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Continuing the LHS Checkup

Updated: Dec 15, 2021

Donna and I had been discussing how it was difficult to discern the name of the LHS we called Marjorie in an earlier session. We determined to do some digging to see what we could find out. It seemed as if it was a layered situation.

Donna’s question was “Did we remove all of the LHS’s?” We decided to look at the Guest Registry in spreadsheet form again sorting alphabetically by name.

She began, “Father, I ask for access to the Courts of Heaven in through Jesus’ realm, through His name. Jesus. I would like access to the Court of Records in the Guest Registry Office.”

The attendant said to her, “You’re back!”

Donna replied, “Yes. We are back. I would greatly appreciate your help. May we look at Mark's (our clients) Guest Registry?”

He said, “You are sleuthing.”

Donna replied, “Yes, we are sleuthing. I have learned that I can sort this by a parameter. I would like to sort the Guest Registry list. I'm looking for a lingering human spirit in Mark's realms and I'd like to sort alphabetically by First Name.”

She could then see a listing and said, “Well, I see a name. Angeline is the first name and then there's a Sylvia.” “Can you help me? She asked the attendant. “Did I miss anything between the first name and the last name I saw?”

“No,” he assured her.

Donna asked, “What can I know about them? Can I sort by Relationship to Mark?”

“Yes,” she was told.

“What do I want to search for? She asked?

He answered, “Bloodline relatives.”


After that sort she saw the name Marjorie. Asking why she didn't I see it on the other sort he replied, “It is because she has exited. She has exit papers.”

Donna asked, “Can I know the date of the exit?”

She saw the date, June 9th which was the date we helped her transition.

She asked if this person was a grandmother, great-grandmother, or an aunt? She was astonished at the reply. The attendant said, “It's the blend.

Multiple spirits came together in the spirit–into a blend where two lingering human spirits in the waterless place, joined together for protection and companionship.

Due to the relationship of one of the LHS’s to Mark, they chose to go to Mark’s realm. They made an agreement as a human spirit to blend.”

Donna replied, “I don't know how that works and the attendant is not really saying, but she could see the way you place a sheet of onion paper over another sheet of paper, and you can see through the onion paper and someone looking on would not see the two sheets of paper, but it would appear as one sheet of paper.

The attendant said, “The two LHS’s were watching out for each other in those places. Essentially, they combined forces to jointly find a host. So, the one that Marjorie was blended with is Sylvia who is a relation of Mark. She was not in the bloodline but was accepted into the bloodline, like being loosely related as an aunt. She may have been someone’s girlfriend.”

“So,” Donna asked, “the great grandmother, Marjorie, I guess maybe that was a nickname. You said it was Margaret. Maybe she preferred Marjorie and her spirit man took that name even though the given name was Margaret, but she like Marjorie so they called her that.”

Digging further, Donna noted, “So, Sylvia is still present and is still in the lower spine. Even though they were blended, when Marjorie went, Sylvia stayed.”

The attendant said, “Yes, they disengaged.”

Donna prayed, “Father, in the name of Jesus, I speak to Sylvia in Mark's realms. Sylvia, come on out. I ask the assistance of my angels and the angels assigned to me to help me minister to this lingering human spirit. Sylvia, I speak to you very directly. You are not living in the area best suited for you. You are trespassing, and you cannot stay here. This isn't good for you and it's not good for Mark.”

Sylvia replied, “Well, it's been okay for me.”

Donna replied, “Yes, but we have a little issue. Sylvia, have you just been hanging out here because you did not know where to go because Marjorie said it was good?”

“Yes,” she replied.

Donna said, “Well, you know Marjorie went on in through the silver channel to her eternal destiny to a place where she could do business with the Creator, the Father who made you and loves you. He wants to do business with you.”

Donna noted that Sylvia wanted to do business with the Father, but she had some questions.

Donna replied to her, “You have some questions. I am sure He can answer them. It would be better for you to ask Him your questions. Tell me why you have been afraid, why you have been uncertain.”

