Becoming a Revelation Receiver

The Chess Board

Envision a chess board where the King of kings has won the game and remind the enemy that the match has already been won. It is check mate! For God's Kingdom reigns supreme over every lesser kingdom, and every deity pretending to call itself God. However, the need of the saints to recognize their role as children of God to agree with His will in the earth realm so that the plans of God continue to unfold in planet earth to triumph in full measure and in every area with finality and completeness is great. The plans the Father has for His church, as well as the plans He has for His people, and the fact that He must announce the greatness of who He is to the earth are all present. The children of God are engaged in the working out of these plans. These plans include freeing captives (those held in captivity to spiritual bondages) and is linked to their freedom through Gods’ sons and daughters. We get to participate!

Confrontation with the world and its systems and structures is unavoidable but do not have fright, weakness, or feel vulnerable to the systems of this world because the greater Kingdom is coming closer and as it approaches in closer dimensions, the enemy is more wrathful and the battle is more easily seen. This plays into the purposes and plans of the godhead and even the church. The ecclesias of the earth begin to see the warfare more evident. This should not frighten you. This should enlighten you to your part and your place, even your position in Christ Jesus as overcomers. You have already secured the triumph.

New revelation of God's people's role and position in this victory is being released. You must have awareness of the war in spiritual places and allow it to motivate you to your position and role as a son of God, one who operates in assurance of the Father's business, His activity, and His plan.

Many things are being uncovered to your sight. Even now do not let the uncovering of evil frighten you.

Do not have any agreement with fear.

Allow, even work with the angels of God as they uncover the bold contradictions of the enemies lies and shenanigans to cause your spirit to rejoice that you have knowledge of the one who overcomes all in seeking God for knowledge.

Request angelic activity to work with the words of your mouth as you release this knowledge into realms.

These would be angelic realms, human realms, physical plane realms, and spiritual realms. The sons and daughters of God are beginning to see who they really are. They are beginning to know the triumphant power of God that dwells richly within them as they release it verbally; as they do this without religious thought but as a family member of God's family, born again through the blood and cross of Jesus.

As you do this your mind begins to shift to authority and you begin to see with wider acceptance your own ability of agreement and alignment with the godhead to enforce the victory of Jesus.

Surely this is a calling up of the armies of the church (and here I do not mean the angelic armies). I mean the armies of God's children who sometimes war, and sometimes release the angels to war, and sometimes operate in more kingly dispensations of the release of a Word of God. Please know this. Angels are on assignment to hear what the saints are saying.

Please understand the words of the saints must match the words of the Father for angels to go to work.

I am talking about what you have as written word, but I'm also talking about what you as supernatural word, the rhema word, the breath of Yahweh; the spirit leading your ears and eyes to know an unfolding that needs to happen and the Father has decided of His will, that He will work with His sons and daughters in the earth that His will would be done in the earth.

How does this work out against the plans of the enemy?

You can supernaturally understand the plans of the enemy so that you can circumvent them. After all, are you not from a more powerful kingdom?

Revelation sometimes appears to your sight as to what the plans of wickedness would accomplish for the express purpose of you bringing about the plans of God in that circumstance.

You have learned this must be done in numerous ways: court cases, declarations, agreements, and verbal releasing of that agreement, so that the angelic activity around you hearkens to that word.

Releasing Rhemas

The word of God (and I am not talking about scriptures but talking about rhema).

The Word of God released from your tongue Is exactly what angels listen for and they go to work.

This was the powerful moment of the amazement of Jesus when he talked to the Centurion because he saw the Centurion understood.

What is in the unseen spiritual realm can be seen, known, heard, picked up, and understood by God's children maturing as they will. Some choose not to mature.

Heaven has no issue with that because Heaven trusts the Spirit to do His work of revelation, so that minds begin to understand the role of the saved in the earth realm.

For too many seasons the church (I do not mean church like you would define it in the past), I mean the praying ecclesias have been shy of their true authority and ability.

Remember, there is great power in where two or more agree and touch upon the same thing, asking of the Father to release His power to that thing.

Many in your day are awakening to this and must continue to awaken to it.

Not only do we have Scribe Angels, which have been sent out into the earth to record the words of the saints as they verbally release the Word of God, but there are other angels who have been released to prompt the saints to release the Word of God. Many among you are leaders in this while some are just coming into it.

What must be understood is the work of darkness to cloak the verbal words of God’s saints.

Words are warfare. They end wars, begin wars, and settle wars. It has always been a clash of kingdoms however, from our