We asked Heaven recently if there were a class action suits of which those in the US might partake. Heaven responded, "I want you to know that some who hear you from other nationalities mistakenly take up for themselves what has only been meant or released to your nation and it clogs the courts at times for these things have to be sorted out. It's not detrimental, the court has no detriment, but as you know, all things are recorded so, a sifting has to take place and does take place. That word doesn't have baggage. It simply provides a safety mechanism within the courts. So, for the nationality of those of you in the United States of America, several class action suits exist of which of which you can enjoin."


Messenger Angels are at work and that if they need it, that if there is a work in this work of intercession in the spirit realm, you will receive a message. Your angels are working with messenger angels. And if you receive a message, just receive it, and take care of it right then. The intercessors are filling the bowls of Heaven. The work is not complete. The messenger angels are still working. Things out. Remember, every prayer is heard.

Things are breaking open, but this is no time to lay down your war mantle work.

· Continue to work for the justice of Heaven to intersect the justice of earth.

· Continue to declare the will of the Father shall be done among the nations.

· Continue to pray for the removal of every cloaking device the enemy has been using.

· Continue to pray for the removal of every blindfold over the eyes of nations.

· Continue to ask the Father to remove blindfolds the enemy has placed on national populaces.

There are still segments of populations who are wearing blindfolds put there by demonic forces. Your prayers to the Father for their removal releases the work of angels, but these work according to lines of alignment and lines of jurisdiction. Remember you pray according to your boundary lines. Nevertheless, angels know these lines and have been released. Messenger angels know these lines and messenger angels have been released so that the saint is aware of their need to pray in agreement with the removal of blindfolds.

Many messages now are coming regarding this. Now is the time to pray. You can pray this in general, but a messenger angel comes with not only the divine message, but a timing as a result of his coming. Tell your people to receive the messages of Heaven and to carry them out with immediacy.


As always there are class action suits in Heaven for which saints can appear at the Help Desk to request what they may give testimony in. Some of these angels are also bringing messages of where to appear in the Court of Reclamation regarding that theft (of the Presidential election) and especially the theft of peace and emotional stability. Be reminded that it falls to the sons of God to speak peace, peace, peace.

What court would we go to for the written request and the removal of cloaking devices or blindfolds?

Court of cancellations as you were seeking a cancellation of enemy tactic.

Father, we thank you for access to the Court of Cancellations this day. We are requesting in the Court of Cancellations the thorough removal of cloaking devices that are being used concerning the election and the votes and the accurate vote for the presidency especially and other offices of importance - Senate races, etc.


I do not know what that means. I saw the imprint of the United States flag over the entire court. It is almost as if I was looking through the flag to the court. It was like the United States flag filled the courtroom realm. Suddenly, it just, it flashed through.

Thank you, Father, for, for the uncloaking thank you Father, for the unmasking and the continual exposure or the enemy, the real enemy.

Thank you for access to the Help Desk.

Are there any class action suits regarding the election that we need to be a part of?



There is a class action suit regarding fraud. It is larger than election fraud. It is fraud in many governmental halls. She says we can give testimony to our agreement that fraud has is being uncovered and request that it continue to be uncovered.

The Father is giving us access to request of His court that fraudulent individuals be brought to justice and that they be exposed to the public eye. There is a huge amount of pretense around who they are. We are to request every fraudulent individual being brought to justice would be exposed to the public light and that what they have done would be undone.

I touch in agreement with this Father and ask you for this as well. We ask that our testimony be recorded in the class action suit of the Justice Halls of Heaven with a direct request that it affect the halls of government in the United States of America. We are in agreement with the courts counsel that we requested of you Father that this present moment historical situation be resolved righteously.

I come into agreement to testify before your court that I am in agreement with the event that is in your mind, the event that you will to take place and that all of this courtroom is looking at.


[I do not see it on a calendar. It is not like a calendar. It is just an event.] I do not know what it is. It has the awe of everyone in this room that is difficult to describe.

Father, this event of Heaven, this event that your will to come into the earth, I will for it to come into the earth as well. And I testify that in this court we did that from a ministry level, as well as individual level. Let your will be done on earth as it is in Heaven.