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Awakening Angels

Stephanie began, “I see Ezekiel, he is standing in front of me, quite proud of himself. There are a lot of different colored bags all at his feet. I mean, a lot of every color, of every size. I see a couple of the big brown ones leaned up against the wall.”

Ezekiel said, “I am strengthened by this work.”

Stephanie asked, “What does that mean?”

Ezekiel said, “As the body is strengthened. So, are we.”

Stephanie to Ezekiel, “Thank you for all that you've done.” He pointed back to all his commanders and ranks.

Ezekiel said, “When we come, it’s favor over you, it’s because of your faithful work.”

Stephanie began, “We commend you and all your commanders and ranks and even those that were just brought in recently, for all that you are doing. Father, we request on behalf of Ezekiel and his commanders, ranks and his patrols as well, and all of those involved, angel food and elixir”

Stephanie realized there needed to be a commissioning. She said, “Well, you said, Ezekiel, ‘the favor of the Lord is upon you’ (talking about LifeSpring)."

Ezekiel remarked, “The Father said, ‘Seek, and you shall find, ask and it shall be given, and you have been faithful in this,’ It has made my job easier.”

Stephanie was reminded of Romans 8:19,

The entire universe is standing on tiptoe, yearning to see the unveiling of God’s glorious sons and daughters! For against its will, the universe itself has had to endure the empty futility resulting from the CONSEQUENCES (cannot be a coincidence) of human sin. (TPT) (Emphasis mine)

Ezekiel said, “That's what you have been doing. This is about the awakening of creation. It's like taking the lid off (taking the lid off what has been hindering creation from its freedoms)”

Ezekiel continued, “These are Kingdom principles and Kingdom work from the Father. We are to abide with you as (you are) sons in these Kingdom principles and through this Kingdom walk. Many are not walking in this basic principle; many are missing it.”

Stephanie replied, “Well, Ezekiel, we are so honored that the Father has done this for us and for LifeSpring. You said there are basic principles that some are missing. Principles that because he loves, it gives this open-door access to people. Can you tell me how they are missing it?”

Ezekiel said, “Some don't know who they are. However, walking in this principle, in its dynamics… it will open up their awakening.”

Suddenly Stephanie said, “We request Awakening Angels!”

Continuing she said, “I am seeing it as a partnership. These Awakening Angels are a different class of being. They are not part of Ezekiel’s commanders and ranks, but we can request them.”

Ezekiel said, “To help steward the people.”

Stephanie asked, “So, these are to aid the people that are associated with LifeSpring and Sandhills Ecclesia and all other aspects of the ministry?”

Ezekiel said, “Yes. Use them as a tool. They are a tool.”

Suddenly Stephanie said, “An awakening angel has just come in. Hello.”

The Awakening angel said “Request of the Father this usefulness of who we are for the people. We will stretch them. We will walk with them. We awaken.”

Stephanie began to see and remarked, “This angel has a very silvery sword. The sword is in their hands here (hands around the handle) and the sword is pointed down. It is in front of them, but the tip is on the ground. So, they are just standing here. They want to be commissioned.”

Stephanie said, “Thank you, Awakening Angels.”

Then Stephanie said, “So, this angel is by himself, but I just realized that he is leading. It is groups of Awakening Angels.” She asked, “Awakening Angel, are you showing me that there are enough that are assigned to each person or family unit?”

He said, “We are enough.”

Stephanie began commissioning, “Father, we thank you for the Awakening Angels. Awakening Angel, I commission you and your groups who go to the sons, their families, and awaken them. Walk with them as a tool on their behalf.”

Stephanie said, “As the Awakening Angel walked in, this is what he said about Roman's 8. He said, ‘The sons are here for such a time as this.’ And he turned and left. He is grinning from ear to ear.”

Stephanie said, “Ezekiel just came in. He has taken a couple of steps forward. He leaned in and said, ‘Are you gleaning yet?’”

“Yes!” Stephanie replied.

She noted, “Angels have come in and are picking up those capture bags. Yes, we would like for them to be destroyed, please. That Awakening Angel is cool. For such a time as this, Father. We thank you for such a time as this. We thank you for the help you have sent For LifeSpring and for each of us as individuals, we thank you that we do not labor alone, that you have given us co laborers, and we praise You for this.”

