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Building a Defense Against Lies

In our encounter with Heaven, Ezekiel[1] appeared with a shepherd’s staff in his hands. Donna (my Executive Assistant) asked Ezekiel, “I would like to know what you have to say about the shepherd staff that you have in your hands.”

He replied, “It is a symbol of authority. It is like a scepter and as you have learned, shepherd’s staffs are to protect the sheep. They are not to hurt the sheep. Your willingness to engage the Fathers’ heart for ministry to the sheep is appealing. The Father has given this staff to me as a sign to us of our call to shepherd the flock, nurture them, and assist them with being the best that they are meant to be.

“There is a richness in the oil of the wool of a sheep. That richness is what God is drawing out of his people. He is drawing out much richness from their realms, from their being, of their calling, of their books, and their destiny. The Lord is mining the riches of His Own Glory within those that He has placed on the planet in this hour. And yet those ones that He is pulling the riches of His Glory from, they need their flock, they need their tribe, their clan. They are hungry and thirsty for his goodness and his kindness. They need the association that will esteem them and think well of them.

“We are being poured out as the ministry of helps to those who will respond to the shepherd staff that we have been given as an authority to shepherd a flock and rely on the free-flowing manner that Holy Spirit will cause some to enter the flock and enjoy what we are pouring out. And if we will be willing to enjoy them in the flock when they are there and bless them as they mingle with other flocks. This is the desire of the shepherd, the Great Shepherd, and His heart for the poor.

“We are releasing revelatory flow that protects the sheep in the Fathers’ flock and brings healing to the multi-dimensional beings that they are. We are teaching the sheep to fly with wings they did not realize they had. This would be the spiritual access to heavenly realms that we encourage the people of God to access. And then He says, “Donna, wouldn't you agree that this is a definition of expansion?

“There is a wealth of perception coming to the Bride of Christ. As she matures, a wealth of supernatural perception is coming. She must learn how to steward it. She must learn how to operate in it. She must learn what for what it is not for. She must learn how to harvest it and how to sow in it. She must learn how to reap in it and how to do this with a finesse that can be a finesse that she can be trained in.”

Donna asked, “What do we do with this staff that is in your hands?”

Ezekiel said, “Would you receive it?”

She replied, “Yes. We would receive it into our work.”

What is crazy?

Ezekiel, as he sometimes does, will speak a word to us and then let us attempt to figure out what he is referring to. This time the word was “crazy”. He asked, “What is a definition of crazy?”

We really did not know where he was going with this train of thought, so we decided that a definition of crazy is ‘illogical’. He expounded further, “You have a saying where you say something is ‘upside down’. The scripture says men called good evil and evil good[2].” “That's crazy,” he said.

Donna asked, “So what do you want to say about that?”

Ezekiel said, “This has to do with the fact that you are living not only in chaotic times, but you are living in crazy times and you must be guarded against the lies of crazy by the hands of the angelic hosts; for when men preach the lies as truth and do so at length, even those who know the truth run the risk of faltering in their journey and may pick up a lie, instead of remaining aligned with truth. Therefore, angels are needed to assist you in the hour in which your world is that your lenses of truth stay on your face and your ears become stopped against lies so that your heart resonates with truth and does not bow or be captured by the amount (meaning the quantity) of lies being taught as truth. Your association and oneness with the Spirit of God is going to be the defining divider, like a very sharp sword, or a surgeon's scalpel between lies and truth. You will need to commission angels for the truth defender.

Donna began seeing what she could only describe as a clear membrane stretched between door posts. If you did not know it was there, you would run into it. It was not like fabric. It was just a membrane. It is not really alive, but it had characteristics making you think that it was alive.

Ezekiel explained, “It is a protection bubble of truth. Lies cannot penetrate it. It works through sound frequencies. Your view of it as a flesh type membrane is correct, but it is not made of flesh. It is similar. In the visual you were shown a spiritual thing that you were having to equate to something in the physical. It is a spiritual membrane, and it is for your protection. You can ask angels to bring it to your gates. It assists you. If the world system and Satan are releasing lies, and you are constantly having to discern between truth and lies. The amount of lies that comes bombarding you begins to weary you if you have not used discernment like muscles to consistently operate to discern.”

