agreeing with, because there are people among our believing groups that do not have a firm place in the Lord about some things. Some are wondering what the push back will be concerning the corona virus. I do not know if I can say it, except to say it in terms of how I noticed it myself in May. A lot of things want your agreement and

We must be very careful what we casually agree with.

For example, the media news (the loud-speaker of world-systems) regarding this variant D of the coronavirus, we have got to start verbally saying as sons and daughters of God, ‘No! There is no agreement with variant D. I am not agreeing with variant D. I did not agree with the first variant or the second one or the third one and I am not agreeing with this one either. I am not agreeing with new mask mandates coming back. I am not in agreement with it. And we got to say what we are not in agreement with instead of just falling by the wayside, because we are weary of fighting that battle. We must be careful what we say and examine what we are coming into agreement with when we are silent.

“I feel like a lot of my brothers and sisters in Christ are like, ‘Well, you know, if we must do that, if we must do that, we will do that’. We are giving up our freedoms! We must be vigilant right now when all of us are vexed and weary to this point, not to fall by the wayside because of the weariness that we might feel about it, or the expectation that, well, it is going to come back in the winter and blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. This is not only about the COVID stuff, but I see, I see it as probably one of the larger things.

Just say no!

“The other thing I would say, if people are saying we are going to have food shortages, we, the sons and daughters of God, have got to start intentionally saying, No! The saints are saying no! There is not a food shortage. We, as saints, as children of God, must say AND be saying, ‘No, there is not a supply shortage. There is not a gasoline shortage.’ If we do not say that no one else will. We must start saying those things. We must use our voice and watch what we agree with.

I added, “And it does not take millions of saints to do that”.

Download a printable PDF version of this blog.

Lydia-Pushback and Expansion
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[1] Lydia is a woman in white in Heavenly realms. She advises us on business and ministry matters [2] John 16:12 [3] Jude 20 – One of the benefits of praying in the spirit is that it enlarges our capacity to receive from Heaven. [4] Mark 3:33-34 [5] Donna was about to spend a few days with a group of ladies she is in connection with.

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