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Cheaters & Swindlers

As a subject that has been widely talked about, “Cheaters & Swindlers” would not be on the list. However, that is the topic Ezekiel (our ministry angel) opened with on this Monday morning. Ezekiel said, “There are those who have fallen into traps and pits from which they learn to cheat and swindle. People who do not know the Creator who have been unreceptive to the outworking of love.

Many traumas invite bitterness and bitterness is an open door to the enemy.

Being caught in the gall of bitterness is a terrible place to be and from this place are born cheaters and swindlers–those who are always looking to not do what is necessary to achieve a level of the knowledge of right from wrong, righteousness from unrighteousness, morality from immorality. These people have often been swindled themselves by the enemy, but nevertheless our work is against the enemies use of these people to continue in their cheating and swindling ways.

People swindle and cheat for power, prestige, and position. Nothing is new under the sun. The human, not knowing of what spirit it is operating from, will engage realms that operate through delusions. They then end up colluding with the spirits that cause them to swindle and cheat. It is not that the Father does not love them. It is that they have chosen their path through willful intent, although it is born of bitterness and self-sufficiency.

It can be redeemed. The human does have the choice. Until that time when Jesus comes back the humans are going to have their choices to follow after the outworking of enemy plots against them to capture and steal their minds and make slaves of them that they may use them for unrighteous purposes.”

Ezekiel took a big breath and said, “When I say to you, I have been working against cheaters and swindlers. Our work on behalf of the King is such. Be mindful of the avenue of repentance where you have been enticed or lured into agreement to cheat or swindle. These are tiny open doors or footholds for the enemy in your life. Come clean before the Father that you might be saved and rescued from plots and ploys of darkness to gain their sway over you.

“The child of God should not be dominated or ruled over by these illegal spirits but should by righteousness sake align with the mind of Christ.

Realms of darkness hold torment for these who have fallen into deception and have agreed with cheating and swindling.

“Remember the knowledge of the goodness of God in Zacchaeus who managed to refrain from his chosen path of cheating and swindling. This turnaround was magnificent in his life and he was given opportunity for this by Jesus. The turnaround in Zacchaeus' his life was so remarkable in his day that it was talked about among many. Many conversations and many ears heard of it.”

Ezekiel continued, “Even in the bloodline it is a pocket of iniquity for which repentance can be offered. Working out your salvation with fear and trembling is where you recognize swindling and cheating is a bloodline inheritance and to take that before the Courts of Heaven that you might receive recompense through the blood of Jesus in this hour of deluding spirits and receive the boldness needed–the greater boldness over these realms of darkness. Would it not be good for the saints to be sure they have the cleansing power of the blood upon their conscience, upon their spirit, and upon their soul regarding the activity of cheating and swindling?”

He concluded by saying, “Come away from realms of darkness that have anything to do with the activity called cheating and swindling. Cry out to God that he may purify and cleanse you that your conscience would be above such things to the point that there is no open door in any of your realms regarding this matter. The justice of God is coming to the earth and as justice descends, it will highlight injustice. It will begin to put injustice under the magnifying glass, that many would peer into it to see where it is rooted. That root is in the knowledge of the tree of good and evil, that root, that that tree was never meant for humans to consume.”

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