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Celebrating the Shift

Updated: Dec 15, 2021

Donna and I had stepped into Heaven to engage with Ezekiel. Donna described what she saw. “I can see Ezekiel in the spirit realm, and he comes skipping in. If you knew how he looked you would chuckle and he is saying to me, ‘Tell him, tell him what I look like.’”

Donna said to Ezekiel, “You look like you have not a care in the world. And you look like you've been partying.”

Ezekiel said, “The shift has not reached earth yet, but it's going to be tangible when it does. Those who are spiritually sensitive to other realms outside of their realms, outside of their spirit, soul, and body realm have probably perceived this. Those who are not under current attack of the enemy may have received inklings of this shift.”

Donna noted, “I would say that I received this shift today in my quiet time with the Lord. It is a hopeful shift. It is very hopeful.”

He said, “Humanity who have taken up their relationship with angels can check with their angel and find out what their angel knows about this. It is a celebratory shift that Heaven is celebrating.

“There are things that the angels of God will not volunteer to you lest you ask them a direct question.

"Remember, angels are first loyal to Yahweh, and they are under His command. They have their own relationship with Yahweh and His command. They are loyal to him. The angels will always seek first God, not humanity. Angels get their positioning from Yahweh and their enjoyment of Him and their enjoyment of the role they play for Him. Because of this, there are things that even angels cannot release even if they were asked point blank by the humans they have been assigned to work with because their first loyalty is to Yahweh.

“The difference between a demon and an angel of the host of Heaven is the demon has no loyalty.

"They are rather self-serving and will tell you what they think you want to know.

"There is a holiness when it comes to recognizing that angels first serve loyalty to Yahweh, the Creator, the Most High God, to King Jesus, and to the Spirit of the Living God. When you get a glimpse of the intensity of your angels’ loyalty to Yahweh it fills a new facet of your relationship with that angel. Angel's long for humanity to have this as well.

"Angels long for the human heart to be free to be loyal.

“Therefore, when I say humans can believe in angels, even demons believe in angels, just like demons, believe in God, but it's the believing loyalty to the ever working out as Master Author of all that will be that makes the difference. Those angels will always first cleave to their loyalty to God.

“You see I'm describing the angels of the host and you can take everything I've said and flip it. And it's the opposite with demons–Satan's cohorts, the fallen counsel of God. Those who left and were barred from Heaven. That is the enemy.”

Donna remarked, “Ezekiel says that he wants he doesn't like to talk about that. He likes to talk about the celebration that Heaven is experiencing right now. We can partake in it by our belief through the pathway of the angelic as they experience what we don't experience yet in the natural.

Donna asked, “This celebration has to do with time, doesn't it?” She explained that when Ezekiel stepped in, I also saw what looked like a grandfather clock.”

Ezekiel said, “They (Heaven) celebrates a time shift. These things are like deep mysteries, but I am not going to explain it. I am celebrating. That is what you see me doing.”

Donna noted, “I think the invitation here is to bless my spirit to partake in spiritual celebrations.”

Ezekiel remarked, “Donna, you have known this before. Heaven celebrates! Angels are involved in the celebration moments too. I can't describe every nuance of what this is. Some you must just understand spiritually that this is the trust of hope in in what shall be.”

Speaking to Ezekiel, Donna said, “I bless you to celebrate and to enjoy the celebration and to be strengthened by that. Thank you for this understanding. My spirit celebrates with you, Ezekiel. My spirit resonates with what is going on in Heaven. I agree with my spirit translating this knowledge of heavenly places and celebration to my soul and to my flesh. I ask Father that my spirit receive the frequency with this celebratory moment in Heaven so that my spirit is blessed.”

Ezekiel closed by saying, “I want to get back to the party!”

[1] Ezekiel is the Chief Angel over our ministry.

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