Ezekiel said, “I'm telling you how angels are released to help you with this need that you did not even know of. The enemy comes to vex you, and he will vex you with thoughts that are not yours, projections of lies, projections of his kingdom. You are constantly discerning to navigate between truth and lies. When you are working with Holy Spirit, receiving His wisdom, knowledge, and counsel in your ears, you are receiving all that in your gates, but there is a weapon that angels can establish at your gates that is going to help you not feel the wearisome burden of constantly having to navigate this because…

The spiritual membrane itself deflects the lies so they do not really enter.
Then you do not have to get rid of them.

“The reason I am presenting it like this is because of the quantity or volume of lies released from world systems right now is so great and large that you need a little more assistance. You need help from angels in your spirit gate, eye gate, ear gate–all your gates. You are going to need a little protection and angels have been released with these new membranes to help you.”

Donna asked, “What do you call it?” She heard the phrase, “‘Truth defender’.”

Ezekiel said, “I'm not using the word shield. You are not hearing the word shield, although it acts like a shield. You are hearing the word membrane as if it is a living thing.”

“Is it a living thing in the spirit? Is this mentioned in the word anywhere?” Donna asked.

He said, “It's a covering.”

Donna exclaimed, “Like a truth covering!” Like establish a truth covering of my gates. Oh, I don't know why, but that feels good,” she described.

Ezekiel said, “Remember, we are talking about helping nurture those who belong to the good shepherd? And he would have you, as an under shepherd to shepherd those that he has brought into your flock with helping them receive what is useful to them, what is beneficial to them. So, by releasing the understanding of a truth covering, inviting angels to bring the Membrane of Truth Covering to your gate, would this not assist those who may have a harder time in their struggle to discern truth and lies?”

“Yes,” Donna replied.

The Banner of Truth

Donna then discerned a banner. She described what she was experiencing, “So, it also feels like a banner. It feels like, in the spirit realm, a marker or a distinguisher of those who belong to Jesus, those who are under His covering and under His protection. It is as if the Father has extended this garment to the Son, and Jesus willingly spreads it over His people like you would spread a blanket over a child, or you would spread it over an animal. Like someone (or something) you loved like your little puppy, or you would spread it over your beloved, your spouse, or your anyone in your family that you loved. You would put this lovingly over them. It is not a tent. It is not a shield. It is not a curtain. It is kind of like a garment, but it is much more. It feels like a membrane. So, the way I see it at the door is it assists you because there are some things you just do not need to be worried about. And there are some lies that just need to fall to the ground. And it is the assistance of the Father to give this to us.

“A lot is going on in the spirit that is directed to cause a diverting and distracting of the people of God. They just need some help. It is going to help by causing the fiery darts of lies–the cold steel-black smog of lies from penetrating our realms. We are going to do this requesting the angels to bring the covering of Truth Defender and establish Truth Defender at our gates. We are going to commission angels to see that the chaotic craziness that is in the world does not penetrate our realm and we are going to be better for it. We are going to be clearer for it. We are going to have abilities of our spirit, as well as our heart, and our mind, I think even our flesh will respond well to this protection that has been afforded to us.”

Donna began to say, “I am not going to make myself have to figure this out. I am going to receive it by faith. I am going to say, ‘My Father is good. He has given a good gift. This gift has come at the instruction of an angel that I have a relationship with and there has been nothing that he is ever brought (to my knowledge) that has been harmful or for my ill, but always for my expansion and my progression. So, I thank you Father. Thank you, Holy Spirit. Thank you, Jesus, for this gift. I readily receive the Membrane of Truth Defender on my behalf.’

“I feel like what is under this or behind this because you can look at it two ways: behind it or under it, is so powerful in the spirit that it is going to help the people of God be who they are amid the bombardment of crazy. I have a feeling that as we yield to this that You are telling us about this in this time because we are going to need it in future time events. It is a joy to receive this Father. Thank you.”

Donna asked, “Ezekiel, would you receive a commissioning to establish the Membrane of Truth Defender or the Covering of Truth Defender?”

He replied affirmatively and so Donna began with his help,

“We commission you to establish this needed Membrane of Truth Defender at our gates–the gates of our spirit, the gates of our body, and the gates of our soul. Establish the Membrane of Truth Defender in the gates of the spheres of our influence, the gates of the extension of our boundary lines to the point we are moving in, and to the point we are moving into–to our next expansion. (By the way, you must think very multi-dimensionally about this with truth.)

