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Becoming a Revelation Receiver

Updated: Dec 15, 2021

The Chess Board

Envision a chess board where the King of kings has won the game and remind the enemy that the match has already been won. It is check mate! For God's Kingdom reigns supreme over every lesser kingdom, and every deity pretending to call itself God. However, the need of the saints to recognize their role as children of God to agree with His will in the earth realm so that the plans of God continue to unfold in planet earth to triumph in full measure and in every area with finality and completeness is great. The plans the Father has for His church, as well as the plans He has for His people, and the fact that He must announce the greatness of who He is to the earth are all present. The children of God are engaged in the working out of these plans. These plans include freeing captives (those held in captivity to spiritual bondages) and is linked to their freedom through Gods’ sons and daughters. We get to participate!

Confrontation with the world and its systems and structures is unavoidable but do not have fright, weakness, or feel vulnerable to the systems of this world because the greater Kingdom is coming closer and as it approaches in closer dimensions, the enemy is more wrathful and the battle is more easily seen. This plays into the purposes and plans of the godhead and even the church. The ecclesias of the earth begin to see the warfare more evident. This should not frighten you. This should enlighten you to your part and your place, even your position in Christ Jesus as overcomers. You have already secured the triumph.

New revelation of God's people's role and position in this victory is being released. You must have awareness of the war in spiritual places and allow it to motivate you to your position and role as a son of God, one who operates in assurance of the Father's business, His activity, and His plan.

Many things are being uncovered to your sight. Even now do not let the uncovering of evil frighten you.

Do not have any agreement with fear.

Allow, even work with the angels of God as they uncover the bold contradictions of the enemies lies and shenanigans to cause your spirit to rejoice that you have knowledge of the one who overcomes all in seeking God for knowledge.

Request angelic activity to work with the words of your mouth as you release this knowledge into realms.

These would be angelic realms, human realms, physical plane realms, and spiritual realms. The sons and daughters of God are beginning to see who they really are. They are beginning to know the triumphant power of God that dwells richly within them as they release it verbally; as they do this without religious thought but as a family member of God's family, born again through the blood and cross of Jesus.

As you do this your mind begins to shift to authority and you begin to see with wider acceptance your own ability of agreement and alignment with the godhead to enforce the victory of Jesus.

Surely this is a calling up of the armies of the church (and here I do not mean the angelic armies). I mean the armies of God's children who sometimes war, and sometimes release the angels to war, and sometimes operate in more kingly dispensations of the release of a Word of God. Please know this. Angels are on assignment to hear what the saints are saying.

Please understand the words of the saints must match the words of the Father for angels to go to work.

I am talking about what you have as written word, but I'm also talking about what you as supernatural word, the rhema word, the breath of Yahweh; the spirit leading your ears and eyes to know an unfolding that needs to happen and the Father has decided of His will, that He will work with His sons and daughters in the earth that His will would be done in the earth.

How does this work out against the plans of the enemy?

You can supernaturally understand the plans of the enemy so that you can circumvent them. After all, are you not from a more powerful kingdom?

Revelation sometimes appears to your sight as to what the plans of wickedness would accomplish for the express purpose of you bringing about the plans of God in that circumstance.

You have learned this must be done in numerous ways: court cases, declarations, agreements, and verbal releasing of that agreement, so that the angelic activity around you hearkens to that word.

Releasing Rhemas

The word of God (and I am not talking about scriptures but talking about rhema).

The Word of God released from your tongue Is exactly what angels listen for and they go to work.

This was the powerful moment of the amazement of Jesus when he talked to the Centurion because he saw the Centurion understood.

What is in the unseen spiritual realm can be seen, known, heard, picked up, and understood by God's children maturing as they will. Some choose not to mature.

Heaven has no issue with that because Heaven trusts the Spirit to do His work of revelation, so that minds begin to understand the role of the saved in the earth realm.

For too many seasons the church (I do not mean church like you would define it in the past), I mean the praying ecclesias have been shy of their true authority and ability.

Remember, there is great power in where two or more agree and touch upon the same thing, asking of the Father to release His power to that thing.

Many in your day are awakening to this and must continue to awaken to it.

Not only do we have Scribe Angels, which have been sent out into the earth to record the words of the saints as they verbally release the Word of God, but there are other angels who have been released to prompt the saints to release the Word of God. Many among you are leaders in this while some are just coming into it.

What must be understood is the work of darkness to cloak the verbal words of God’s saints.

Words are warfare. They end wars, begin wars, and settle wars. It has always been a clash of kingdoms however, from our viewpoint, this clash of kingdoms is only to grow up the saints to reveal to them their true position in Christ and the overcoming victory of His kingdom.