Sylvia replied, “I did not know if He was trustworthy.” She also had seen the angels but was not sure they were good.

Donna explained, “Angels came that day to get you when your body was at an end. Now, we have an opportunity to open the silver channel for you to go through. It will look like a tunnel. It will have light, and it will end in the third heaven where you can do business with the Father. You can ask him for mercy. You can ask Jesus to speak for you.”

Sylvia replied that she was tempted by the offer and Donna replied, “Well, I appreciate that you're tempted to go, but guess what? We are not going to be able to give you a choice today. This is your graduation day. You will like it. I am sorry you did not know that the Father really loves you. He is crazy about you, and you get to have relationship with Him where you are headed. All you must do is ask for His mercy and say Father, ‘Have mercy on me,’ and He will have mercy on you. He is not interested in filling up hell with people. He wants to fill up Heaven.”

Donna continuing said, “Father, thank you for this opportunity. I open the silver channel in the name of Jesus. I ask for angels to come and escort Sylvia through the silver channel. Now, goodbye Sylvia. In the name of Jesus, I close the silver channel, Father.

“I ask for more ministering angels to come to Mark's realms, to clean up all spiritual debris left by Sylvia, by her engagement with Marjorie and the debris left by Marjorie. We ask for all things to come back into alignment. I ask for the work of angels to bring all things into alignment, including the body realm, soul realm, and spirit realm. I ask for all additional things left behind by the lingering human spirits, Sylvia, and Marjorie, that those things would be removed. If they are corrupt, they need to be destroyed and I ask angels to destroy those things Father. I asked for the amendment of ‘As if it Never Were’ for Mark, and I ask for the amendment called the ‘Sword of the Spirit’ that the sword would excise anything additional that has been added to the DNA, the RNA, or the epigenome, that it would be spliced back. I ask that any leakage of the DNA would be cauterized by the Sword of the Spirit now, in the name of Jesus.

Gathering Tares

Continuing Donna found herself asking for something she had never heard of. She prayed, “I ask for angels Father to go and retrieve seeds that are tares in Mark's spheres sown by human spirits that were not his spirit. I release harvesting angels to go and separate the wheat from the tares because lingering human spirits have sown seeds in the realms of Mark’s spirit. I release harvesting angels to harvest wheat–the good harvest of their seed of the lingering human spirits and put them in the warehouse. And I ask for the tares to be separated out by these harvesting angels and for the tares to be destroyed in the fire of God. I ask this for Mark's realms and area of any realm that the lingering human spirits sowed into or where they were lodged. I ask for angels to do this now in the name of Jesus.”

The attendant explained, “It's a work inside a realm by angels and that a realm once cleansed of an unwanted guest, then this releases a harvest of what was sown in that realm. But since they were human spirits, they may have sown tares–not good seed. They may have sown a mixture. That is how this started. They sowed a mixture.”

Donna remembered that she had asked for the tares to be burned and the good seed sown to be harvested and stored in the warehouses. She noted that she was not sure whose warehouse the good seed goes to so, she asked, “Whose warehouse does it go to?”

The attendant replied, “If it's good seed, it has multiplied because good seed multiplies. Some will go to Marjorie’s warehouse; some will go to Sylvia’s, and some will go to the warehouse of the host–Mark. They sowed seed but did not sow it in their field, but in Mark’s so, he gets what amounts to a bonus–a recompense because it was his field.”

Donna asked, “So do we have to ask for the reclamation or can I just release the angels?”

“Yes, you can ask for reclamation,” the attendant said. Donna was also informed of something else. The attendant smiled saying, “Yes, you can do it retroactively. All things are possible.”

She began, “Father, we ask permission to enter into the Court of Reclamations. We are here with a request for the court. We would like to enter a court case to reclaim seed that was good seed sown by previous lingering human spirits in Mark's realms.”

We were then asked by someone in the court if we had authorization for that and we replied that we did.