We welcome the Banner of Truth Defender over your people–over those who have drawn near to this ministry outlet–this flock of the great shepherd–this family of God–this tribe of his beloved.

We commission you for the establishment of the Membrane of Truth Defender on every dimensional access point and gateway.

We thank you, Father for the angel Ezekiel, his commanders, and ranks being commissioned to assist other angels in the establishment of this truth defender banner.

I commission my angels to work with Ezekiel, his commanders, and ranks in the establishment of this Truth Defender Banner in my realms as well, and at my gateways.

I thank you Father for such a rich gift as this. I thank you, for your benefits are never-ending. Your care for Your people and for Your Glory in Your people. You are jealous for that, and I thank you for that.

Thank you, Father, for the continual infilling of your people with the Spirit of Truth and how you are making your people discerners of truth, discerners of revelation knowledge without mixture and we praise you for that.

Assaulted Emotions

Ezekiel began commenting, “One of the reasons you need the Truth Defender Banner (which is a membrane and a covering over our soul realm) is because the enemy will use the emotions against God's people. He will infiltrate emotions with lies.

The Membrane of Truth Defender is needed at the gateway of your emotions.

It is also needed at the gateway of your heart, for with your heart you choose a thing–you choose a path, and you decide to walk in it.

Donna was discerning that her heart needed this truth defender covering over her heart gateways as well. She began a commissioning:

I commission my angels to work with the Truth Defender Banner and to establish it over my heart pathways and gates in Jesus' name.

At that point Donna began hearing drums. She asked, “Why do I hear drums?”

The answer came in the form of an understanding, “These are warfare drums. The establishment of the Truth Defender Banner is a declaration of the kingdom that you are in and are serving. It is an ‘in your face’ type of positioning against the enemy. It is a declaration of war, but it is really a declaration of victory. These drums are announcing that.

Donna declared, “Thank you, Father for the richness of this gift, that angels would bring the Truth Defender Banner and covering to your people in this hour. Thank you, Father, for the impenetrable nature of it to the lies of the enemy.”

Acceptance in the Father’s Kingdom

Lydia[3] (who by that time had appeared), asked, “Do you feel like you have been to school?”

“Yes,” Donna replied.

Lydia replied, “Well, the only thing you've done is engaged in the revelatory outflow of Heaven toward this ministry. Is this not what you do?”

Donna replied, “Yes. That is what we do.

Lydia responded, “One thing that will help you with this new understanding that Ezekiel has brought to you and has assisted you with understanding is the word ‘acceptance’ in the Father's Kingdom. There are things to accept because your mind is not capable of categorizing some things in the earth plane, but the acceptance of the benefit of them is what you are capable of. Do you accept is a similar question to do you receive but receive is the initial taking hold of and accept is the standing within. Do you accept to stand within the gift of the weapon that Ezekiel has brought to your understanding?”

Donna replied, “Yes, I accept it. Not just from Ezekiel, but from my Father and from my Father's Kingdom and from the King Himself. “Thank you, Lydia. This is just really going to be helpful because I think we have not even realized it to this extent how often God's people are doing the work of the discerning. They are doing the work of the sifting of the lies of the truth in their world, in their understanding of who they are, in their understanding of who other people are, in their understanding of what God wants to do in the earth realm. Even in the understanding of what the earth is and is not, and what the earth can be and can do. As you know, we are constantly doing that. I feel like there is a frequency vibration that we are not aware of that in the overuse of that, it actually is not rest. So, what this is an attempt to help God's people be more at rest in Him because this is now a defense against the crazy, chaotic, and upside down.”

Utilizing Your Bandwidth

Lydia said, “The defeated foe operates in chaos. The defeated foe–his realm is chaos. There is no order. Therefore, he is a child of wrath. This is why he has deep corruption in his being. Think of it like this. If some of your bandwidth is always utilizing the defense of the truth and always in the midst of the working out of the discerning of truth, would that take away from other things you are meant to be doing with that bandwidth? So, the defense of this by the hands of angels–the establishment of Truth Defender as a covering, knowing how it operates to deflect lies before they penetrate the realm where you must decide about them or discern about them, that is connected to the heart. With that in place you have the wherewithal to receive the flow of revelation easier from the Father because you are not having to fight second realm heavens or earth realm distractions like that. And you see, there is a bench of rest. You could sit down and rest on that.”

