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Conducting an LHS Check

Updated: Dec 15, 2021

Donna[1] and I were working with a client and wanted to check for Lingering Human Spirit (LHS) activity. We stepped into Heaven and requested access to the Guest Registry office and asked to see the Guest Registry for Mark*[2]. Looking at the Guest Registry a woman named Harriet was seen as well as an army veteran named Joseph.

Donna explained what she was going to attempt next, “What I am going to try doing is read them on the Guest Registry, but then I want to look into the realm where they are and address them.”


She also saw a Hispanic man named Jesús. Donna continued, “I would like to see more details about the unwanted guest named Harriet. Can you show it to me from this Guest Registry?”

“Yes,” the attendant in the Office of the Registry responded.

Donna asked, “Can you help me distinguish where in Mark’s realm she has lodged. Where is she in his sphere?”

Donna perceived that this LHS was simply hanging around Mark’s realm.

Donna asked, “Where did she find Mark?”

“She was at the hotel where he stayed,” the attendant replied.

Mark had just finished a stay at a hotel a few days prior. When Donna asked about Joseph, she was told he was picked up at the airport where Mark had also been. He too, was simply hanging around, but in his case, he was on an assignment. Donna continued to gain information on Joseph who died through depression and complications of pharmacopoeia. He did not step into Heaven because he was angry that he did not get to fulfill the purpose he thought he would fulfill, and he was still carrying that anger. The reason he did not fulfill it was because of his souls’ emotions. These souls’ emotions caused him to fall under the deception of medications and he is mad about that.


Donna was still receiving this information from the Guest Registry. She asked, “What about Jesús? Why can't I find any information about Jesús? Why does that suddenly seem to go blank? What question should I ask to find out more about Jesús?

I suggested she ask for “Time of Entry” for Jesús by asking, “When did he enter Mark’s realm?”

She asked, “I would like to know the time of entry where he came into Mark’s realm.” She began to see a vision of Mark on an airplane flying to another country. She was given the time frame when this occurred–three years ago. Jesús came into Mark’s realm while he was in the Miami airport. He was on an assignment of the Kundalini spirit to torment Mark physically. Donna could also see where Jesús was in Mark’s physical realm–in his lower back. During Jesús’ life he had defied God so, when he died he did not want to enter hell, but agreed to be assigned by the demonic boss-the Kundalini spirit and was assigned to torment Mark.

Specifically, his assignment was to torment officers in the army of God.

Donna then asked Mark, “Did you fall on that trip?”

Somewhat surprised, Mark answered, “Yes, he had fallen in the shower shortly after arriving at the hotel where he stayed. In the fall he injured a finger.” Donna even described the color of the shower stall he had fallen in. She also saw the phrase “Inflicted Damages” listed in one of the columns.

Donna began sorting out the information she had been receiving from the Guest Registry. The registry held much more information than we had perceived before. Not only was Donna reading from the registry, but the attendant and Holy Spirit were helping her perceive the information. She then realized that we could ask for the restitution from the inflicted damages. That we would take care of in the

Court of Reclamations.

Of the three LHS’s in Mark’s realms, Jesús has been in his realms the longest. Harriet had simply found Mark as she had been lost and wandering about. And Joseph did not make the transition into Heaven due to his anger at the ending of his life on earth. He did not have a demonic guard, only unresolved anger. Both Harriet and Joseph were in Mark’s overall sphere and not in a particular realm. Jesús however, was in Mark’s body realm and had been operating from that place during his stay.

Although this sleuthing seemed to be taking a long time, we were learning things we had not been aware of before. I had forgotten about how LHS’s can sometimes lodge in a part of someone’s body. It was important to know, specifically in this situation. Holy Spirit had brought that to our remembrance.

As we discussed what we were learning it also was revealed that if you feel you are being watched all the time, that it may be an LHS on assignment who, while lingering in your realms, reports on you to his demonic boss. We realized that we had dealt with an LHS on assignment a few weeks prior who was referred to as a “snitch”.

At this point, Donna called her angels near and asked Holy Spirit to help her as she called the lingering human spirits around Mark’s realms to come forth. We have found when dealing with LHS’s that some do not want to come forth out of fear of another LHS or fear of a demon (particularly some demonic bosses) and you may need to ask angels to go and round them up and bring them forth. Specifically, Donna asked the angels to bring Harriet, Joseph, and Jesús out to where she could see them regardless of where they had been abiding.