Becoming a Revelation Receiver

Be encouraged that new revelation can come to those who ask, seek, and hunger as if a starved man at a banquet for the revelation that Yahweh wants them to release over their spheres of influence.

Remember, each sphere of influence has a boundary as apportioned to them by God.

Are you filling up your boundary with the words of God?

Are you asking angels to assist you in the receipt of revelation?

Do you know the revelatory Word of God over a circumstance in your sphere?

Some of this is plainly evidenced in scripture. The Lord has not left us unknowing, but in our day (in our current calendar on earth), we must receive the word of the Lord by revelation, dreams, visions, and understanding all of this through the lens of the goodness of God. He wants to grow up His children. His plan is for the righteousness within his children to be seen. The people who are listening to this ministry are seeking to be these mouths in the earth. Some, if not most, are hidden in private and do this in their prayer work and this is causes Heaven to rejoice.

An army has been mobilized among God's people and any who shall join in simply join by faith, through what they release as the revelatory Word of God, not agreeing with the presentation of world structures, but agreeing with truth through the Spirit of Truth and through the opening of the ear. That is the work of angels in this area. Is it not great fun?

I am using the word fun for when you see the outcome of a contended timeline as it settles through the verbal release of the ecclesia in agreement with the will and purposes of God. Is it not a moment of joy where you see this take place through agreements of the Body of Christ on earth?

Your Common Goal

Unity and a sense of oneness comes from laboring together for common goals.

Let your common goal be what is written in scripture and what is revealed to you. Make room for different expressions of the same goals of heavenly places and give room to those among you who are empowered by the Spirit to fulfill their mission in this hour. Your great joy comes from this as you see enemy plots exposed and defeated. Do not worry about the timeframe. Leave the timing of it to the heavenly realm -- to the unseen realm and the activity of the angels. Believe me, they are at work. You are going to be able to sense their work in greater measure in future days. Let this cause your heart to rejoice.

It is possible to rejoice in advance of the manifestation of the result in the 3D realm. Your spirit knows how to do this.

Give permission to your spirit to come forth and rejoice in the victory of the Lord in all circumstances.

This will preserve your soul and keep it from weariness.

Focus on the things of the Lord.

Divide out (and you can request angels to help you with this) and discern the frequencies of the Lord and the activities of angels versus that of darkness. Your spirit is able to help you do this.

The Power of Silence

Let me give you a reminder of how powerful your words truly are. Be mindful to steward and shepherd over your words well, not from the soulish realm as some do, but from your spirit. Silence, (and what I mean by that is what we call holding our tongue or not making an expression of sound) is as important as what you agree with vocally. Silence is a symbol of disagreement.

It is equally important what you do not vocalize as what you do vocalize.

It is as if I give you permission not to say anything. You will see this in scripture where it is told of Jesus as the lamb before the slaughter. And He did not open his mouth. This is a sign of trusting the Lord. Some try to battle verbally with other humans when the skirmish is not in the natural plane, it is in the unseen plane. You must address this plane before the natural plane can align to carry the weight of the truth you must release.

Are these not good mysteries?

I encourage you that this is just some of the foundational things we as children of God get to be reminded of.

A Symbol of Strategy

Remember, I started this by talking about a chess board. The chess board is a symbol of strategy. You need to recall how strategic (this is the word you use) your Father in Heaven truly is. He is so strategic that He laughs from his throne at the antics of a defeated kingdom for He has won His children back to Himself by His own son and the blood that He shed. He is not worried, and He has great plans for earths realm even still.


Worship is rejoicing. Set your mind to rejoicing. The battle has a final outcome of victory. Yet, the strategies in play as on a chess board sometimes are not seen until the final move. I share this symbol with you that you may know you are involved in a strategic time and that YOU are strategic. Your position is strategic to what the Father is doing as you learn who you are and begin to rest in the truth of what he is calling each person to do. Personal assignments, even small ones are great in his sight.

Work with the Angels

Work with the angels of God, receive their messages. Some of these messages will be brought in dreams. Some will be brought in knowings. Tell your audience to begin to trust this. However, I will say this. The work of this ministry to lead bloodlines in the cleansing of iniquities is linked with and important to one's ability to hear the Word of God, see what the plans of the Father are, as opposed to the plans of the enemy and follow with verbal release and co-laboring with the activity of angels.

