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Collapsing Storms

As Donna and I engaged Heaven she could see Ezekiel (the Chief Angel over our ministry) as he seemed to emerge from between two whirlwinds or dust storms. He appeared to have them under his hands as he walked through them. She watched and as he puts his hands downward the storms got smaller. When he raised his hands, they got larger. We were definitely going to need greater understanding about what he was showing us.

Ezekiel began to explain, “You are looking at a storm from a spiritual viewpoint. A generic term for what you saw would be a ‘storm’. I am showing you how capable angels are at dealing with storms.”

He was showing this because he had been putting out or flattening a few storms.

He said, “Donna, do you remember what you heard on the teaching by Dan Duval? (She had been listening to a teaching by Daniel Duval of Bride Ministries who uses the phrase “collapsing realms”.) Ezekiel said, “This is my work. I can collapse storms. I need your help and partnership, but I collapse storms.” He noted to us, “You have a couple storms on your hands. You have a storm with one of your students and you have a storm with a client.”

He explained, “You have storms that the enemy brings as a type of weapon against you. It is a weapon in the form of a distraction. It is coming through a hardship in a person's life that the enemy is using against the work and the calling of this ministry.”

LifeSpring International Ministries is called to lead the body of Christ in understanding spiritual revelation.

As Donna processed what she was hearing she replied to Ezekiel, “So, Ezekiel, you are telling me that you and your commanders and ranks have the capacity to collapse realms. So, let me ask you a question, ‘Is a storm a realm?’”

Ezekiel explained, “A storm can be a realm.” He then asked Donna what else she learned that Dan said about realms. She explained that he had said that a realm is a type of entity. It has a sentience[1].

Ezekiel continued, “This realm entity called the storm is loosed upon people, timelines, businesses, and ministries to bring forward moment movement to a halt. Many people see the detail of the storm without recognizing what the author of the storm is saying. Very few understand they can call a halt to the storm like Jesus did from the boat[2]. Things are stirred by enemy plans. Remember the enemy is evil seeking to kill, destroy, or steal from a ministry or business operating in blessing and forward movement with growth. When a consistent growth pattern comes up before the enemy, it is a vile thing in his sight and under the focus of demonic councils he tries to stop it, and to tries to bring ruination or digression or a halt to their blessing and their movement. The enemy trembles when the sons of God increase, and the sons of God are now increasing, and the enemy is terrified. So, he releases a storm against these individuals or entities and the storm has what we would call an algorithm, and this gives the storm its so-called sentience.”

Ezekiel said, “I will get to the point. You will need to commission angelic hosts to collapse the storm.

In the Scripture, the storm came to deviate Jesus and the disciples from the mission at hand.

“That is one descriptive nuance of a storm: its purpose is to deviate you from where you are going. It wants to make you go around, make you slow down, or make you stop. So, if you have a storm, it has been stirred by evil thrones and evil trading routes and trade in this sort of activity.

“I am going to show you how to commission angels in the Host of Heaven to collapse the realm called the storm. You have heard Kat Kerr use different language. She looses the Armies of Heaven to shred the activity of the enemy–the activity of those involved in evil trade.”

Donna then recalled a recent dream where she saw the unusual activity of spaceships at war in the second heaven, not in the starry atmosphere. What this war released onto earth was giants. She was then asking the Lord, ‘How do we release the armies of Heaven?’” So, Ezekiel came with an answer.

Ezekiel explained, “There are different classes of the race of angels assigned to these capacities. Some are more skilled than others. They know who they are.” Donna commented, “This feels like is something new. This is new to some in the church operating like this, but new is new.”

As sons of God who are maturing in Jesus Christ, seeking to operate from Him by the Holy Spirit you are given access to command armies–warring angels, the host of Heaven, the armies of God. In fact, these are based on your assignment and where you are in the season of life that you are in. There are different levels of your access to different armies. As a ministry, someone must direct the army that has been assigned to the ministry.”

Ezekiel says. “I have been doing this with you as you have commissioned me.”

