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Commissioning Angels

When we engaged Heaven this day, Ezekiel (the angel of the ministry) appeared but he was very quiet. He stood with his arms crossed. We noted that his demeanor was very stalwart.

Donna remarked, “You look very like you've been getting victory over enemies.”

Ezekiel replied saying, “The Lord God, He is almighty, and He is King forever. Witchcraft, occult manifestations, and cursings of those aligned with evil will not override this victorious King. He is King forever. He is a purifying King to those in His army. He is holy, beyond all He is righteous and true. It goes well with the sons and daughters of God when they recall the mightiness of this King, the overwhelming victory He stands in, and the enlargedness of His power that is ever increasing and without end. It is power–mighty power. Think of the explosiveness of your God. You must recall in whose camp you are and whose army you are in. You fight from certainty to certainty of His victory against evil.

“Yes, I am of a sober mind today because I know this piercing gaze of the King and of His battle plan. Above all things, He is to be praised. Above all, He is to be glorified and worshipped. He is worthy.

Ezekiel continued saying. “God is not going to strive with the self-centeredness of man’s self-idolatry indefinitely. Self-idolatry is like death. It is like ashes. It is the absence of life and there are those on the globe who have fallen to the severe deception that they are God, and there is no other. Yahweh will not strive with these forever.”

Ezekiel says, “I am speaking of those who make willful choices to follow after evil. I am not speaking of those who are caught in deception for, they are to be pitied, but there are those aligned with evil and who are agents of Satan, and they will have their time and they will fall under the Judgment of Holiness of a Holy God.”

Ezekiel said, “The realm of the supernatural is transgressed by many. Many are working out evil plans and the Lord laughs–the King laughs at these efforts to manipulate Him. Still His eye is upon those who have chosen Him, who have aligned their hearts. There are many who forget to seek after truth. The work of entreating the population of humanity continues, but new opportunities and new tactics for this entreaty is changing and will change for a coming time of power demonstrations of God on the earth, and His glory will arrive and be seen. Many eyes will be unveiled, and many will find to their shock, their position in the Kingdom.

“Your brothers and sisters are sometimes weak in the knowledge of their position in Christ Jesus, and they are burdened by overwhelming release of lies, darkness, and arrows that try to pierce.

You must continue the work of awakening for the Father does not desire many to be slain on the battlefield. He desires you to work with those he has given you to work with so that casualties of war are minimum. I want to be clear with you that many in the army of the Lord, meaning the sons and daughters of God have not an understanding of the spiritual nature of our King and they are working from the realm of the soul to do the work of the Kingdom.

They must soon learn the engagement of spiritual things in the spirit realm, from their spirit, for this is their weapon of war.

There are streams that do. There are streams of the Body of Christ that do this, but it needs to enlarge. That flow will enlarge. It is the plan of God that it will enlarge. And the work of this is in the spiritual realm.

“Continue your declaration of grace, grace, grace, to this mountain, that it be moved into the sea. The sons and daughters of God will awake. But some still slumber. Be encouraged, do not be discouraged because victory is sure.

Ezekiel asked, “What is in your hand?”

“I don't know. What is in my hand?” Donna replied.

He said, “What do you have in your hand that is your weapon? It is your faith. It is your hope. It is your relationship of truth with God, it is your weakness when he is strong, and it is your determination to love unconditionally those whom the Father loves. It is your willingness to see opportune moments, and to stand in those opportunities, strength of character in Him, in Jesus and Truth. These things will remain.”

“Why are you showing me your wings?” Donna asked.

He said, “I'm showing you my wings to remind you how capable the angelic force on your behalf is. How they have become more strengthened by your relationship with them., and to remind you that we work together. The angelic host of Heaven is extremely important in this hour. I urge you not to forget this and to share this with your audience:

The angels of God assigned to the earth have increased in number.

“Even angels have longed for these times. We are powerful, capable, and have abilities you do not possess. So, put us to work. Commission us often, supply us with weapons, and believe in our strength. By that I want you to know your belief in what we do is a form of belief in who your Father is, in His position as Almighty God and in the blueprint of His plans.

“When you go to pray, strengthen yourself with the ministry of angels.

Call them near. Many are assigned to the sons and daughters, but the necessary posture of prayer in these times requires the ministry of angels in spiritual realms. While you are engaged in prayer, when you are engaged in courtroom scenarios of prayer, when you come and when you go, when you rise and when you lie down, these are the times that the angels of God draw near and are needed by the army–by the sons and daughters of God to work out the plans for the Kingdom. Believing in our ministry is a form of receiving our ministry and co-laboring with us to gain the accomplishment of the plan of the King.

Ezekiel said, “I will share with you in a nutshell the plan of the King,

‘It is a victory over evil’.

At that point we requested to know from Ezekiel what he needed for himself, his commanders, and his ranks. Upon receiving insight into what was needed at that time we requested these things from the Father. Then we began to commission him.

“We commission you with the continuing awakening of the sons and daughters of God to the supernatural and to the dunamis power of Yahweh.

“We commission you, your commanders, and your ranks for necessary warfare, victorious capture of the enemy, and the awakening of the saints.

“We commission you to remove veils, disintegrate strongholds, trip up the enemy at every turn–at every crossroads, and prevent theft from fertile fields.

“We commission you to strengthen the saints, carry revelation to their realms, penetrate with light, defeat darkness, and conquer evil for all those connected to LifeSpring–for the staff, for the Advocates, for those aligned in trade with our ministry, for those aligned with the concepts and principles that are flowing through revelation from this ministry.

