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Be Uncompromised

As we engaged Heaven this day, a man in white named Gabriel came to guide us. We were in a palace and began walking down a massive hallway. It was wide with red carpet.

Gabriel explained, “You are in the palace of the king.”

There was artwork on the walls which were decorated with immense portraits that were tall – from floor to ceiling and the ceiling seemed to be 50 to 75 feet tall.

Gabriel said, “Enjoy the scenery.”

It was all quite exquisite and there were two very large wooden doors in front of us. It was made of beautiful wood and had a curve around the top of it. Gabriel pulled the handles on it and it opened up to a banquet hall. There were a lot of people in the banquet hall and they're eating and drinking. Gabriel redirected us through this large room through a smaller doorway and into a smaller hallway. The sign above the door read, ‘The King's Court.’

It felt more personal and not like an actual courtroom, but like a private office. We sat down and Stephanie was handed the book of Psalms. She had seen this book before here and noted the tear stains on some of the pages.

Initially we thought it was Jesus' Palace, the palace of the King, but this was David's Palace – the Palace of the king. David was not in the room, so we asked where we to look in the book we held and were told to look at Psalm 37 (in The Passion Translation). It was a song of wisdom. We were pointed to verse 3:

Keep trusting in the Lord and do what is right in his eyes. Fix your heart on the promises of God and you will be secure, feasting on his faithfulness.

King David came in wearing hunting gear. A revelation about hunting in Heaven came that one does not hunt to kill, but simply as a game. David was hunting and they were hunting him at the same time.

David put a large sword on the desk and picked up a duplicate of the book we had. He said, “I see that you noticed the tears.”

Stephanie replied, “I did notice that your tears had stained some of these pages.”

King David asked, “Was your automatic thought that they were tears of anguish and pain?”

Stephanie remarked that it was.

King David said, “There are just as many tears of joy. Be uncompromised.”

Again, he said, “Be uncompromised.”

Stephanie noted that he kept saying the word uncompromised over and over.

King David, “Be uncompromised.”

Stephanie commented, “Now he's getting up and coming over and sitting at the seat beside me. Now we're going over to Psalms 102. The title is, ‘From tears to praise.’"

Stephanie said to David, “You said that not all of your tears were about anguish, but this particular passage starts out in anguish.”

David inserted, “Yes, but how does it end?”

Stephanie replied, “It ends in praise.”

She asked, “What is the message today, David, help me to hear it. I Keep hearing the word uncompromised. The uncompromised love of the Father.”

He had Stephanie turn to Psalm 55, and showed her the ending phrase which says, ‘You'll never fail to rescue me’.[1]

David reiterated, “Be uncompromised.

“Keeping your spirit forward keeps you from being compromised in all things.”

Stephanie remarked, “Having our spirit lead will prevent us from compromising. I just had the understanding of having one foot in the realm of Heaven and one foot upon the earth.”

She asked, “So, David, as we do this work and we live uncompromised, are you saying that it can be done specifically as we keep one foot in Heaven’s realm and one foot in the natural realm? How do we do that?”

He handed her what looked like a process chart describing the process of living spirit forward, calling for the Glory to stand up and then stepping into the Spirit of Excellence.”

King David remarked, “You know how you have learned to be sensitive to the things of the spirit when you step in. Well, you can do that every day–all day, even as you are walking out your steps upon your path upon the earth. This is a Kingdom Dynamic principle.”

Stephanie said, “I said in my heart, exactly what is a Kingdom Dynamic principle?”

And she heard King David say, “Being uncompromised.”

Stephanie asked, “David, did you live compromised?”

He replied, “Have you read anything about me?”

Of course, at times David did compromise but he said, “When I was with the Father, and I was in tune with Him, I was never compromised.”

With those comments our engagement with David was over. We then got up and walked out of the David’s Palace with Gabriel, our guide.

[1] Psalm 55:23

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Be Uncompromised
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