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Circumventing Timelines

“Father, we step into Jesus. Thank you, Jesus. For access to the realms of Heaven. We step into Your name, through your realm. We ask permission to visit with the Help Desk at the Business Complex of Heaven,” Donna said, as she began our engagement.

“Good morning. I request, Ezekiel to come near. We would also like to have a meeting with Lydia,” she continued.

We were interested in the overall status of the ministry after a long weekend.

Ezekiel says, “I have many reports to report. Which would you like?

Donna replied, “I see what you're doing. You are asking, you are asking me to focus–to fine tune more what I want to see. Okay. What would you recommend? I see many options here. I see many options to ask about, to be curious about, but I do not want to just be curious. Holy Spirit, I want you to lead me to ask the angel Ezekiel which realm to check into.

What can you me about the writing realm?”

Ezekiel replied, “There's a wider portal for writing being opened. We just did not know it. The writing portal needs to open more.”

Donna inquired, “So, we're to request of you, Ezekiel for the widening of the writing portal?”

“What can you tell me about that?” She asked.

Donna began to describe what she was now seeing, “I see a writing wave. It comes from the Father. It comes from Heaven. It comes from those engaged in the cloud of witnesses engaged with this ministry. There is more to write and this is going to help the writing by opening the portal wider. The portal looks like a gate and you are right,” she said, “The Gates not open. It's open, but it's not wide open.”

Ezekiel says, “It's not wildly open.”

Commissioning Ezekiel

Donna continued, “We commission you Ezekiel, your commanders, and your ranks to widen, keep open, perform sentry duty, and allow in writing from Heaven and the writing wave that brings glory to the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. We commission you to these things in the name of Jesus and we thank you for your work to widen the writing portal over LifeSpring International Ministries. We ask you to widen this writing portal for us and for any other connected relationship that has hopes of writing. We particularly ask you to network in this regard with those who were at the Writer's Conference, who see themselves as writers. We ask for your networking with their angels for the widening of the writing portal in their life as well. And we ask Ezekiel, that you would make sure that the receiving of the writing wave comes through this portal and the gate. And we ask you to wildly fling open this writing portal gate to us in Jesus’ name.”

Ezekiel said, “New ideas exist in this writing portal and it has a force with it that will be of assistance to us.”

Continuing, Donna prayed, “Father, I thank you for the writing wave. I receive it into the LifeSpring International Ministries portal and my portal. I thank you for the gift. I thank you for what you mean it for and what your purpose behind it is. I desire to steward it, and desire to steward it well through the expression of LifeSpring International Ministries, Jesus' name.”

We concluded the prayer by requesting a few things for Ezekiel, his commanders, and his ranks.


Donna began to describe what Ezekiel wanted to discuss next, “Ezekiel wants to talk about timelines. He says to me, ‘You're worried about a timeline.’

Immediately she responded saying, “All right. I surrender this worry and anxiety to the Father, Father. I repent for worry and anxiety about the timeline You are working at all times, according to Your Glory.”

Ezekiel described worry as ‘borrowing tomorrow's problems for today’. “That would be worry,” he said.

Donna replied, “You're saying let loose of the reigns of that so that the flow can happen instead of trying to figure it out in advance.

At this point Ezekiel began discussing things related to our upcoming conference and subsequent meeting at a house church.

He began to explain, “First, there are gates on the timeline though that you need to commission me to open.”

Donna asked, “Holy Spirit, what are these gates?” As she heard the reply she began to pray, “Father, thank you. We commission you Ezekiel to open the Gate of Relationship, to open the Gate of Fellowship, to open the Gate of Unity of the Brethren, to open the Gate of Miracles, to open the Gate of Healthy Relationships.

“We commission you to open the Gate of the Glory of God to the glory of God.

“We ask you to open the Gate to Health to the Region.”

After asking if we needed to commission him to open any other gates, Donna prayed, “We also need a sentry duty at these gates now so that in time these will be opened and prepared.”

Donna then began to see a worm hole tunnel that Satan wanted to develop in order to undermine rest. Donna realized she was being shown this out of time so we could commission Ezekiel to shut it down in time and ahead of time.

Donna spoke to Ezekiel saying, “We commission you to those Gates in the name of Jesus to open those Gates. We commission you to open those Gates for the physical time of April 28th through May 5th and inclusive of all our travel. We also commission you Ezekiel, your commanders and ranks to shut down illegal entry and to barricade any entry through the wormhole of time that would result in stolen rest sweet sleep or restful sleep. Ezekiel, I will go ahead and ask you to do that out of time so that when we are traveling the 28th of April through the 5th of May, that our rest is not stolen, and our sleep is not stolen. Our sleep is restful, and our sleep is beneficial. And we commission you to shut down and close down and collapse the wormhole that would try to interfere in the name of Jesus.”

