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Blinded by the Light

In the Court of Records, we heard the phrase, “Blinded by the Light”. Curious to understand the meaning. I sensed that some of the people who view our meetings or read our materials were overwhelmed by the amount of revelation.

Wanting direction as to what to do or where to go in the Courts of Heaven for these people who are blinded by the light, we determined that we were dealing with a false verdict that said the people will be blinded by the light.

We began:

Your honor, we ask to step into your Appellate Court, please. We have been made aware that there is a false verdict against the ministry and against the teachings of this ministry, against the revelation that's coming from Heaven to this ministry, and we are requesting an overturning of this false verdict from hell.

Father, you are the revelation. This is all about You and Your Kingdom.

We ask for the blood of Jesus to satisfy this and Father, anyone that has accused us, or has felt in any way regarding this.

We ask to bring them in where they have had these thoughts and even come into agreement that ‘this is too much revelation’ – blinded by the light.

Your honor, we repent on their behalf for believing the lie – and that's what it is. It is a lie.

We repent on their behalf and ask for the blood of Jesus to cover it. We forgive, bless, and release them and ask to step into the Court of Decrees, Your Honor.

The decree to be made had to come from my mouth as the leader of LifeSpring, so I began…

I decree that there will be illumination by the revelation as opposed to blindness by the revelation that is released from Heaven to LifeSpring International Ministries, and there should be an embrace of the revelation by hungry hearts all over the globe in Jesus’ name.

Stephanie then saw the gavel come down.

We were then instructed to step into the Court of Titles and Deeds and request a bond for all of those that draw near to the ministry, those that are coming to the ministry, those that have perhaps fallen away from the ministry because they felt blinded by the light. Having accessed the Court of Titles and Deeds, we began:

We request a Bond of Excellence, and a Bond of Illumination, and a Bond of Revelatory Knowledge and Understanding.

We ask that these be released upon each of their realms upon their records, upon the entity of LifeSpring International Ministries, and their families in the name of Jesus.

We must recognize that it is a plot of the enemy for us to become dismayed by what our soul perceives as a revelation overload. Our soul may want to assert a position of being a gatekeeper for revelation when that is not its department. Your spirit is the realm that receives revelation from Heaven and dispenses it as needed to your soul and body. When your soul is weary, help shore it up by praying in tongues. Your soul may even resist you doing so. Sometimes you will need to pray strongly in tongues and cause the well that is within you to bubble up.

You will also need to instruct your soul to simply rest. It is not the job of your soul to figure out revelation. That job belongs to your spirit. Your spirit will dispense the revelation to your soul in terms that your soul can comprehend. This is not likely to happen immediately upon the receipt of new revelation. It usually takes time.

You will also need to ensure that you are spirit forward. The sense of overload is not likely to occur when you are spirit forward. When in a setting where new revelation will be released, we need to be sure to position our spirit in the forward position. It is difficult to receive revelation when your spirit is in park. It needs to be forward and moving.

Also, if you find your soul is wanting for everything to be verified by a load of scriptures, that is a throwback to the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil wanting to reassert dominance in your thinking. Revelation will be confirmed by scripture, but the Father is not trying to validate our theology.

The spirit of religion despises revelation because it cannot control it.

Because of that you may need to do some court work regarding the soul and its attachment to the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil and the spirit of religion wanting to arise. You may need to make a fresh surrender to the Father deeding the territory of your mind and thought processes to the Lord. You also may need to divorce yourself from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. It opposes the working of the Tree of Life.

We must guard against the accusation of revelation overload. It will kill the flow of Heaven into your life that your spirit has longed for so deeply. It will open doors of strife and dissension against those who are the instruments delivering the revelation. They are simply seeking to follow the instruction of Heaven in dispensing the revelation received.

Those who are delivering the revelation are dealing with similar challenges from the enemy as he wants to shut down the flow of revelation to the Body of Christ.

Let us not give him the satisfaction of having done so.

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