“And” Lydia said, “not only rest, but from the position of rest, laugh at the enemies’ antics of chaos because of his corruption that he brought on himself. It is like sitting on a park bench with Jesus and watching the crazy go by and knowing it cannot touch you and you do not have to worry about it. It also causes the frequency in your being to be more at rest. You do need that.”

“Thank you, Father,” Donna replied. With that, the exchange was over.

. . . . . .

Maximizing Bandwidth

A few days later I engaged Heaven about what we had heard. Heaven shared this with me:

The message about how much bandwidth are you using is a good one to recognize. How much bandwidth is left for my purposes after the soul gets done filling itself with information that is sometimes of no permanent merit. Always reserve the majority of bandwidth for your spirit to operate from. It is the conduit to Heaven and heavenly things. You want that bandwidth maximized. You want the flow of Heaven maximized.

I asked, “How is the best way to maximize bandwidth now that Truth Defender is in place?”

Praying in the spirit keeps a constant bandwidth with Heaven and the heavenly realm. It bypasses the intellect – hence, the soul to keep the connection with Heaven. It has not been understood for the strength and benefit it carries for your spirit man and its overall well-being. The interruption to speak in tongues with strength, only works to strengthen the work that is accomplished by praying in the spirit continuously. Challenge your people – your flock to instruct their spirit to pray in the spirit continuously. Let them report back the difference. Then challenge them to 5-minute stints of speaking in tongues non-stop. Then increasing that on regular intervals. It will activate many things in their behalf.

One of the works it does is align your times. You have appointments on your calendar with Heaven that need the fine tuning of the adjustments of Heaven to coordinate the angelic intersections that maximize these appointments. Some are more finely tuned to the workings of their calendar than others.

The day of Pentecost occurred at a precise moment in time. Those awaiting in the upper room were not waiting so much to get spiritually attuned (which they were doing), but they were waiting for the precise kairos to occur. When that clock hit the top of the hour on that day, Heaven released in a flood, and it was magnificent. Hell was not expecting that to occur. Hell was set on its heels by the events of that day.

Hell cannot control what it does not know is coming.

Speaking in tongues helps facilitate their ignorance for it bypasses typical channels that it has learned to inject itself into and interfere. However, this channel is off limits to Satan and his forces – wherever they are—in whatever realm, dimension, space in time, etc. He has been fully defeated in this manner. Rejoice in the victory that you get to participate in and reinforce every time you pray in the spirit or speak in tongues.

My engagement with Heaven was then over and I had gained more understanding in several arenas. Here are two versions of a commissioning for your angels concerning the Membrane of Truth Defender:

Commissionings for Your Angel

Short Version:

I call the angels assigned to me to come near.

(Await the sense of their arrival. Once you sense their arrival, verbally say:

I commission my angels to work with the Truth Defender Banner and to establish it over my heart pathways and gates in Jesus' name.

Extended Version:

I call the angels assigned to me to come near.

(Await the sense of their arrival. Once you sense their arrival, verbally say:

I commission you to establish the Membrane of Truth Defender at my gates–the gates of my spirit, the gates of my body, and the gates of my soul.

Establish the Membrane of Truth Defender in the gates of the spheres of my influence, the gates of the extension of my boundary lines to the point I am moving in, and to the point I am moving into–to my next expansion.

I welcome the Banner of Truth Defender over me.

I commission you for the establishment of the Membrane of Truth Defender at every dimensional access point and gateway.

I thank you, Father for the angel Ezekiel, his commanders, and ranks being commissioned to assist other angels in the establishment of this truth defender banner.

I commission my angels to work with Ezekiel, his commanders, and ranks in the establishment of this Truth Defender Banner in my realms and at my gateways.

I commission my angels to work with the Truth Defender Banner and to establish it over my heart pathways and gates in Jesus' name.

I thank you Father for this rich gift.

Thank you, Father, for the continually infilling me with the Spirit of Truth and that you are making me a discerner of truth, and a discerner of revelation knowledge without mixture. I praise you for that.

[1] Ezekiel is the Chief Angel assigned to our ministry. [2] Isaiah 5:20 Woe to those who call evil good, and good evil: Who put darkness for light and light for darkness, who put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter! [3] Lydia is a woman in white assigned to our ministry as an advisor.

Download a printable copy.

Building a Defense Against Lies-Truth Defender
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