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Blessings vs. Bonds

In a prior post entitled “Return to Sender” Heaven talked to us about the release of blessings and the landing place for those blessings being receptive. We had further questions, so we engaged Heaven again and continued our instruction on the subject.

We asked Heaven to comment about the difference between blessing someone and the revelation we have about the Bond Registry and requesting bonds?

The Bond Registry is a noted place of Heaven which notes enemy activity and the legal means to bless and to cause abundant blessing to offset enemy actions of negative, painful, hurtful, and constraining bonds in that same registry. The Bond Registry revelation offsets what your enemy is legally doing as you see it recorded in Heaven so, you come from the same legal manner to offset legal hindrances. The enemy is using ungodly bonds as a legal means against the saints. He is using it as a legal means by putting ungodly bonds on the Bond Registry. The negative bond shows up in the Bond Registry against the saint who then requests the release of godly bonds to offset this directly and by obtaining the placement of godly bonds on the Bond Registry. Thus, the enemy is shut down in using that means because the saints have learned their legal avenue toward him at that legal level and he is ruffled that he has been out done once again.

The Release of Blessing

The request of the release of a godly bond thwarts both the enemy and their demonic hordes from their activity. Isn't it just like the Father to give you two ways to do this, not just one? Do not discount one or the other, both the release of blessings and the release of godly bonds are incredibly important. The enemy hopes that by using one, you will not use the other, therefore giving him an inroad in one avenue versus the other. But when you employ both, you see the double protection, the double abundance, the double benefit of that.

Bonds have more permanency. Blessings are more fleeting.

I do not want to impart the impression that they are not important. With the release of a blessing it is easier for the enemy to swat it down like you would swat down a badminton birdie. It is easier for the enemy to interfere with a spoken blessing than it is with a bond obtained through the Courts of Heaven and placed upon one’s Bond Registry. Do not get my meaning wrong here. Both are needful.

The release of blessing is the releasing of the spoken word into the natural realm that affects the supernatural realm. When you use the spoken word to bless you are receiving from the unseen realm (or this is the way it's supposed to work) by the function of the spirit a release into the natural realm. It combines the spiritual and natural realm, but it comes through your spoken blessing and your sense of what you want to bless them with.

The request for a bond is done from the realm of Heaven within the Courts of Heaven. You are just the initiator by the requesting of the release of the bond from the Court of Titles and Deeds, but it is applied from the realm of Heaven. You are not releasing it into this realm. Heaven is releasing it into this realm because of its activity and its initiation by you in the realms of Heaven, but it is done on the background. The Bond Registry is the supernatural realm effecting the supernatural realm.

Whereas, with blessing, you are the one releasing it to the physical realm with the spoken word from the physical realm. Because it is spoken into the earth realm from the earth realm it is easier for the enemy to swat it down. For instance, if the blessing cannot land, the enemy has a legal right to swat it down with ease and it is not able to penetrate or land on the intended subject. In a sense, it bounces back to you because it cannot land. This may be hard to understand, but the enemy has a play in this, he has a stake in it, or a claim to it and that is why it cannot land.

Now contrast that to the request of the release of bonds which is done by the believer in private, stepping into the realms of Heaven and engaging Heaven, to adjudicate its own justice from the realms of Heaven, which is released through the authority of the King of the Kingdom realm into the believer’s life. Do you see how doing it that way you circumvent the enemy in certain ways?

If I request a bond, does the godly bond released by Heaven to a person's Bond Registry circumvent where a blessing may not be able to land?

If you know someone that is in sin and you still want to see them come into prosperity (don’t call it a blessing) from the work of the Kingdom in the background, you would need to request the release of a bond. The better bond to release is that bond urged by Holy Spirit or a messenger angel. The bond has a better chance of effectual action in the life of the individual than the blessing would because the chance of the blessing not being able to land is higher.

Do you see that this is why the saints are told to walk in righteousness so that blessings can land? But often, especially with us who are immature in the faith, a bond would be the better thing to request because the potential recipient may be in sin or have hidden sin and removal of ungodly bonds with the application of godly bonds is a two-fold whammy to offset what the individual is going through.

Do not forget that with the Bond Registry you are looking at a dual activity, the removal of un-godly bonds and the application of godly bonds. That is a good reminder that it is not just where we appear in court to request the release of godly bonds, we also must balance that with the removal of the ungodly bonds. That is Heaven designed these things to work best.

How do you know which to release? A bond or a blessing?

This would depend upon your relationship with the person. If you are in close proximity with the person and are relatively sure the blessing can land, you will want to bless. If however, you're dealing with a stranger, such as in Personal Advocacy Sessions, the Bond Registry is the better way to go remembering again the twofold aspect of the Bond Registry – the removal of the ungodly bonds and the requested release of godly bonds.

Recently Heaven discussed with us about the release of a blessing from Heaven or provision from Heaven and it's time of landing in the earth (or manifesting in the earth), that in-between those exists a vulnerability that it needs to be protected. If Satan has a quote claim on a blessing because of the sin in a person's life, is there a way of safeguarding that bond or that blessing as it has been released?

