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Cracking the Code to Created Light

The following are the notes from the teaching Dr. Robert Rodich shared recently:

· Created light is defined as the creative design imparted into a person (being), place or thing.

· Creative light is the pure light that comes from the Father that bears the fullness of His nature.

· It is the raw substance of creation.

· In the realms nearest to us created light has come under the influence of nefarious forces.

· While its base design remains, its vibrance, purpose, and destiny has been “hacked”.

So if creation is groaning (crying out) for the sons of God to show up, clearly the cry is for restoration to full order and function.

So how does the “hacked” get “rehacked?”

1. We ask for a heavenly design blueprint

2. We present the blueprint to the Father and request that it be charged with creative light and blessing

3. Then – we take the charged blueprint into our soul – we release our anointing into it – our anointing releases our personal light into it

Our light establishes a dimensional footprint

4. We then release the blueprint into the person place or thing.

That release of sound and light creates a photon shift thereby opening the design of the “object” to the better design

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