Donna replied, “I have the feeling Ezekiel that you are saying that you, the commanders, and the ranks form an army, but there are other armies that are not dedicated to specifically work with this ministry, but you have access to them, and we have access to them too, but we can go through you to access them.”

At this point Ezekiel suggested we trade with Mitchell, a man in white who had instructed us many times before. We requested that he join us, and we invited him to help us understand.

Mitchell began saying, “Some of what I am going to share with you–this ability has been reserved for these days. I want you to understand not all of the knowledge that is being released from the Father right now has always been on the planet or has been released to men in prior times. Some has been reserved for the days in which you are living. There is more knowledge in Books that have been reserved for your future generations for the days in which they will walk. But now is the time for you for this knowledge to be shared with God's children through His sons. The storms that are stirred by demonic powers, thrones, powers, principalities, and dominions are set against the people of God and as Ezekiel has told you, especially set against the expansion of the Kingdom.

The storm scene seeks to remove the ease with which you are completing a mission and an assignment.

Please know that some of the things you call storms are not storms.

“Some of the things you call storms are simply the uphill climb to live among the worlds–those blinded by the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, those not eating of the right fruit, those seeking after other gods, even self-idolatry and in their deception, they build idols to themselves. Some of these idols they built themselves are themselves as they idolize themself.

“But nevertheless, satanic activity comes against those who are breaking through to new levels of knowledge, power, and understanding. Those who are taking possession of released seed, harvested seed and who are learning to build in the spirit realm as you are growing in relationship with the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

A storm sent against you can primarily be discovered because it is very distracting.

“Your ability to collapse a storm comes at the hands of angels. If you have relationships with angels, you can see how helpful this is. If you have no relationship with angels or have never used them, you can see how it is needful to begin relationship with the angels of God so that the partnership of children of men will grow into deeper understandings of one another.”

Mitchell said, “This is how you Donna feel about Ezekiel who will know all the details of what you are doing. Even though you are not aware of him on a day-to-day basis, he is aware of you. How has this happened? It has happened over time. This is how relationships grow up, even relationships with angels.

“So, for a storm to collapse you need to know that a storm is built on frequency.
The opposite frequency must be spoken to the storm.

"Jesus spoke peace to the storm, but he also commanded it to cease and desist. A son of God's authority plays into this. Your confident authority in who you are to speak to the storm is one thing. Your confident ability to speak to angels to help you settle the storm is another thing. Do you see there are different levels of understanding of your own confidence in who you are called to be in the spirit?”

Mitchell said, “As you are operating spirit forward, spirit first, and your spirit becomes aware of a storm, you can simply release angels to this activity. Here is how you do it:

“Always in the authority of the highest name in Heaven you release and commission the angels of God to bring to nothing, to bring down out of second heaven atmospheres, all demonically run and instigated storms set against your path.

“Evil storms are made of frequencies of darkness.

Therefore, you release the angelic armies–the release of heavenly light. You can release the lightning of God. The light of God, you can release. He says, notice what you are doing. This has nothing to do with other human beings. This has everything to do with demons and those working in league with demons, especially those working in evil trade routes.

"You can commission angels to bring the frequency of this storm to zero–to flatten it, to collapse it. You can even use the word collapse–to collapse its timeline in the name of Jesus. You use the name of Jesus because it is the authority of the highest name. Angels hearken to this.”

Mitchell continued, “You can ask input from Holy Spirit, but you can also ask your angel, ‘Am I involved in a storm?’ And if a storm has touched your sphere or your realm you can commission angels to collapse the storm. In the earth realm you will see a storm collapsed when:

  • the clouds fall apart,

  • the wind stops the movement and

  • especially when the enlargement of the impending threat is dissolved and dissipates and comes to nothing.

“Do you see all this language that I am using can be used in your commissioning of the angels to collapse storms?”

Mitchell said, “Oh, how the enemy does not want the sons of God to understand this tactic of his.”

“Now,” Mitchell said, “just like everything we teach you, some will run the gamut of using this technique too often and wear out their angels, they will wear out angel armies assigned to them. Some will hear of it and never use it while angel armies will long to perform the action for which they were created, but without partnership from earth realm, they will be limited.