This is the activity of the angels. This is the activity of the wooing of the Holy Spirit to convict that person to operate in righteousness. This is the teaching of the fathers of the faith for the continual relationship with the Godhead: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit for maturing into all things that are righteous. These are the things that are going to affect what you are asking and the work of the enemy to steal that blessing has always been and will remain until that day be his work. Saints are called to faith in God, and hope, and knowledge of their identity to come running back to the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit when they have drifted away. This drifting away in relationship is a lifelong learning and is sealed by the encounters the individual has with the presence and the glory of God, the miracles, the signs, and the wonders that Heaven is releasing.

The Summary

Religion cannot impart blessing. Religious traditions cannot impart blessing. Ritual cannot impart blessing. What imparts blessing is the creative function of the Word through the believer imparting out of the richness of the abundance of God into the realm of that believer that which is hoped for, that which is seen in Heaven and released by one to another the increasing abundance of the seed that this causes in both realms.

It is huge. It is much bigger than we would know, but we have got to begin to see it differently – see it as the sowing of seed.

The sowing of blessing by word is as big as the sowing of tithes, offerings, and alms.

Imagine if, in the face of severe circumstances, a group of believers simply lifts their words in blessing one another. The reason you are not seeing the blessing in its immediacy is because this is still in its infancy within the saints.

We have experienced some of that when we have the attendees at our meetings pair off and just begin to bless one another.

When you have the saints share like that, if they share from the soul realm, it releases in part. But if they share from the spirit forward to the spirit forward, it is like a bomb going off. It is explosive. When you do that exercise you must remind the believer to be in the spirit when releasing blessing to one who is also in the spirit. This is seismic in its impact in the earth realm. What many do was really putting soul to soul and then they wondered about the timing. But the soul realm is not the container of the abundance – the spirit realm is.

Just like the request of bonds with the unction of the Holy Spirit, the spirit forward man operating in his spirit realm, blessing another individual operating from their spiritual realm by the function of the Holy Spirit, then releasing blessing through them through the spoken word is a powerful act. Even if you operate in my spiritual realm from my spirit man and release a blessing, if they are in their soul realm, they are receiving it in the wrong realm. Therefore, it leads to hope deferred. It is not received in the right realm. When sowing blessing into their spirit and their spirit realm receives it, it is seismic. The seed really germinates and goes in and it is much bigger than what we have seen. Receive it by your spirit. Remember, I told you about religious traditions. Soul realm rituals will not be the receptive soil of the word of the blessing that is being released, but you receive it into your spirit man into your being of your spiritual realm by spirit.

Focused spirit forward spirit forward plus focused receiving it into that realm. In the beginning of this, the soul will need to understand its secondary role to receive this spiritual blessing of God. The spirit imparts it to the soul. But first, the spirit must receive it. So, you receive it with your spirit man. When you receive it with your spirit man, you must be in the spirit or spirit forward – spirit receptive. Your spirit man should resonate with the connection of the other persons’ spirit. Here is how you know. It should have a resonation of receipt when the other spirit forward individual has received successfully that blessing. You will know it is successful because you will feel it in your realm. You will feel the seed be sown in your spiritual realm, which is all about being the spiritual people that you are designed to be.

Your spirit has an identity of quantitative born-againness and recognition of its position in Heaven and complete acceptance of sonship. Your spirit should and ought to operate in these things with increasing revelation, knowledge, understanding, grasp, and stance, and then your spiritual translates that to your soul.

Keep moving in Kingdom living from the Kingdom that is within you is another way to say spirit forward. You know how people say, “I receive that?” What if they were saying, “I welcome that spirit seed of blessing into my spirit realm. I welcome it into my realm, and I assign angels to water that in my realm.” That is like tending the garden of your spirit man with the help of angels who operate in that dimension.

The words of your mouth are typically controlled by your soul, but that is not the way it is meant to be that. A redeemed son maturing in sonship should have his words from his spirit. If the whole church, the Bride of Christ had all their words from their spirit, it would change a great many things. A confrontation would become edification because the flow of revelation is in the spirit. This is the increasing understanding of the saints and they are maturing. They are getting stronger in this. We are getting stronger in this, but we still have work to do.

The revelation of sonship is in direct correlation with the revelation of your identity as a son of God, not a son who does the work of the Father's kingdom, but the son who was loved unconditionally by the Father. Remember the prodigal son story in scripture. We are so much more than we think we are. The Father's good pleasure is to begin to release the spirit of God to give courage to those willing to risk living from their spirit in this manner. A lot of humanity will miss this. This does not grieve the Father but is not the full measure of his blessing toward humanity through Christ. If you live from soul alone it is not a sin, but neither is it the full plan of God for this generation and future generations. This is what religious tradition, religious teaching, and religiosity through ritual and tradition have tried to squelch for these are not of the Kingdom of your Father. More and more religious tradition has blinded from hell.

The Holy Spirit says there is a power surge coming to the earth. There is a power surge coming to the earth. There is a power surge coming into the Bride. Not all will choose to walk in the power surge because many will be overwhelmed just as a power surge short circuits the wiring in many houses. A power surge is coming to the bride to continue the process of her growth and to display the splendors of God to His chosen sons and daughters, that as you have received his love and his acceptance through Jesus, the Son, this power surge will sway tall buildings like a jack hammer. It will shake the ground upon which your feet walk. It will bring down ten-story buildings made by man. It will reduce the rebel arguments of the world – the arguments of worldliness. It will set aflame a new direction in the church of Jesus Christ regarding how the church has access to the realms of the kingdom of God their invitation to that realm.

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