Speaking to Jesús, she said, “I am speaking to you in the name of Jesus Christ. You are trespassing. You have no legal right to remain where you have been in Mark's lower spine. Angels, I ask that you go and round up the demonic guard that has been enforcing Jesús’s assignment.” When the demon was brought forth, she requested that the angels put the demon in gold chains and gag him[3].

Donna asked Jesús if this demon was his tormentor to which he replied, “Yes.” Jesús began calling out,

“Don't send me anywhere else. Do not send me anywhere else. Don't send me anywhere else.”

Donna replied saying, “Well, we are going to send you someplace else, and you are going to have to work that out with the Father. Then Donna began to deal with the boss of the demonic guard, the Kundalini spirit. Donna asked, “Holy Spirit, what can I bring in the court? I know I can command this thing to flee, but what gave it a right to be there?”

Immediately she heard, “Mark’s mom's fear of him traveling, his mom's fear of the demonic, and her fear of witchcraft (which seemed to be the primary one).” Donna had the sense that Mark’s mom had spoken of this fear knowingly or unknowingly. She was afraid of him coming under witchcraft while he traveled.

She continued, “So, Father, I request access to appear in your Mercy Court on behalf of Mark and on behalf of his mother who uttered words of fear regarding Mark's travel. I repent on behalf of Mark’s mom for her alignment and agreement with the fear of witchcraft. I confess this as sin where she saw witchcraft bigger than God, evil spirits bigger than the power of the Kingdom of God and the power of the Holy Spirit and where she agreed with fear, where she agreed with the lie of fear, where she spoke, fearful thoughts, where she believed something bad would happen, whether knowingly or unknowingly. I confess that as sin against a holy God, and I request Father that as you hear my repentance on her behalf, that this sin would come under the blood of Jesus. Yes, I specifically repent on behalf of Mark’s mom for agreement for the fear of witchcraft. I ask that your blood would cover her fear. I bless her, I release her, and I forgive her in your name, Jesus.”

She then asked Holy Spirit if any other thing that would give the Kundalini spirit access was still unresolved. Nothing was brought to her attention so, she began, “I speak to Jesús in the spirit, in the name of Jesus. I know that you are there. You are going to be evicted today from Mark’s lower spine. I speak to the demonic guard. You are going to be taken to the feet of Jesus today. And now I address the Kundalini spirit in the name of Jesus Christ. Your assignment against Mark is finished. It is over today. Your assignment against this lingering human spirit is finished and over today. I speak to the Kundalini spirit. You are a liar. You are associated with the father of lies and nothing you say is true. I do not believe you because you cannot speak in truth. So, therefore this lingering human spirit is not yours. You do not own him. He is a human, and the Father is His maker and His creator, and it falls to the Father to be the judge, not you. So, I command you to flee in the name of Jesus and take your lies with you.”

Speaking to the demonic guard, she said, “All right, you have been overcome and overturned by a higher and superior court by the blood of Jesus Christ. I am here releasing angels to cause you to flee now. Father, I ask that angels come and take this low-level demon to the feet of Jesus for processing.”

Then she began speaking to the lingering human spirit, “Jesús, in the name of Jesus, your oppressor is gone, and the boss is gone. You have an opportunity. I am going to open the silver channel. Angels are going to come get you and you are going to go through it. You can go in chains, or you can go by them holding your hand, but you are going to leave Mark’s lower spine now, in Jesus’ name. When you get before the throne of God, the character of God is mercy. You will have an opportunity to request mercy. In the name of Jesus, I open the silver channel. Angels, come through the silver channel and take Jesús by the hand.” Jesús was reluctant to leave, so Donna requested additional angels. Speaking to Jesús, she said, “Yes, you are being forced to leave now. Go on through the silver channel.”

She then said, “Thank you, Father for those angels. All right. Jesús has gone through.” She then closed the silver channel in the name of Jesus.”

Typically, when dealing with an LHS’s you will find spiritual debris in the hosts realms. Donna said, “I ask that the spiritual debris would be cleansed from Mark’s spine in his physical body–in this sphere of his physical body. I ask for angels to minister wholeness, healing, and alignment to the spine, in Jesus' name. I ask for the ‘Amendment of The Sword of the Spirit’ to excise anything that has been added to his DNA and to cauterize the DNA from any leakage in Jesus’ name.

