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Blue Capture Bags

Early in the day I mentioned to Stephanie that I wanted to learn more about Capture Bags and more about what certain colors meant. When we stepped in asking for a meeting with Malcolm [1], he was waiting for us in the classroom with an eraser and two pieces of chalk in his hand.

When he asked what we wanted to learn about today, we responded with an answer we felt he already knew. We said, “We would like to know about the different color bags.”

He began by saying the word “aerodynamic”.

We asked, “What can you tell us about the capturing bags that is more than we know now?”

He said, “You heard the word aerodynamics for a reason? It is their usefulness. As you see in the natural something aerodynamic, how it goes faster. It is the same usefulness that these are. Think of it in those terms.”

Blue Capture Bags

We were desiring instruction about Blue Capture Bags, so Malcolm began explaining how the Brown Capture Bags were enormous in size because of what they dealt with, the Blue Capture Bags were typically much smaller–more of a regular size. The Brown Capture Bags grew depending on the dominion size.

Describing what Stephanie was hearing, Stephanie said, “Hey Malcolm, I'm hearing two words. I'm hearing ‘paradigm’ and I'm hearing ‘perplexed’. Can you teach us what that is?”

He responded by taking this bag he had drawn on the whiteboard and he drew arrows to the right of it. He said, “This captures the enemies’ weapons.”

Stephanie said, “He showed me the arrows as twofold arrows–as weapons with the arrows pointing to the word ‘paradigm’.”

Malcolm said, “It is perplexing to us about how the enemy has weapons.” He said, “Satan is a legalist, but he is also a copycat. His falsehood presents weaponry as we would in the natural think of weaponry, but his weapons are only tactics. This has perplexed us in that, in the natural we think of him attacking us with weapons–that his weapons are words and lies–tactical strategies of deception.

These Blue Bags will capture the paradigms that perplex us.”

We noted, “That's a lot of P words Malcolm.”

He continued, “When it comes to the enemy’s warfare, when it talks about arrows, your armor will deflect the arrows from the enemy.”

Stephanie said, “I always assumed they were actual weapons. I saw them as actual arrows.”

Malcolm continued, “Their words or strategies inflict more damage than a natural arrow ever could upon a person's realms. Capture the accusations. In this paradigm I’m telling you that you don't have to get caught up in saying, ‘Angels, go and capture the words and the phrases and the strategies.’ We can say, ‘Capture the accusations.’ We can do that before the enemy has a legal right to bring it to the Courts of Heaven against us. This is the sovereignty Of God on behalf of His sons.

Describing what she was now seeing, Stephanie said, “I'm seeing Jacob's ladder and how the accuser goes to ascend and descend a ladder to bring accusations against us. Sometimes the enemy comes to us personally, speaking to us where to accuse ourselves, where we accuse others in our hearts and our mind, and it is not a sin until we embrace it, and we act upon it.”

Stunned by what she was hearing, Stephanie asked, “Are you telling me that this can be done to prevent those words and accusations from the enemy reaching our spirit and our heart and our soul?”

In response he showed Stephanie Jacob's letter again, with the enemy going up and down and said, This is simple.”

I remarked, “So our repentance is for the entertaining of these accusations against others and against ourselves, et cetera.”

Stephanie continued, “He just showed me what happens before the enemy can go upon the ladder (all this was simply a visual to help us understand), before he's able to take it to the Courts of Heaven and accuse us where we must come into agreement with the accuser, the step before that is where we come into agreement, we hear it, and we take it on. That is when he can have a legal right.

Malcolm explained, “These Capture Bags are a part of the paradigms of prayer to forfeit the enemy's legal right to form accusations against us. This is a gift.”

Stephanie, remembering she had heard the word ‘sovereignty’ wondered how it fit in with what we were learning.

Malcolm replied, “What this bag is for is His sovereignty towards us in that the enemy, if we can utilize this commissioning of the angels, it is a prevention of the next step, which is where we would come into agreement or take on the accusation. It circumvents that for us because we are His kids. He is the one who has simplified this aspect, so we are not dealing with accusations over and over repeatedly. Heaven is simply taking that out of the equation for us.”

He leaned over and said, “Look how the Father loves. That is what this is. He is giving us this tool. It's like a preventative medicine. It is for dismantling something before it begins. It's a preventative.

Stephanie replied, “Father, thank You. I'm in awe of You. I am in awe of Your Love and Your Kingdom Tactics.” He is showing me how people have just been just sick and tired of the same accusations over and over repeatedly. This tool is something we can use in our paradigms of prayer as we commission angels to use this on our behalf where we are not accepting or falling for the enemy's tactics, but instead are being given Kingdom Tactics that are offensive, not defensive. It is for us, preventative measures. Thank you.”

Rough Places in the Road

“Would you, you like to know about the rough places in the road?” Malcolm asked.

We replied, “Yes, sir.”

Stephanie began, “So, as I'm seeing this play out, it's as if a car is on the road, and they hit a pothole–a rough place and it damages the tire. Even though you don't realize that there's been minor, small increments of damage to the tire–there has been, and it wears away over time.

Malcolm began, “It's the same as the wearing away of the soul. The usefulness of these tools will lessen the rough patches in the road, or how the soul gets weary and tired of the day in, and day out struggles, misconceptions, and untidiness of life. These tools are for the sons.”

Stephanie noted, “I'm just standing here looking at the rough patches in the road and watching it become a smooth path. As we use this dynamic it is like watching new pavement develop.”

We thanked Malcolm saying, “We'll be back for more.”

As this engagement was ending, he handed Stephanie a Blue Bag on the way out. Stephanie inserted, “And in that split second moment, when he handed me that blue bag, of course I commissioned my angels for it, but an understanding and a knowing came that if we see in the spirit, if we're in the spirit and we're praying, and we see that it's an understanding that the enemy is going to be coming with accusations that it can be dismantled easily.”

Thank you, Father!

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Blue Capture Bags
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[1] Malcolm is a man in white who often instructs us in the realms of Heaven

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