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Brown Capture Bags

Early in the day I mentioned to Stephanie that I wanted to learn more about Capture Bags and more about what certain colors meant. When we stepped in asking for a meeting with Malcolm, he was waiting for us in the classroom with an eraser and two pieces of chalk in his hand.

When he asked what we wanted to learn about today, we responded with an answer we felt he already knew. We said, “We would like to know about the different color bags.”

He began by saying the word “aerodynamic”.

We asked, “What can you tell us about the capturing bags that is more than we know now?”

He said, “You heard the word aerodynamics for a reason? It is their usefulness. As you see in the natural something aerodynamic, how it goes faster. It is the same usefulness that these are. Think of it in those terms.”

Size Matters

Malcolm then began drawing on the whiteboard. He drew a big bag and the larger he drew it the larger the whiteboard became, and he became small in comparison.

Stephanie could see the rope with which angels tie these capture bags.

We asked, “What color is this bag? Or are you showing me something different?”

He said, “Size matters. So, this is a very large bag.” Malcolm. I will talk to you about size and color simultaneously.” With that, Malcolm began coloring the bag brown.

He continued, “This captures land that was taken captive by the enemy. It is essentially ‘illegal land’.

Stephanie could see a large land mass and even saw a castle on a high place on the land. “You’re showing me a generational thing, aren’t you?”

“Yes,” he replied. “This is captive land taken by the enemy that belongs to the children of God–the sons of men. It is like a dominion, but is not a dominion.”

She asked, “Is this a dominion of evil or is this land that people in the natural have lost or that has been stolen?”

He responded, “This is taking captive a dominion that has been encamped and has been has encroached upon the land. It is like a territory, but unlike the domains which can be captured in the Orange Bag, it is different from that because this one deals with physical earth.

To clarify, Stephanie asked, “Is this different because it deals with physical earth or is it limited?”

“It's both,” he replied.

Describing what she was seeing, Stephanie said, “I'm seeing a land mass and then I'm also seeing it as a spiritual land mass.” She asked, “Malcolm, am I correct in seeing that this is a lien that a principality has put upon a region of land or someone's land that was stolen? Is this an encroaching of an evil dominion upon a territory?”

“Upon land,” he replied.

Stephanie continued, “Now I'm seeing where natural land has been cursed because there has been bloodshed upon it and where land has been stolen.”

“So, Malcolm, explain to us how this dominion, because I'm seeing it like an evil principality and its ranks and commanders has set up over someone's territory or land mass in the natural. Is that right?”

Malcolm replied, “Yes. Like what you would hear about in the Bible of princes being over regions–like the Prince of Persia being over a region that was an entire land mass. It contained an entire body of people. These are for individuals’ sakes. These are for families' sakes.

“This is land that's been stolen from people, even in the natural. Think of it as the land that the Indians had stolen from them. That is a dominion that has been placed over them and their heritage, an evil dominion that can be easily captured–easily dismantled.”

Stephanie responded saying, “Let me ask you a question. Can repentance work that has been done concerning land that has been taken like that, can that be applied for the Capture Bags by simply commissioning the angels to retrieve the land and remove the captured principality?”

Malcolm continued, “This is a part of the parameter, and this will be a useful tool when dealing with parameters that are seen on someone’s life as a trust because the godly trust in this that I am showing you is all that Heaven has for us, including inheritances that were stolen from us–that includes land.”

Stephanie asked Malcolm to give her an image to describe what he was telling us. She began to see Kevin (one of our Senior Advocates) doing courtroom work and looking at someone's Trust Registry realizing that there's a parameter–a Consequential Lien that has been place upon land that has been stolen geographically and people groups who live on that land. She exclaimed, “He is showing it to me as masses of people and I keep seeing Indians specifically.”

I said, “Can I ask another question? Malcolm, you are aware of Mary Does[1] situation where she's the rightful owner of land that her siblings are trying to steal because they want to sell it at a higher price although there are gentlemen's agreements between them that Mary is the rightful owner.”

Stephanie responded, “The minute you said at her name I heard, ‘This is a dominion. This is an evil dominion as a lien and perfect for the use of the capture bags. I am also seeing a Purple Bag because it is in time and out of time and I am seeing the weaving of those two bags together as a Capture Bag to remove the principality that has been plaguing that family.”

Malcolm replied, “Good example, Ron.”

Stephanie continued, “So, Malcolm, you showed me the land mass as an actual natural land mass. I saw like on a coast. I saw a castle up on a hill overlooking the ocean and then I saw the whole thing captured, and then I saw the domain. So, you're saying that the land mass and the evil domain on top of that because this land mass has been held captive by the evil domain. And the purpose of this Capture Bag in use with Consequential Liens is to capture the dominion. It is that easy to capture the dominion?”