Ezekiel then began showing some things he needed which we requested of the Father. Then he began discussing our meeting in Columbia showing us what we would be dealing with. A prior engagement with Heaven had unveiled strategies for what we would be confronting in the St. Charles, Missouri meeting which Ezekiel had been commissioned for at that time.

Referring back to an earlier conversation, Ezekiel said,

“Do not live in tomorrow until tomorrow gets here.”

In reply, Donna said, “Thank you. Thank you for that. That is the wisdom of Heaven.

Ezekiel began explaining the differences in the two locales of the upcoming meetings.

He explained, “In St. Charles, you are dealing with overcoming the water spirits and overcoming the Leviathan spirit.”

In the Columbia area Donna noted that she did not see the same thing. Rather, she saw what looked like a thin snake that Ezekiel called an asp. It encircled a hill, a rise in the elevation.

“Well, Ezekiel, what is that? Donna asked.

“That is a fortification. It is a wall–a fortification between the ministry (LifeSpring International Ministries), its calling and purposes, and this geographical entity of the snake. So, this snake is geographical to the land. It is not a throne. It is not like a ruling power, but it is definitely present. And Ezekiel says it wants to infect with poison to bring distortion.

Ezekiel said, “You need the antidote, which is the light of truth. We need the light of truth.”

Donna noted, “That feels like God’s Spirit of Truth and a flaming torch.”

“Is that for you, the commanders, and ranks?” Donna asked.

“Yes,” Ezekiel replied. He said, “Request fortification of walls against not the twisting of truth, but the distortion of truth.”

Ezekiel asked, “What would the distortion of truth be? That would be a lie. So, it is lies–a lying spirit–that is what that asp is.

Donna prayed, “We request the torches of God's fiery light to be lit on top of every wall and to be seen. We ask these to be all around the Columbia meeting, its attendees, all ministry personnel, and the household of Deb Myers and Larry Jenkins. And that the fiery light of the torch of God would travel into Columbia and out of Columbia as a guard and a protection to each person coming and going to this house church. We do request and commission you with these.

“Father, I request fortification walls, for Ezekiel to build in the spirit against the lying spirit and the asp–the distorter of truth. I also ask for fiery torches to be lit on these walls, all around the house church, all around the vehicles that the people attending will travel in. And even around the hotel where they will be staying–where we will be staying, build those around us and we ask that Ezekiel, and his ranks, and commanders be supplied with these and we commission Ezekiel, his commanders, and ranks to this to do the work of the building of the fortification and the upholding of the torches of light. We ask for the Spirit of Truth to be with us in our Columbia meeting. And we ask for you to open the Gate of Fellowship there, open the Gate of Unity of the Brethren and Love of the Brethren. We ask you to open the Gate of Apostolic Alignment. We ask you to open the Gate of the Understanding of Truth. We ask you to open all these gates in the time of our travel and the dates that we are going to be there from the time we go into Columbia until the time we leave. We ask that those gates and those fortifications be in operation in the name of Jesus.”

Lydia began to engage with us concerning our CourtsNet students and some of what she shared is pertinent with those on our Tuesday Mentoring Group.

She shared, “A few of the students are looking at darkness. They are not looking at light. When you fall for the enemy’s plot to look at him, instead of looking at the Kingdom of God, you are hurting yourself. You are not focusing on the right thing. It's like if somebody said, ‘Turn to page four’ and you turn to page 10, you're not focused on the right thing.”

“It's a spiritual discipline,” Lydia said, “to focus on the Kingdom of God, to step into the Kingdom of God, to pursue the Kingdom of God, to press in for the Kingdom of God. All this is an access gate that Jesus gave you in oneness by the Spirit. Some are looking out here (in the 3D realm) and not looking internally into the Kingdom of God that resides within them[1]. Some are thinking they are not related, and they see a chasm between themselves and this King of Glory.

They are not understanding that the spirit travels on the theme of oneness and your oneness with the Kingdom. Your access is your oneness, and your oneness is your access. You must believe in the access you have. Believe you can so that you can. Satan wants to take this away from you. He wants to tell you, this is difficult. He wants to tell you this is impossible. He wants to tell you this is non-sensical or this has no legitimacy. That is what he is calling into question–the legitimacy of the bond registry. All the while he is laughing at his devious work to cause the children of God to question recent revelation.

Donna replied, “You're right Lydia. I did think about that this morning. Something I was reading in The Mirror Bible just caused me to think Satan cannot father anything, but he is trying awfully hard to father in the children of God who have a father the lies and the doubts of our identity, and our ability, and lies about who we are that our, even our, our spiritual might and power that resides within us because Jesus was us and when we're in him, we have the opportunity to release the Kingdom to the earth. And the father of lies is trying to father lies. He is trying to be the thought that Francois du Toit called the foreign father. Satan is trying to be the foreign father when we have the natural father–that is God the Father.”