The other two LHS’s had been watching this and so Donna began to address them, “I speak to Joseph in the name of Jesus Christ. Joseph, I am sorry for your life that it was cut short that it was not lived in the quality that you had hoped it would be lived in. I am sorry for that. I commiserate with you that that is unfortunate. However, the news you do not know is that you still have a destiny. You have an opportunity to continue living as a spirit in God's Kingdom, the Kingdom of Jesus Christ. You are trespassing in Mark‘s realms, and I'm going to open the silver channel and an angel is going to come. And I want you to go through the silver channel. You can ask the mercy of the Father when you get to the other side. Okay?”

Speaking to Harriet, she said, “I speak to you in the name of Jesus Christ. You are trespassing in Mark’s realms. I am sorry that your life ended so soon. I want to let you know that you still have a destiny in Heaven, and you will be able to see from His kingdom what your assignment is from there and what your family is doing from there. You will have greater opportunity to minister to them from Heaven. I am sorry for the unfortunate ending of your life, but your life is not over. You have opportunity to ask the Father's mercy and to move into His Kingdom through the silver channel, but no more wandering. Okay?

“So, Father, in the name of Jesus, I open the silver channel. I ask for angels to come and take Joseph by the hand and lead him through. And I ask angels to come and take Harriet and lead her through as well. Goodbye. And in the name of Jesus, I close the silver channel. Father, I ask for angels to come and minister to Mark's realms. Clean up all spiritual debris left behind by lingering human spirits, smooth what has been wrinkled, straighten that which that which has been put into disorder or chaos. Let peace flow to Mark’s realms in the name of Jesus. Cleanse any deposit of spiritual debris. Vacuum it up and dispose of it in the name of Jesus.”

At that point Donna wanted to look around again. Often, we have found that after helping LHS’s transition, you may find other LHS’s who had stayed hidden effectively during the process. They sometimes hide out of fear of another LHS or of a demonic guard or its boss. Once they see nothing evil happened to the LHS’s that had been helped to transition, they are more likely to come forward. In one situation a grandmotherly type hid until we had dealt with another LHS’s demonic guards. Not only was she in hiding out of fear of the demonic guards, but she was also hiding several infants and small children that were in the clients’ realms.

Early on in my understanding of the Guest Registry I had been impressed to flip the pages of the registry to see if an entry had been made, but not made sequentially in the book, just like someone signing a register at a funeral might flip to another page and sign their name on the first page and instead of signing right after the prior entry. As strange as that seems, I have seen it when I'm looking at the registry where they were not on the first page. They were on the second or third page although no entries were in-between.

The Spreadsheet

The attendant suggested Donna look at the registry like a spreadsheet. On a spreadsheet you can sort the data in a myriad of ways. The attendant suggested that we sort by Date of Entry or sort by Hiddenness, or even sort by Location (where in the hosts realms LHS might be–spirit realm, soul realm, or body realm, or even what body parts within the body realm. Essentially, what room in the hosts house are they located. Donna was told she could also sort by Realms (what realm they are currently in (body realm, soul realm, spirit realm, or another realm). Sometimes LHS’s are not in a particular realm but in a person’s sphere[4] of which the realms of body, soul, and spirit are a part.

She realized that if she could see it like a spreadsheet, she could sort it and bring the information she was looking for forward.

The attendant explained, “Some are on assignment so you can sort by whether they are on Assignment. You can sort by Hiddenness.

Donna said, “I'm not sure how that works.”

The attendant explained, “A lingering human spirit who does not know God would want to stay hidden from your sight because he's comfortable where he's found a place. He has hidden himself there. As you are learning to discern them, you have seen the easy ones to see, and you are seeing them easier in the realm. You are discerning them when they are just around (in no particular realm). You are also discerning them when they are in the geographical location–the physical plane–where they are in the house.”

He explained, “You are doing that. You can do that.”

Donna affirmed, “Yes. I can do that. Yes. I have been doing that.

Then he said, “Some lingering human spirits have a vested interest in staying hidden. They are frightful of God. They are frightful of those who can operate like you are operating, and they are comfortable. That's the biggest thing–comfortable.”

Donna asked, “Why would they be comfortable in that dimension? It is so much better than that in Heaven.”

I explained to Donna that when you are sorting in Excel on a spreadsheet, you can do it by ascending order or descending order. Descending order would bring the oldest to the top. So, if sorting by the LHS’s Date of Entry, it will sort by Date of Entry and bring the oldest entries to the top of the sort.