He replied, “Well, yes! This IS Heaven!”

Stephanie remarked, “So that is why Kevin has figured out that we're not dealing with little peons. We are just dealing with principalities and getting it over with.”

Malcolm responded, “Yes. It's that easy, yes.”

Malcolm then showed Stephanie something else. She said, “He keeps taking me back to the finished work of Jesus. Those are the things that are still being laid out in front of us that we are under. We're just now in beginning to understand the magnitude of the finished work of Jesus and the simplicity of what we have as sons because of the finished work and the blood that was shed. This is the work of Heaven and the Kingdom Dynamics.”

Malcolm said, “This is part of the Kingdom Dynamics.”

I had another question for Malcolm, “Malcolm, how does this work in relation to cities?”

He said, “Good question, Ron. There are evil dominions who have taken over land masses and cities. Remember the Prince of Persia.”

I replied, “So, Malcolm, as we're doing this work, the Capture Bags that are given to the angels, is that like what was used between Gabriel and the angel that visited Daniel.”

He said, “Now you're getting the reference to the book of Daniel that I made previously. Yes, that is what was used then and that is what will be used now–a brown capture bag.”

I replied, “This extends nationally.”

Stephanie said, “I just saw Individual Capture Bags that were brown related to every state when I saw the map of the United States. I saw over each state which is a geographical land mass. I'm also seeing smaller ones inside of that are related to cities within the state. And now I'm seeing bloodshed.”

She asked, “Is that how the dominion can take authority?”

Malcolm replied, “That is the legal right with which a dominion (a prince) has for his kingdom. One of the first things to look at is bloodshed and profane worship. Yes, all the things you've been taught. That is why that was the forerunner of understanding to this paradigm now.”

Stephanie saw this as an addendum to my book, “Engaging Your City in the Courts of Heaven.”

She continued, “Because of the usefulness of this commissioning of angels, and as the people learn to engage the watchman.”

He then began to show the brown bags over the seas.

He said, “Yes, over the seas and the release of LHS’s.”

He began showing Stephanie examples of dominion over parts of the ocean. He showed her bloodshed on ships some of whom were slaves of war. He showed me ships that went down into the seas and that it was related to water kingdoms, but the dominion had captured LHS’s in that place. The work would be two-fold: Dealing with the principality through repentance for the bloodshed, et cetera, and helping the LHS’s get free and transition to Heaven. We had a recent example of that when we did some repentance work for bloodshed in Mississippi and on the Mississippi River. David Porter (one of our team members) had seen a piece of the Mississippi river open and hundreds of LHS’s set free.

Malcolm asked, “Are you seeing the correlation of dominions to water kingdoms?”

We asked if he had more to discuss about the brown capture bags and he showed Stephanie a picture of a little child tying at shoelaces. It might take a few moments at first but eventually you become very skilled at it. He said, “The work and the simplicity of tying a shoelace is the simplicity of this work.”

Rough Places in the Road

“Would you, you like to know about the rough places in the road?” Malcolm asked.

We replied, “Yes, sir.”

Stephanie began, “So, as I'm seeing this play out, it's as if a car is on the road, and they hit a pothole–a rough place and it damages the tire. Even though you don't realize that there's been minor, small increments of damage to the tire–there has been, and it wears away over time.

Malcolm began, “It's the same as the wearing away of the soul. The usefulness of these tools will lessen the rough patches in the road, or how the soul gets weary and tired of the day in, and day out struggles, misconceptions, and untidiness of life. These tools are for the sons.”

Stephanie noted, “I'm just standing here looking at the rough patches in the road and watching it become a smooth path. As we use this dynamic it is like watching new pavement develop.”

We thanked Malcolm saying, “We'll be back for more.”

As this engagement was ending, he handed Stephanie a Blue Bag on the way out. Stephanie inserted, “And in that split second moment, when he handed me that blue bag, of course I commissioned my angels for it, but an understanding and a knowing came that if we see in the spirit, if we're in the spirit and we're praying, and we see that it's an understanding that the enemy is going to be coming with accusations that it can be dismantled easily.”


The scenery then changed, and we found ourselves in the boardroom. Wisdom was present. She stepped forward to where we were sitting at the conference table, and she called us by name saying, “Stephanie and Ron, Because you have chosen to invoke me in this work and on behalf of the Body of Christ and you have told the body the value that Wisdom brings to the table there is an extension to the provision that is Wisdom. When you are trusted, you will be entrusted. There is more, so much more that the Kingdom of Heaven is bringing to light. It is also a part of the trust of trust that you are walking in with the Father and the Kingdom of Heaven. Expect more! Expect greater! Expect!