We are requesting that you widen portals of revelation for the same. God, we ask for protection from our enemy.”

Donna then interjected saying to Ezekiel, “And I feel like just saying this to little demon beings. Like they are not the big things. They are the little imps and whatever names they go by. I do not even care what they go by, but they are sitting on the shoulder of the saints. I just feel like commissioning you to just go and flick them off of many of the saints. Get them off so that these saints are not battling the constant barrage of lies to their heart, to their mind, and to their soul. And then to refresh them, release what God has for them, widen the portal of revelation around them, and increase the glory realm of God around them, help them to walk in victory, help them with their faith, help them with their hope, help them with their joy, and help them to know their God. That is what I commission you to do in Jesus’ name.

“We commission you to bring assistance to those taking their first steps, those just getting interested in the paradigm of the Courts of Heaven, those we are assisting.

We are requesting you to assist those who are launching as first steps and taking baby steps into seeing in the spirit, hearing the voice of God operating with angels, and attempting to live their lives from spirit first and Heaven down, for these who are infants in it–new to it.

We are releasing you to assist them, bring ministry to them, provide whatever is necessary, that they get started and that they continue in their path, that they be strengthened in their resolve to operate by faith in this inheritance that they have received as sons and daughters of Yahweh. We also commission you to that.”

Ezekiel said, I love these commissions.”

Attempting to describe what she was sensing, Donna said, “I don't know if, how angels translate joy, but Ezekiel looked happier, and excited, and powered up when I commissioned him with all these things. But it is not just the commission. There's a role that faith is playing in how that is translated to spiritual realms, because he's like, ‘Give me more, give me more, give me more! Like, 'Put me in coach! Put me in!’. Ezekiel also continued to grow in that visual.

Ezekiel said to Donna, “Give me one more, give me this other commission.”

Donna began,

“Ezekiel, I commission you, your commanders and ranks to push back darkness so that the excellence of the saint in their work in their life, in their occupation, in their trade is seen.”

What he wants to do is he wants to see these operating in a stellar excellence. so that even those in the world and those aligned with world systems will see the Glory of our King on those are walking by faith in Jesus Christ, so that their occupation, the work of their hands, the deliverance of their words, the working out of their deeds are noticeably effective, noticeably containers of wisdom, and are noticeable to the world that this is the way you should walk in it too. Ezekiel relishes this.

He said, “Yeah, I like that word relish. I relish this commission to make the saints of God visibly different in excellence and mighty in their strength, in a position in Jesus Christ to be seen even by the world. Now that's a commission that an angel likes.”

He continued, “For this to take place, the part that the saint has to play is to act with boldness and courage. So, commission me for the delivery of the oil of courage and the oil of boldness.

I do commission you to release the oil of courage and the oil of boldness. I know that my Father has these in vats in heaven and I ask you to go to heavenly realms and bring out the oil of courage and the oil of boldness.

And I commission you to the work of causing the saints of God to be seen with excellence and the strength of our God, in Jesus’ name.

Donna noted what she had seen over the last several minutes, “Ezekiel, you are just pretty funny. You step in one minute and you are so sober, but by the end of our conversation you are just fun. You are poking fun at me. You just told me, ‘Donna you're shining now’.”

She replied, “You are right, Ezekiel. When you ascend and talk to angels and commission them, and you are listening to Holy Spirit, your spiritual senses are at work, your frequency–your vibration changes. I see what he is saying, and what he is showing me is what he sees in the spiritual realm, that shining thing that we read about on Moses where he met with God, and he came back, and he was so shining. It was because his shining is an expression of how his DNA changed from being in spiritual realms and of course, being in the presence of Father.

We also commissioned Ezekiel regarding the book and product sales:

“We also commission you, Ezekiel, the commanders, and ranks for increased book sales.

We also request increased CourtsNet purchases and conference, product purchases, as well as purchases of the conference tickets.

We commission you to those who are being positioned by the Father for awakening to spiritual things, awakening to Courts of Heaven paradigms, awakening to spirit-forward living, awakening to Heaven Down business and life.

We commission you for these increases in sales, increases in customers, and to guard, and protect trade routes for the ministry and in Jesus' name.

Further Pointers

Lydia suddenly joined us and said, I will tell you one thing needed for your release you are sharing.

“There is something you need to hit and hit again. You have heard it before, but you need to hit it again.

You are meant to work with angels.

You are meant to have relationship with some angels.

You are not meant to do this alone and your audience needs to hear another encouragement, another ounce of understanding and encouragement, expectation, and challenge to their faith that they begin commissioning angels operating from spiritual senses and verbally releasing and requesting angels to do things. We (the sons and daughters of God) must grow up in this.

“The only way to grow is to practice.

The only way to grow is to believe.

The only way to go grow is to have faith and stretch your faith muscle regarding interaction with the angels of God.

There is so much more here for the sons and daughters of God to engage in, with the angels assigned to them. Way more angelic activity in the unseen heavens than I have ever seen, or that I have ever known of, but I have heard, I have even heard prophets say this, but Lydia's giving me a glimpse of that.”

Lydia said, “You may be one ministry among many with this message, but it is a key message for this hour." She is encouraging us keep pressing through, keep announcing the Heavens are open for the sons and daughters of God to operate from, step in to engage with, and encourage one another to continue.”

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