Donna described what she was thinking, “So, for Mark’s Guest Registry, I want to sort by descending order, meaning I see the oldest hidden one there, or if I want to sort by descending Date of Entry AND Hiddenness, I can.”

The attendant said, “We are here to help you out.”

Donna said to him, “So I want to see the longest duration, most hidden lingering human spirit in Mark’s Guest Registry.” She described what she saw, “I see someone who I believe was an aunt, possibly a great aunt. I think her name is Marjorie or Margaret. I believe she died when Mark was around the age of seven. She came to him when he was on a playground.” She continued, “It caused nightmares. Mark had nightmares around this time. She just did not want to die, but she did not know what was after death and she chose to stay. Heaven calls her ignorant. She was an aunt loosely related in the bloodline. Donna thought her name was Madge or Maggie–those were her nicknames.”

Donna asked, “Can you tell me where she is in Mark’s realms? Where is she lodged or where is she abiding? What realm is she in?” Donna then asked the attendant, “Can I use Fog Dispeller[5] to find her?”

He said, “Give it a try.”

She replied, “Father, I thank you for Fog Dispeller for my angels.”

Donna described that she felt she was no longer looking in the registry, but in Mark’s realms. She asked the Father that her angels would be supplied with Fog Dispeller.” She continued, “I ask for my angels to use the Fog Dispeller as I am ministering to Mark regarding a lingering human spirit that has been there a long time. Speaking to her angels and to Ezekiel, she said, “I ask for you to use Fog Dispeller to show me what the enemy doesn't want me to see and make something clear.

What Donna saw next was totally outside our boxes. She saw a brown horse and it seemed as if the Marjorie had entered Mark’s realms from that horse. She decided the horse was not a good enough realm and when she saw Mark, she entered his realm.[6] We did not know where in Mark’s realm but were about to discover a new way to uncover that information.

In the book on the Courts of Healing, I talk about different scans that can be done on a person. The attendant suggested we do a scan around Mark’s body realm to determine the location of this LHS. Donna requested the scan and she saw what appeared as a silhouette of Mark’s body. The brain and one of the kidneys were highlighted.

Slightly puzzled by what she was seeing, Donna asked, “Are you telling me that this LHS is in Mark’s physical realm.”

“Yes,” the attendant replied.

Donna asked for angels to access Mark’s physical realm and reveal to her the lingering human spirit named Marge or Marjorie. As soon as she said that the LHS went to the kidney. So, Donna asked the angels to get Marge in the left kidney. She spoke to the LHS saying, “You are trespassing. You cannot stay any longer. I speak to you in the name of Jesus. You cannot stay.”

Speaking to the angels, she requested that the angels get Marge and hold her by the hands and bring her to where Donna could see her.

Speaking again to the LHS, she said, “I am sorry for your loss of life. I am sorry that you did not know what to do–you were kind of clueless, but you cannot stay on earth. You cannot stay in this physical plane. You cannot stay in Mark's body. You are trespassing. You are going against the principles of God who created you and Mark, and you are going to be evicted. Now, you are going to go through the silver channel. When you get through the silver channel, you will see the Father and you will have a conversation with Him. Ask Him for mercy.

“Yes, this is the God that Mark talks about. Yes, you have no need to be fearful. Your eternity is not here in Mark’s body, it is in heaven. I'm going to help you get there.”

Continuing she said to Mark, “Okay, Mark, I don't see any demon guards and I don't see the presence of a boss. I do not see any of that. All right Father, in the name of Jesus, I open the silver channel for Marge, and I ask the angels to come through the silver channel to receive Marge through this silver channel.”

Speaking to the angels she requested that they escort Marge through the silver channel. Upon Marge’s exit Donna closed the silver channel in the name of Jesus then, she asked healing angels to come and cleaning angels to come. She said, “I ask for these angels to come and cleanse Mark’s physical realm, especially of the left kidney. I ask that it be cleansed and purified. I ask Father, for living water to be placed there. I ask for the alignment of the DNA. I ask for the Amendment of the Sword of the Spirit and for an Amendment of ‘As if it Never Were’. I ask for the purification and cleansing and bringing back to perfection the left kidney in Jesus’ name.”

