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Buoyancy of Spirit and Richness of the Kingdom

Donna and I had stepped into Heaven and suddenly Donna could feel something being poured out. She began describing the sensation, “It feels like standing under somebody pouring a bucket of water on me.” Agreeing with what Heaven was doing in the moment, she said, “I receive the bucket of water being poured out in my realm. I receive the buoyancy in my spirit. Thank you, Lydia if you're responsible for this. I thank you Father for this living water being poured out to wash away what needs to be washed away so I can be buoyant and receive.”

She continued, “I'm just going to start talking because I don't know if this is Lydia saying this to me. I don't think it is. I think this is coming out of what was just delivered. There is some emotional depth to this too. I'm just letting it rise. That is what it feels like. I'm just going to let this rise for a minute.

“This is the goodness and kindness of Yahweh as He pours out upon His people who seek after His face. The phrase ‘seek after His face’ is just laden with invitation, love, and welcome. A lot of people have no idea how much the Father welcomes our spirit to engage Him and in the realms of Heaven we are very welcome in this place. Purity and love peace.... You are right. There is a lot of peace. There are many who seek the Lord and there are many seeking God in the hour in which we live on planet earth. The increase of the gifting of God and the gifts of God are flowing more readily and more steadily. Now the kingdom of God is not as far off as we have thought nor as our flesh has determined.”

Donna noted, “There's a woman's voice in this wisdom. This is Wisdom. I welcome your voice Wisdom. I honor that you were with Yahweh and the Godhead creating all things with them from the beginning. I welcome the flow of wisdom. Glory is also here in this sound, this vibrancy, this frequency that I've suddenly connected with the glory of God. I invite my angel Heppel to help me write with words what I'm experiencing so that I may receive that which is for public consumption to the audience to the sphere of influence that I have with LifeSpring International Ministries. I do see words. They are swirling. I invite the words to settle that I might hear and read them.

Glad Tidings

“There's an invitation to receive glad tidings and peace like a river. There's an invitation to receive this king-sized Kingdom. There has been issued an invitation to God's people to broaden their perspective of the king-sized Kingdom that the Lord Jesus Christ fills and to receive the understanding and knowledge of the height and breadth and depth and length of the greater glory being delivered to earth realm and God's people, for He knows each heart. He will launch himself in new areas of culture the world over. He is not a God who is far off, but has determined by His Spirit to live among His image bearers that the natural realm will know the glory of God, the wisdom of God, and the nuances of His character in greater measure in days ahead, for Jesus came to show the Father to humanity and a new settling of the dove of the Spirit of God will land in days ahead upon the heads and hearts of many who seek God even to those who have despaired of knowing the true God–that living One whom all Heaven rejoices and knows. The expansion in spiritual dynamics flowing to His people will widen and creation will rejoice.

Gifts Being Given

A bunch of gifts are being handed out. The Holy Spirit says, “When you give a gift, a present, or package to a child who is eight years old, does the child question where the gift came from? Does the child question if the Father should be giving this gift? Does the child question why did this gift not show up before? Does the child question why is this gift being given right now? Does the child question how long will this gift last? Does the child question if the one giving the gift was using wisdom to give it? Does the child at any point, judge the gift that is being given?

Holy Spirit says, “No, the child receives the package in both their hands and immediately sits to unwrap it, to explore it, to look at all sides of it, to take it apart, put it back together. In the process of this often children misuse or abuse the gift apart from its intended purpose. Does this bother your heavenly Father? No, because He has settled in Himself His own desire to freely give the gift.

Receiving Gifts Without Judgment

“This is the ‘mature son of God’…being willing to receive giftings and gifts and increased capacity without judgment, but just receiving.

This IS the gift and children are advanced, expanded, and gain a new manner of thinking, creating, imagining, and embracing. The gift becomes a very focused purpose of the child. A father will allow a child to explore a gift without instruction to the child. That which gives the freedom of exploration. The Father enjoys seeing what His children will do with a gift. He enjoys this process. He doesn't judge it. He’s not upset by some of its abuse along the way, but He reserves for Himself the right to allow that so that His children would fully participate in the gift. And yet, because He is a loving Father, He, He watches over the boundaries of the gift, wooing by His pleasure and seeing His children explore the gift, their appropriate use of it, guiding them toward His light. Heaven's gifts are all like this and they are numerous–without number. They are consistently being offered, and shall be offered.