The following day we engage Heaven again to find out more.

Stephanie began, “Malcolm came in singing that song from the other day that David was singing, “Come to the river, there is a vast supply.” She remarked, “Malcolm, You have a lovely voice.”

He chuckled and said. “It's much different singing here than it was there [on earth].”

I asked, “Malcolm, could you tell us a little more about the awakening angels?”

He said, “Out of that song, there is a vast supply of those angels”.

Stephanie mentioned, “We were shown the other day that each individual can be given an Awakening Angel. Thank you, Malcolm. Thank you, Heaven.”

Ron asked, “Malcolm, you said yesterday, something about them being, or seeming to be a different class of angel.”

Stephanie said, “One is here. The anointing on him is very strong. This angel has come himself because they are the ones awakening and this is a message of awakening.

Stephanie said to the Awakening Angel, “I accept Awakening Angel, what you have to say from the Lord.”

The Awakening Angel said, “We light upon the people where we have been sent, to those who lack the knowledge and the truth. The wisdom of man is nothing. The knowledge and wisdom of the Lord is what we bring. We strip veils. We open eyes. We soften hearts. We blow the old mindsets, the structures we bring low–the structures of old, we bring low. We cast down false identities. We relay the truth from the Throne. There is an awakening that we awaken.”

Stephanie commented, “I see that sword again from yesterday. Awakening angel, I sense that you are very specifically sent because you are directly from the Throne.”

She continued, “These are very mighty, mighty angels.” She asked the angel, “Are you a blend of warring angel?” Then Stephanie realized, “Wow, they are a class above.”

The Awakening Angel said, “You asked about my structure. We are light, we are smoke, we are the depth and the height, we are the bringing of freedom.”

She continued, “Awakening angel. We were told by Ezekiel that you are a tool.”

The angel said, “Utilize me.”

Stephanie commented, “When he said, ‘ME’, I saw a multitude of Awakening Angels saying in unison, ‘me…me…me…….’ It just… reverberated. And this angel in front of me represents, right now, all of them and he is speaking on behalf of all of them. The reverberating sound is so loud!”

Stephanie said, “He is showing me that when we utilize them, we will commission them to bring down the old mindsets, to tear the veils and all of the things that were mentioned before, this is the tool.”

He said, “We awaken those that are asleep. The heart of the Father is that none should perish. People are destroyed for their lack of knowledge. We awaken.”

Stephanie said, “I can feel the heart of the Father for his people right now. So very strong.”

She said to the angel, “That's why you bring freedom isn't it? Because the heart of the Father doesn't want that any should perish because people are destroyed for their lack of knowledge. That's why you bring freedom, isn't it? That's why you're a different class and a structure because you bring the heart of the Father in this work you do?”

Stephanie said to Ron, “He just keeps saying over and over and over again, ‘Use me.’ When he says it, I see all of them and they are all saying it in unison, ‘Use me.’

Stephanie prayed, “Father. Thank you for the awakening angels. We use them for your people, on behalf of your people. Thank you, Father for this.”

Then Stephanie said, “He just stepped backwards out of this room.”

Malcolm stepped over and said, “He came because I couldn't have done it justice.”

Stephanie continued, “It was unlike anything I can really explain. I could see his strength and his power, but I also could sense so much that he was doing it because of the Father's heart towards the people. It was both. And there are so many of them.”

Commission to the Awakening Angels

“Awakening Angels, we commission you and utilize you to light upon the people where you have been sent. To those who lack the knowledge and the truth. Where the wisdom of man that is nothing. The knowledge and wisdom of the Lord is what we commission you to bring. Strip the veils. Open eyes. Soften the hearts. Blow the old mindsets and the structures, bring them low. The structures of old, bring low. Cast down false identities, Relay the truth from the Throne. Bring the awakening that you awaken. Where you are light and smoke, where you are the depth and the height, bring freedom. Awaken those that are asleep. The heart of the Father is that none should perish. People are destroyed for their lack of knowledge. Awaken them in Jesus mighty name.”

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Awakening Angels
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