As always there is a walk of relationship with God in this.

Holy Spirit, Jesus, or the Father, personal angels as messengers–all of these can help you understand what you are facing and to relate to them about this storm is the first necessary step, but here is what infants do. They run headlong into the storm, shouting and commanding angel armies to stop the storm when perhaps it is not even a storm. Instead, it is a test, or it is a momentary proof of your ability–YOUR ability. Many of these things arise out of the Father's desire to mature his sons. So, pause to find out. Is this for my maturity, and if so, how should I engage it? Or is this a wicked evil set on destruction that needs to be stopped? And…

Since I have eyes to see it, I have authority to stop it.

“What you are doing is you are moving against the energy that the storm draws from in order to remove it and to stop it in its tracks. Because this is spiritual you must think in spiritual terms. But because it is spiritual, you release the angels into the storm to remove its energy. Angels are equipped to know how to do this. Even when you have lack of understanding of how it works, they understand how it works. They understand what powers it up. They understand what levels it up. They understand the trade routes that are involved. They understand the illegal legalities that are back doors and that are wormholes and that are trades with different realms that are invoking or bringing about this storm.

Whether it is a storm because of witchcraft, or a storm because of demonic councils, your ability to collapse the storm comes with the help of angels.

Sometimes a storm is pending or it is threatening, but it is far off waiting in the wings to see the response of humans. Here is what ALWAYS shuts down storms: love, unity, hope, worship, rest, trust, truth, and knowledge. When God's people act from these realms, it defeats storms before they begin.

Now Mitchell was kind of smiling and said, “You got to try it out. Some people do not understand that to operate a son or daughter of God, they must engage the spiritual realm from the spirit. They have to practice. They must be willing even in the spirit to learn, to let the growth curve take place. Do not be afraid to begin because you are not going to be perfect.

Do not be afraid to begin.

That is not a spirit of fear that the Father has given. That is an apprehension that you must be perfect. There was only one who was perfect.”

Mitchell said, “Let me get this straight. There was only one who was perfect. His name was Jesus Christ. He had a particular mission on earth, and He fulfilled it with excellence. He dwells by His Spirit in the spirits of those living on planet earth, but the man Jesus was the only perfect man–the only perfect human. This should free you to be able to practice in the spirit with the power given to you in His authority. If you are paying attention to the Holy Spirit and His prompts, His checks, and His guidance within you, you will not go wrong.”

“Donna, you have done this before in the natural, but now you need to try it in the spirit.” He was talking about the time that Donna saw a tornado approaching her city and she commanded it to rise back up into the clouds and dissipate at which it rose back up in the clouds and as far as she could see from where she stood in her backyard, it did not come back down until it was on the other side of the city or at least on the other side of what she considered her sphere or part of the city.

Mitchell explained, “YOU did that, that YOU commanded that that day because you knew the will of God was not destruction. Let that build confidence. A storm is NOT the will of God. A storm is NOT the will of God. A storm comes to steal, kill, or destroy. It comes to distract. It is costly. It comes to bring with it associated anxieties and displacements.”

Donna could now see that Ezekiel was ready for his commissioning. She began,

“Holy Spirit, I ask you for assistance to commission the angel Ezekiel, his commanders, and his ranks of armies in the spirit realm. With specificity I address the storm that is trying to erupt around our client. When this person is engaged with our ministry, I commission the angels of God, in the name of Jesus, to quench the storm, calm the humans, collapse all energy frequencies and bring them to nothing, as well as all backup plans for subsequent storms in the name of Jesus. I loose the angels to their task with God's light, His lightning, and His peace. I blessed this person in the name of Jesus. I bless them with what Ephesians 1:18 refers to as ‘eyes to see’. I bless them that the eyes of their heart might be enlightened, so that they would know the hope of His calling, and what re the, and what the riches of the glory of His inheritance in the saints is, and what is the surpassing greatness of His power toward them who believes. I commission Ezekiel and his ranks and commanders to squelch the storm around them. Every time they link with technology to LifeSpring International Ministries and all its outlets, all emails, classes, coursework, Tuesday nights Mentoring Groups, or Wednesday Platinum or Gold meetings, in Jesus' name.”