“I'm looking into a playroom with children right now. And I see a child with a gift, and he is exploring his gift. Now, he's looking over to another child with their gift and watching them explore their gift. And the Holy Spirit is saying, “Where there is freedom to explore both the gifting and the gift you do not have judgmentalism. A new freedom from judgmentalism is arising where we don't judge. Rather, we explore with and bless the exploration process. Father always gives gifts to advance and to grow his image bearers to a greater likeness of His son and of Himself and of Holy Spirits’ unique oneness within the process.”

The Richness of the Father

“I don't know how to describe this except that I'm being shown a scene that everything in the scene is very rich with the richness of the Father. We have not embraced yet the enrichment of the Father. I'm seeing the invitation of the engagement of the richness of the Father. When you realize how rich your Father is, poverty is ejected. Stinginess is ejected. Greediness is ejected. When you realize how rich you are in Him, richness is going to be a new dynamic of the flow of God. I can't describe how many ways I'm seeing the word rich. I'm seeing it portrayed in food, where it's calories and butter and oil, and in people, it's embracing and loving and inclusive. In construction of housing it's open and very beautiful. It's rounded curves and flowing fabrics. It's luxury, not as the world, but as the kingdom of our Father, and of Jesus.

In taste, it is satiating, satisfying, richness on the tongue. It’s full embodiment of flavor. There's no lack in any of this.

This richness of our Father's kingdom and the apprehension thereof is going to overtake His people.

Abundance and bounty….

Suddenly Donna realized she had seen some of this two night’s prior. She described that as she was falling asleep, she was asking the Lord where to send her spirit as her soul slept. She saw her spirit sitting in the Gate of Bread and she was like, what is this? Then she just drifted off to sleep. While sleeping, she stayed in this encounter with the Gate of Bread. Her spirit knew it was a heavenly substance. It was manna, but it was also Jesus. It was His being, but it was also as it was being translated to her understanding a richness of the aroma of bread just out of the oven. It was like an archway, or gateway that was made completely of bread. And as she looked down, she saw she had a basket of this same bread.”

She admitted that all she wanted to do was sit in down in the gate and lean her back up against this bread. So that's what she did all night long. She sat in the Gate of Bread, and was told that the Gate of Bread was also a hallway and a portal which made sense. So much sense to her spirit because Jesus is the Bread of Life. She continued sitting in the Gate of Bread absorbing whatever the bread was releasing. She did not have language to describe it further.

So Holy Spirit said, “Do you see the richness of the bread?”

Donna interjected, “Oh, and here's the other thing. Somewhere in the night, I had this recognition that the show bread in Moses’ tabernacle was the most amazing recipe of physical bread–rich beyond knowledge. It was very supernatural. You can read that story and think that it was just not very supernatural, but the show bread was–I don't know if it became supernatural when it went into the Holy Place, but it was somehow changed to a supernatural bread and all of Israel knew this–the priesthood especially knew this! They knew of this dynamic of the supernaturalness of the show bread.”[1]

Lydia said, “There are gifts that are being distributed.”

Donna remarked, “I felt like Holy Spirit has been saying, we may release the understanding of the richness of Father's gifts to a hungry audience who wants to receive these gifts. This feels both in time–like it is an event in time, but it is also because I can see it in the spirit, it feels like without time. Of course, this always goes on. In our in-time world it comes in events and it's just this flow, almost like there's a river right here in my office and I can just put my hands in and take out a gift and they look like packages. They look like how you would wrap a present. That is what it feels like. You can just do this over and over. I don't know if you can do it now, or if I have stepped into something or if there's an event to it, but I feel like the event equates to the knowledge of many more people understanding it's available in this hour. I would have to say, is it a point in time where God just says, “Okay, today I'm releasing gifts!”

At that point the heaviness of the experience seemed to lift. It had not gone away, just eased a bit. Donna noted that a richness had hit her, and she suddenly understood some of the encounter. She went on, “This richness is equated to holiness.” She said, “Holiness is preciousness. It's the opposite of common. It is special. It is set aside. It is removed from the mundane. It's holy. The showbread was holy. And the kindness of the Lord would release His holiness among mundane people. Imagine that! The Holy Son of God was released among very mundane and common people and that was within a nation that was called and set aside as holy to God.”

[1] See 1 Chronicles 23:29

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