Wisdom turned around and walked over to the wall and Stephanie could then see the Brown Capture Bags. They were brought into the conference room and on the bag was written ‘Vital Work’ in white stitching on the brown bag.

The Capture of Dominions

Stephanie remarked, “So, you are showing us that the capture of dominions is vital work.”

Malcolm responded, “Yes, but remember its simplicity. There will be detailed information given during times of prayer, corporate prayer, prayer over cities and nations, intercessory prayer where the full use of these vital works of capturing dominions will be used. There will be great freedom, atmospheric changes, landscape changes, mass movement. (I'm seeing movement twofold–like a massive group of people moving and then the movement as an earthquake would bring to the shifting of land.)

“This is no light matter, but it is simplistic. Heaven will instruct because the power of the blood and the final work of Jesus has created this for mankind. The groaning of the earth has called out for such a time as this.”

The Mass Release of LHS's

Stephanie suddenly saw the book of Daniel in front of her briefly. It was a glimpse of the book of Daniel and Wisdom reminding us of our time with her where she said that things that were closed in the book of Daniel are being revealed. She said, “I just keep seeing quick flashes of the use of the Capture Bags, but specifically I have very far-reaching birds-eye view. I’m way up in the sky and I'm looking at some ocean waterways and embankments. Some of what I see is on land and when these Capture Bags are utilized it is a freeing of LHS’s that have been trapped. I'm seeing like hundreds of them going up, and I know that they are LHS’s”.

I asked, “Is there a streamlining to that process for the mass release of LHS’s?”

Malcolm replied, “It will be in the use of these (brown) Capture Bags of dominions. The dominions have held them, The dominions have traded on them. The dominions have inflicted a seizure upon them.

She then saw a visual of a massive angel with a Capture Bag and he's flying down with the bag, and he captures the dominion in it. Whereas before it appeared as if a dark film had been over the landscape, it suddenly light came breaking through. It produced an atmospheric change that allows the release of LHS’s that have been in captivity because when you capture the dominion, you're not capturing the souls of people or the spirits of people, you are capturing the demonic principality.

She said, “I'm still seeing this angel. What they're showing me is the simplicity that is the capture. The complexity Is in knowing when and how to commission the angels.”

Stephanie was seeing in detail a scene like what we experienced with the Sandhills Ecclesia as we did courtroom work concerning Mississippi and Canada.

At that time David[2] saw a segment of the Mississippi River and LHS’s coming out of it and going through the silver channel.

Malcolm said, “Taste and see that the Lord is good. More instruction will come. It will seem tedious at first, but it will become very natural to you to do this. They illustrated by showing someone learning to tie their shoe. At first it seemed difficult, but after some practice it becomes second nature, and you can do it without even thinking about it.

We could perceive that everyone we had seen was very well pleased. That's the word we got without them saying it. They are very well pleased. And are glad that this work Is going to be done.

Stephanie saw many Warrior Angels outside the window of the conference room.

I asked, “Are these capturing angels?”

“Yes,” was the reply, “They are part of this work. They are simply waiting to be deployed. And they are waiting with great anticipation which was palpable.

A passage of scripture came to mind from Romans 8:18-25:

18 I am convinced that any suffering we endure is less than nothing compared to the magnitude of glory that is about to be unveiled within us. 19 The entire universe is standing on tiptoe, yearning to see the unveiling of God’s glorious sons and daughters!

20 For against its will the universe itself has had to endure the empty futility resulting from the consequences of human sin. But now, with eager expectation,

21 all creation longs for freedom from its slavery to decay and to experience with us the wonderful freedom coming to God’s children. 22 To this day we are aware of the universal agony and groaning of creation, as if it were in the contractions of labor for childbirth. 23 And it’s not just creation. We who have already experienced the first fruits of the Spirit also inwardly groan as we passionately long to experience our full status as God’s sons and daughters—including our physical bodies being transformed.

24 For this is the hope of our salvation. But hope means that we must trust and wait for what is still unseen. For why would we need to hope for something we already have? 25 So because our hope is set on what is yet to be seen, we patiently keep on waiting for its fulfillment.

Stephanie commented, “What this Brown Capture Bag talks about are those three things where our sin brought us into the captivity. That includes LHS that their activity.”

We were in awe because were seeing this ancient text played out now!

We asked, “Malcolm, is there anything else today?”

He said, “Your obedience in the toughness of the LHS book release when you walked through what could have been fear and you released that book. The consequence of that will be the mass release of LHS’s as people walk in this and co-labor with Heaven and with angels. There had to be a beginning.”

[1] Name has been changed to protect identity [2] David Porter III, Lead Apostle for Sandhills Ecclesia

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