After thanking the Father, Donna asked to see the registry again for Mark. Looking at it as a spreadsheet, she asked to do a search by descending Date of Entry to see any other older, hidden lingering human spirits in Mark’s realms. She asked for assistance to know she was looking at. She asked Holy Spirit for understanding. Describing what she saw, she said “It looks like a grandfather or great-grandfather. I think his name is Nelson.” She asked, “Is he under a demonic guard? Is he on assignment? What is his story? What will be the story of this Nelson person?”

Again, she described to Mark what she was seeing said, “There is a person–a male. He looks like a grandfather, maybe a great grandfather. I believe the name is Nelson. I do not know if that is the first or last name and I keep seeing a creek bed. This fellow is native American. He is not in your body realm, but we sorted by date, and this is the next one that came up. I feel like he's in your realm, but he is somehow tied to the land, and he made an oath to the land.”

Concluding she said, “That's all I'm seeing in the registry office. I ask for angels to assist me please. I ask the Father that they would be supplied with Fog Dispeller.” Speaking to the angels she said, “I commission the angels to use Fog Dispeller. I want to see Nelson and I want you to go get Nelson and bring him where I can see him.”

Addressing Mark she asked, “Was there a creek bed on your dad's land?”

He replied, “Yes, a very small creek.” Two creeks flowed through Mark’s father’s land and sensing that Mark was thinking of the creek closest to his parents’ home, she said, “No, there is another one near the bottom side of the land.” Not knowing anything about the property she described, “This looks like it is behind a house, but it is not very close to the house though. It is a little distance away. Anyway, this native American found you from this creek bed, but he is tethered to the land through a vow he made to the land. I feel like the reason I can even see him is because Mark was living close to the area of the creek.”

Having dealt with similar situations where a native American was tied to the land, I described to Donna a procedure I use to speak to them. I said, “So in situations like this one, you commend them for their willingness to steward the land, but discuss with them, turning that stewardship over to the Lord, the creator of the land itself and let Him assign angels or whoever to steward the land. This LHS had taken it upon himself as his personal duty to steward the land and that is why he is still remaining.”

Donna noted that the LHS was very interested in what I was saying, so speaking to him she said, “Nelson, we commend you for your stewardship of the land and your willingness to remain over the land, watching it. We suggest to you that the Lord of Hosts, the creator the land, He can steward it and you can continue your destiny in the realms of Heaven, because your destiny is not over. I propose you pass from this earth for your destiny is not to remain here in Mark’s realms. You need to step over into the realms of Heaven and when you stand before the Father, the Great Spirit, call upon Him and ask for mercy. Would you be willing to trust the Father, the Great Spirit that he will bring another to steward the land from those living on the earth?”

Nelson’s question was could he relinquish his stewardship? When we told him, ‘yes’, he could, he immediately did so. Speaking to him, Donna said, “Thank you, Nelson for that. Now you are going to receive your reward and your peace and rest. Would you be ready to do that?”

Upon acknowledging his willingness, Donna explained that angels were going to come and get him. Donna then opened the silver channel and asked angels to take Nelson by the hand and lead him through the silver channel to his eternal rest. After his exit, she closed the silver channel.

She prayed, “Thank you Father for receiving Nelson. Thank you, Father for his duty and I ask in the Court of Angels for help requesting paperwork and the release of angels for the cleansing of the land and the creek bed due to the exit of this lingering human spirit.”

She sensed that some paperwork needed to be tidied up. She continued, “In the Court of Records, we would like to submit testimony that we have witnessed the exit of a lingering human spirit who was tied to the land as a steward. We are requesting the new steward in the Father's plan, who is living their life to be blessed with the stewardship of the land and to be given a relationship to the land in the wholeness and fullness of the plan of God in Jesus’ name. Hm. We ask that what has been locked up, this land that has be locked up would now be unlocked in Jesus' name. Yes. We request the alignment, cleansing, purification, righteousness, time sequencing of the land to be put back in order and alignment in the name of Jesus.”

We had to end our engagement at that point but would continue it a short time later.

[1] Donna is my Executive Assistant. Ezekiel is the Chief Angel over our ministry. [2] *Name has been changed. [3] We have found it helpful many times to have the angels bind the demons with gold chains and to put a muzzle on their mouth as they often are very annoying with what they say and often will curse and blaspheme. [4] One’s sphere is comprised of the various realms of a person. [5] Fog Dispeller is a weapon that angels can use to disperse any cloudiness or mist obscuring one’s ability to see clearly in the realm of the spirit. [6] We do not have further insight on this phenomenon. We simply reported what we perceived.

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