Lydia said, “Remind them that they have opportunity to focus on the kingdom. Does it not say ‘seek first the Kingdom.[2] Does not scripture say that? Seek as the primary thing. Where it says, ‘Seek first the kingdom’ could also be understood as before you consult the world, before you consult the soul, have you consulted the Kingdom?”

Donna responded, “That is pretty deep. That is piercing right there. So, it is a primacy as well as a first in sequence. Mostly it is first in primacy as in it should be the first. It should overwhelm every other thing. Every other thing in light of the Kingdom should be lesser.

Lydia said, “When you understand how much we have to share with the sons and daughters of God who operate in sunshine, when you realize how much Heaven,”

Donna interrupted, “Oh my gosh, I see gemstones and piles of gold coins and pools of oil and books–rows and rows of books. I see dreams. I see dreams like hope and creativeness.”

Lydia continued, “When you begin to seek first the Kingdom of God, you will see how your soul tries to do all this for you when you need to do it from the Kingdom, by your spirit first. All of it begins there. Some students think that the Kingdom of God has just one way, but you must understand that when sons enter the Kingdom of God to engage with the Kingdom of God, both the realm of the person and the realm of Heaven is increased. It is increased by the engagement of the sons–those operating in sonship.

“The Father has plenty of dreams. Jesus has plenty of dreams, but he wants to do it with the sons of God and to entertain it there and to bring it here, to find out how it manifests here.”

Lydia continued, “What you think first, second, and third ought to manifest is often five, six, seven, and eight, instead of one, two, three, like you think it should be. So, consulting with the Kingdom of God is helpful.”

Donna responded, “Like today when we had Ezekiel open the gates. That would be like a step five, seven or eight versus one, two, three.”

Lydia answered, “Yes. Do not let the enemy trick you that Heaven is not a joyful place. When you engage Heaven, you should engage with joy. You should expect the joy flow. You should step into the realms of Heaven, expecting joy, expecting light, expecting comfort, expecting help. You would do you well to tell your people on Tuesday nights when engaging the realms of Heaven, come with desire to receive–to receive all good things. He gives good gifts without anything bad[3]. So, come with the expectation of receiving the joyous truth, the, the beautiful revelation, the nearness of the Father, the closeness and the proximity of His love, and the piercing-ness of His all-knowing gaze which helps you feel known. One of your greatest desires is to be known like that. That is how you were designed. That is how humans were designed–to be known–to just be known. Do you see that when you are known in Heaven, you are also accepted? The heart desires the acceptance of the Father. When you try to get it from the soul realm, or you try to get it from the earth realm–the world realm, it falls short, and you get wounded often. But when you come to the knowledge of God and in His Kingdom and seek his presence there, you are opening yourself up to be perfectly known as you are known, and to know yourself as you are known.

One of the greatest things that humans can know is to know themselves as they are known.

Lydia then said, “Donna, is it true that every time you stepped into Heaven, you feel okay? Do you feel benefited? Do you feel you have gained a measure of an intangible wholeness that would equate to pleasure, joy, fellowship, and union? That's what you would accord it to–union–seamless union.”

Donna replied, “You are right. There is no other place that comes to me except for when I step into the realm of Heaven.”

And Lydia said, “That is because there is a free flow. There is no cost to the flow. It has already been paid for. The bill has been taken care of.

“Imagine many of God's sons and daughters operating like this, freely lovingly portraying their intimacy with this presence that is 100% accepting. And with gladness, with joy, with intense pleasure and desire you have stepped in to be in fellowship.

“The first disciples knew this. This is what amazed them. They knew they had fellowship with Jesus in natural, but their astonishment was that they could fellowship with Him after the resurrection–after He arose to Heaven. They still fellowshipped with Him. This was their astonishment.

“No wonder the enemy, veils people. They are not locked out, but he projects that they are. He uses their shame, guilt, and accusation to keep them from the presence of the one who loves them most.”

Lydia said, “I will end by saying this.

In your world today you need the daily dose of Father’s approving, gaze, His love fellowship, His hand on your back, or His hand on your shoulder, His hand on your head, His support for who you are and the going concerns that you have. He is concerned for the going concerns that you have are His going concerns.

[1] Luke 17:21 [2] Matthew 6:33 Seek first the Kingdom of God and his righteousness and all these shall be added unto you. [3] James 1:16-17 Do not be deceived, my beloved brethren. 17 Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and comes down from the Father of lights, with whom there is no variation or shadow of turning.

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