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Contending for Revelation

The final portion of Receiving Revelation.

I had been sharing on Receiving Revelation in our Tuesday Mentoring Class when Paul and Enoch came. I explained that our soul, is not designed to be the first receiver of revelation when revelation comes to us, because our soul doesn't know how to process revelation. Our spirit is designed to receive revelation because revelation is connected to Heaven and our spirit is connected to Heaven. Our soul helps us interface with the earth realm.

Our spirit can interface with Heaven easily has no trouble receiving revelation. However, there's a trickle-down effect from our spirit into our soul for the purpose of our mind grasping what we are hearing. I can receive revelation and it can bypass my mind by praying in the spirit, so when we are receiving revelation, sometimes we will perceive that our soul is having a fit trying to process all the information. It is saying, “What do I do with this stuff? I need to process this. I need some boxes here.”

That's when we need to simply say to our soul, ‘Soul, it's going to be okay and begin to do the prophetic act of enlarging our soul or expanding our soul, just like you were just stretching or pulling taffy so your soul can handle more and more of the revelation that's coming. Along with that, ask for the oil of ease.

Remember when Jesus said that you can't put new wine into an old wine skin or else it will burst. What you can do, however, is you can oil that wine skin and make it pliable again. So, you don't have to throw the wine skin out, just oil it, make it so it's pliable and soft again. That will help you in the process of that because your spirit will deliver revelation to your soul in the measure that your soul can handle it.

Now, one reason that we read the word and that we pray, is that those are activities we can do from our soul or with our soul's participation. But how many know, sometimes our soul just doesn't like some things it heard. It just sounds different. Our soul has always wanted to give the seal of approval for everything that we hear. But again, it's not its job. It's our spirits job to discern spiritual things. Paul said that our spirit must discern things of the spirit. Our soul can't do it.

In Hebrews 4, in the Mirror Translation, it says, “The message God spoke to us in Christ is the most life giving and dynamic influence in us cutting like a surgeon’s scalpel, sharper than a soldier's sword piercing to the deepest core of human conscious, to the dividing of soul and spirit.”

Now, what it is dividing is it's showing the separation of duties for each. We always read in a translation like the New King's James Version where it says, “to the dividing of soul and spirit” as if it was a bad thing. It is simply showing us, ‘Soul, we do this and spirit, we do that.” And when our soul is in its lane, it's happy. When our spirit is in its lane, it's happy, because what we have done is we have stopped our soul from being the one in charge to being the one who gets to work with our spirit, but doesn't have to run the whole show. That is part of what makes our soul very happy when it finally gets the memo and finds out, it can just rest. It's been doing all this heavy lifting and it can just sit in the easy chair and let our spirit do the other stuff.

Our soul likes that, and our spirit likes it because it's finally able to do what it's supposed to do. The rest of that verse says, “to the dividing of soul and spirit ending the dominance of the sense realm and it's neutralizing effect upon the spirit”. Let me repeat that, ‘ending the dominance of the sense realm and it's neutralizing effect on this spirit’. In this way, a person's spirit is free to become the ruling influence again of the thoughts and intentions of the heart.

Doesn't it make a lot more sense that way. Meditate that verse for a little while, then tie that verse for the Colossians 3:1-3.

David interjected, “Dr. Ron. I just wanted to share one more thing. I came into the understanding that the engagement and the interaction or the ability to interact with Paul and Enoch in Heaven was not a surprise to my spirit man. In fact, my spirit man was waiting for my soul to get in his proper position so that it can begin to dispense what was already designed, already written, already a part of my blueprint to be embraced and walked out. I'm learning that not just from the engagement that we are sharing, but also my physical location.

“When the scripture says that your steps are ordered by the Lord, that scripture has a whole new meaning for me because my spirit man was totally aware of the plan of God. I was not aware of it in my soul. It blessed me and it was such an easy transition once my soul was able to receive the revelation by expanding the capacity of my soul.”

I replied, “Thank you, David. Who is there with you?”

David responded, “Enoch and Paul.”

I asked, “Do they have anything they'd like to share?”

Paul said, “I do, I do!”

Paul said, “Walking in the spirit, walking into Heaven is not a difficult task because we have already been assigned to it. It's already a part of our makeup. Father desires to talk with us. Revelation is not a mystery as human people called it a mystery. It is a revealing; it is an unveiling and it is a sharing of an intimate interaction. So, when you think of revelation, don't think of it as a huge, hard, difficult process.

“Receive it as a part of your book.

Every revelation that you are being exposed to is because you are designed, you are ordained, you are chosen, you were selected before the foundation of the world to walk it out.

That is why I had been saying to you, walk with me, walk with me, walk it out. Get used to walking it out. It's already in you. Your spirit man is ready. Embrace it and enjoy it. As Dr. Ron always says, ‘Have fun’.

“Get used to speaking to your soul. Your soul will come into position. Your soul will become accustomed to this walk. The plane that you're walking on the realms, the dimensions are all available to you. Become comfortable in it. It is an abiding place. Walk during it, sit in peace, sit in revelation, sit in authority, sit in the truths that you are receiving. Heaven celebrates you, and we are excited to interact with you. There are some wonderful days ahead. There are some wonderful seasons ahead for you. Embrace it. And remember, have fun.”

I then asked Stephanie who was present with her, and she replied that Moses was present with John the Baptist. Moses had something to say. He began, “This is not just for the David’s and the Stephanie’s and the Ron’s. This is for you and that Heaven is excited about. Just like what Enoch was telling David, they're waiting for you. These are trades as you're contending for Heaven. Contend for this. Say, yes, this is an agreement and it's an act of agreement.”

Stephanie added, “They (these men and women in white) want to teach us things. This is for every one of us. John the Baptist is specifically here because, just like you guys, each of our families sometimes might think we're a little cray cray. John the Baptist was out there, he was a forerunner. And that's what we are. We're all forerunners in this. This is new. This is revelation. Moses just keeps saying,

‘Contend for it. Contend for it’. He is going to visit some of you. There are other saints that are going to visit you. Just say to the Father, “I agree.”

I rest in the fact that Jesus said if I asked for a fish, he's not going to give me a stone. I can trust my Father for that. I can trust Daddy for that. Because of that, I'm not so concerned about deception. If I was predisposed to it. For example, in Mormonism, the angel Moroni showed up, a false angel. Joseph Smith and his brother Hiram, the ones that founded Mormonism were Freemasons. They were already predisposed to deception. So, when you go seeking after more revelation from the wrong pool, you're going to get it from the wrong pool, which is what they did. I very simply have confidence in the Father that he's going to show us what we need. He will show what we need to see and work out what we need to work out from it.

If you're contending for the Kingdom. You're not going to be shown darkness.

You're seeking first the Kingdom of God, so you're going to be shown its righteousness and all these other things will be added unto you, all of Heaven that you're s searching for. You don't have to be worried because your experiences with Heaven will be your experiences that no one else can take away from you. And you will have such sense of love. The kingdom of darkness doesn't give you these things. So be encouraged.”

David added, “Ezekiel just showed up and he has baskets of rolls, and his instructions are to everyone to take in a prophetic act – take a bread roll eat the whole roll.”

In closing, I prayed, “Father, I thank you for a release of revelation to your sons here. And Father, we don't agree with fear on any level, at any time, about anything, and certainly about hearing from you. So, in Jesus’ name, I thank you that we hear, and we follow, we perceive what you're saying, whether it's by knowing, by hearing, by seeing, by feeling, but we perceive what you're showing us as your sons, in Jesus mighty name. Thank you, Father."

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