Cleansing of Bloodlines

So, this work of your ministry is still foundational. Learn to come quickly to the courts so cases may be ruled upon on their behalf, so legal grounds are removed from enemy plots. The cleansing of bloodline iniquities for this reason is still important. As you continue the work of gaining the courtroom verdicts on your behalf to purge and cleanse iniquities, the enemy is upset to no longer have access to your realm with wrong frequencies, thus deluding spirits and lying spirits have a more difficult time to twist, blind, and dupe you. This is why the work of cleansing the blood lines is so helpful as you have been taught.

Cooperating with Messenger Angels

At present there are many Messenger Angels that have been released to the saints of God, many more than you can imagine. Commission me to work with these Messenger Angels to those in your sphere of influence. The activity right now of Messenger Angels globally is highly active and these Messenger Angels often need assistance and protection of other angels as they carry out their duty.

Oh, what am I thinking of? You know, in like war time where the lines of communication between generals have to get, you know, have to go on behind the lines is not the active fighting, it's the communication lines that have to be guarded. And that is what that feels like.

Father, we just request in the name of Jesus that these Messenger Angels be given assistance by Ezekiel, his ranks, and commanders, and we asked for backup help for Ezekiel for this? We thank you and commission you to work to protect the Messenger Angels so that they take their communication to the saints so, that no message is lost. We commission you to that in Jesus’ name.

Many of these messengers are being released via dreams when half the planet is in darkness (like asleep), when you first awake, or when you're just drifting to sleep, or they may show up in your dreams. That seems to be the types of messages that are coming right now that Heaven is talking about. Then, the messages, once received play out during the daylight hours.

We want to help you understand this. To help you say:

I receive the messages of the Messenger Angels into my realms and into my understanding. I receive the messages. I trust them. And I believe them. They are going to make a difference in the lives of people and in the purpose of God for the planet, and for the purpose of God for the nations. I receive the Messenger Angels who have messages from God that will change the nations. I agree to receive them.

Commission the angels assigned to you to work with Ezekiel [1], his commanders, and his ranks as their alignment with the ministry gives us permission to work with your angels. “Sometimes,” Ezekiel said, “We stir up their angels or we enlist them as we work together.”

The sons of God are learning to see spiritually, and their discernment is improving.

These things go hand in hand with knowing who you truly are and how valuable your words are to enact the plans of God.

One of our activities is to cause the right word to go to the right ear. We do this often and we often overcome the wrong word to the wrong ear and the wrong word to the right ear.

Protecting Your Ears

Envision an angel with a sword who sees a wrong word as an object that is traveling in a dimension of space and it is headed for an ear that should not hear it, so he takes the sword that he has and he deflects the word or he chops it up as it goes by. He chops it asunder and therefore that wrong word does not enter that individual's ear -- I am talking about your spirit year and your natural ear. You need angels to help you that your spirit ear and your natural ear do not hear the wrong word -- the word that brings doubt, the word that brings fear, the word that brings the activity of iniquity, the word that brings curses, the word that brings works of darkness.

Angels love their activity of doing this. It is very important to agree with one's angels that they are at work doing this well. This is what I mean when the angels of this ministry desire to work with the personal angels assigned to you. They team up together in the spirit realm to better bring down the wrong word. Ezekiel said, “Trust me, in this hour, you need our help.”

Is there a commissioning concerning this?

It is always good to commission your personal angels to deflect the wrong words from your ears.

Remember, you have two sets of ears.

Commission your angels to deflect and bring asunder wrong words that would enter your physical ear and your spiritual ear. This is very similar to wrong sight.

Protecting Your Eyes

Wrong visuals that enter your spirit eyes and your physical eyes. This is why you need angels helping you on both.

Protecting Your Heart

Then, there is a matter of the heart.

Remember, what your heart longs for is proof of what your ears have heard, and your eyes have seen.

Thus, you are cautioned to focus on the Lord, joyful worship, gratefulness. Repeating of the Words of God enable this, but angels work in the unseen realm is equally important. So, commission your personal angels to the work of cutting asunder wrong words, declaring that they will not enter your realms, nor will they intersect your pathways, but that you will see and hear guidance from Heaven.

They do this equally. They see to the releasing into your sight, and ears, and heart the goodness of the Father, His plans, and His purposes.

What angels cannot do is make agreement for you.

That is your role. Choose wisely what you will agree with.

I have not even spoken to you about the element of time for all messages have time elements attached to them. This is true from the kingdom of darkness because it is also true of the Kingdom of Light and has only been stolen and corrupted by the copying of the kingdom of darkness, but do not worry. Angels will see to their task in the unseen, and employ their abilities to do what you cannot do. This is why they have been assigned to you, even created so that they accomplish things for you.

[1] Ezekiel - the senior angel assigned to LifeSpring International Ministries.

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