Ezekiel said, “Alright, that was a good try. Now let’s deal with the other storm.”

As Donna looked at Ezekiel she could now only see one whirlwind under his hand, whereas before she saw two. Ezekiel confirmed what she was seeing.

Donna began,

“I commission Ezekiel, his commanders and ranks in the name of Jesus to squelch and remove all energy from the storm that surrounds our student. I do this based on their commitment as a student to the Facilitators Training Program, to the mentorship class on Tuesday nights, to the connection they make with us as a Platinum Member, and all other connections to LifeSpring International Ministries. I commission the angels to remove all energy from this storm that seeks to distract both her and LifeSpring International Ministries and all its outlets. I commission Ezekiel to remove all backup plans of this storm. I commission Ezekiel to use God's light, God’s lightning, and the peace of God to bring this storm to nothing in Jesus' name.”

Even after doing this, Donna expressed that she still felt like a toddler.

“What would help me not feel like a toddler?” she asked Mitchell.

"He replied, “Practice would help you not feel like a toddler. Discernment would help you.”

Immediately Donna prayed, “Father, I ask you for discernment and ask you for opportunity to practice and Holy Spirit, I ask you to prompt me to use this at the appropriate time and make me aware when a storm appears.”

Mitchell responded, “That is good for today.”

He said in closing, “I will leave you with this one thing. Tell the people not everything is a storm.

Not everything is a storm.

Occasionally there are storms, but not everything is a storm. It takes a great degree of discernment on behalf of the individual to pause and hear and know what to do.

He continued, “Sometimes a storm is happening because you have taken off your armor. In that case, it is not a storm. In that case, you are being buffeted by the enemy because he can see you took off your armor. So put your armor back on.

Finally, do not be afraid of the storm.

You cannot speak to command angels to remove the energy of the storm and collapse a storm realm if you are afraid of it.”

He asked, “Do you see how this also works with the amount of confidence you have? You are not speaking from your own realm. You are speaking out of the realm of the Kingdom. You are speaking from and in the authority of the name of Jesus. You are not thinking, and you are not speaking separated or apart from Him. You are not speaking, hoping that this works. You are speaking, KNOWING that this works. Do you see the difference level in the confidence?

Your faith in the knowledge of who He is levels you up in the release of the angelic. They are aware when you speak. They are aware of the the degree level of confidence in which you speak. Some of your practice is going to have to be speaking in confidence.”

Ezekiel got our attention and pointed out that we needed to deal with another storm. He came to Donna, put his hands on either side of her face and instructed her to scan the horizon in the spirit, moving her head from side to side. She was able to discern another storm that was creating chaos. We commissioned Ezekiel to collapse that storm in the same way as was described earlier.

Ezekiel, we commission you to halt the wind of the storm. We command it to be still, we commission you to bring it to stillness, and destroy all its backup plans in Jesus' name.

Ezekiel pointed out that we had the authority to deal with the storms that directly affected our realm as a ministry but did not necessarily have the authority to address other storms affecting that other person even though they may have had some connection to LifeSpring. Ezekiel said, “This does not commission me to bring every storm down in that persons’ realm. It is bringing peace to this storm–the ones that relate to us to us.” Apparently, he was aware of other storms related to that person that he knows about, but he knows his own boundary and was pointing out to us the difference.

You have authority over storms affecting you and your immediate family, your business, job, or ministry, but necessarily over the storms affecting other people, even if you have a degree of connection to them.

With this our engagement with Mitchell and Ezekiel was ended for this time. As you read this revelation, allow Holy Spirit to speak to you concerning the storms you need to deal with and follow the steps we have described. You will have nuances to the storms you are facing, but these examples will help you as you go forward in victorious triumph through Jesus Christ.

[1] The capacity to be aware of sensations and feelings. [2] Mark 4:35-41

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