Continuing, Donna said, “Father, we request in the Court of Reclamations, in the name of Jesus, that all good seed sown by lingering human spirits in Mark's realms would be stored in the store houses according to Your perfect judgment and that all tares previously sown in his realms by lingering human spirits would be collected from Mark’s realms and burned with fire.”

Donna noted that this is a type of the cleansing of spiritual debris. She realized that when we have been asking for the spiritual debris to be cleaned up, this is what we have been asking for. We also had been asking for the seed that those lingering human spirits sowed as lingering human spirits in a host, that they be divided, and the tares taken be away and burned and that the good seed be stored in warehouses.

Donna had a question, “How do they sow seed? Are lingering human spirits aware of the host?”

The attendant replied, “Yes.”

“Are they aware when they're sowing seed?”

“Some are aware that they are sowing seed,” he replied. “Think of seed like a sound frequency.

A demonic guard will make a lingering human spirit sow sound frequencies into the hosts realms.

These would be like the tares. They would be the bad seed or the seed that crowds out the good seed and results in what you would call physical harm to the body. So, like tinnitus, that could be one.”

To clarify what she was hearing Donna asked, “So, we are asking for the harvest of the seed that the lingering human spirit sowed, and we don't want the tares?”

The attendant explained, “If a demonic guard caused the LHS to release sound frequencies which cause torment. If there is a demonic guard sent to torment, the human spirit feels the torment and releases negative seed, which becomes tares, which becomes spiritual debris. The lingering human spirit who finds a host they have come to hide in or reside in, and they do not have a demonic guard, they may, being a spirit, see things that they sow in agreement with the host.

If they sow good things, they do so because they want their vessel that they are hiding in to remain in good shape.

So, they agree with the good things they have a discernment of because they have a sort of discernment that helps them agree for the good things.”

The attendant pointed out, “But this is not a principle of the Father. He created one body for one spirit and interlopers and intruder spirits, lingering human spirits–whatever you are going to call them, these human spirits have found a host, but they are operating against the principles and laws of a holy God. The only exception would be of a pregnant mother carrying children and those spirit(s) are still hosted within her temporarily. That is how it was created to be. That is how Yahweh created it. So, a pregnant woman is really the only exception to the one spirit–one body rule.”

He continued, “The spirit of a man in a man is divine.

The spirit of a man or the spirit of a human is divinely matched to their soul and to their body.

It is a divine creative act by the will of Yahweh. So, for a lingering human spirit to find a host and move in, it creates a corruption. Even though they can sow good seed, they are doing it from their vested interests that their hosts remain in good condition.

“The demon will find the LHS because the demon is drawn to things. A demon will find them, put them under assignment, and torment them to release negativity and negative sound vibrations into the host, and it is worse for the host thereafter–far worse.

Now, you have Satan who sends a demon who finds a human spirit. He knows that arrangement is corrupt and because of the corruption he has a legal right to then torment the human spirit who then is forced to torment their host against their will. Then, the LHS cannot find a way home, or find a way out. They are locked in between a rock and a hard place.

The work of redemption includes the work of opening the silver channel and offering exit to a human spirit to a truer relationship with the Father and the Creator.”

The attendant said, “Donna, human spirits tremble in fear at demonic guards.

Donna asked, “Why are you saying to me human spirits tremble in fear at demonic guards?”

He explained, “The trembling is a frequency within the host causing havoc in body parts, soul realms, and even spiritual senses. For instance, the pathway of dreaming in the night.”

Donna questioned, “Are they responsible for scary dreams?”

The attendant replied, “Yes. The host is receiving what we call a scare, what you would call a scary dream because of the trembling of the human spirit in the realm being tormented by a demon. Remember, demons are lazy, but they are just smart enough to be able to figure out that they can torment a human spirit, enslaving it to itself and forcing it to create havoc in the host of the living.”

Since we had been digging into this for a while, Donna asked the name of the attendant who had been so helpful.

“Gerald,” was his name.

We said, “We would like to return for more revelation in a future time.”

He said, “It is good for you to take this slow.”

We agreed.

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Continuing the LHS Check
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