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As If It Never Were

A New Application

It's a new year. We are a few weeks into the new year and many of us have realized that we had some things in the prior year that simply need to be put away for good. It’s time to close the chapter on some relationships, situations, and experiences.

In some cases, people have exited your life, and while you can honor the good they did, the balance of the effects of that relationship can be put away. The 2022 file can be archived now.

We, as sons have an advantage. Several months ago, Heaven unveiled to us the amendment of ‘as if it never were’ which we began applying to certain court cases. Now, we can place those things in the file labeled ‘As if it never were?’

How many are ready to do some cleaning off the desk, the drawers, the cabinets, and the boxes and put them all in the file ‘As if it never were’?

I am, and I did. Heaven will help you do the same.

Simply ask for all of those things from 2022 and before that are necessary to be as if it never were to be filed under ‘As if it never were’.

Ask for a clean slate for 2023.

The teaching of ‘As if it never were.’ is literal, just as it is spiritual. It has literal connotations. If in one word, on day one of creation, the Father could speak things into existence, He can speak things out of creation with one word as well. The value and the implementation of this on our generational lines is immense.

The value of it should be a certainty in the mind of the user that it is as if it never were. It is like it had never happened. The finality of it is not egregious in nature, but a gift and a cleansing.

We were asked by Alicia, our instructor, “Would you like to see all the places where you have said, as if it never were?”

The ensuing vision showed pages of documentation that were present, and all of a sudden, there were pages that were no longer there. Then there were pages that were visible and suddenly no longer visible. This happened over and over with pages and groups of pages, documents, even images. They were, and they were not – just that quickly.

Heaven said it is literal. It is not flippant. It is not for casual conversation. It is an act of agreement like an oath and a vow between you and the covenant you have with the Father. As if it never were, is a standalone agreement to be wilder in faith, in love, and with precision.

We thought of a young man that had been facing some challenges and Heaven indicated this would be a good choice for him.

We asked for the file of his covenant with the Father to be brought in. We asked for the places in his life that the Father would have ‘as if it ever were’ placed upon to be implemented in Jesus' name, to be placed upon record and to be brought to him as a gift.

A few days later during our engagement with Heaven, we saw the face of Sylvia, one of our team members. As we looked, we also heard the word ‘targeted’. Alicia (a woman in white) was holding her file and reminded us that it was not about removing her, but rather removing the target that was upon her life with the implementation of ‘as if it never were’. Alicia asked, “Do you want me to make it as if it never were?”

Stephanie and I replied that we certainly did want the targeting removed. Alicia then handed Sylvia’s file to an angel who was standing nearby and said to Stephanie, “Render this.”

Stephanie turned to the angel and said, “Render this.” Immediately he left. Alicia stood smiling and said, “As if it never were.”

Acts of Agreement

We wondered if it was indeed that simple and were instructed that there were action items that each individual had to do and accomplish. It involves an agreement – being in agreement that the targeting was outside the Father’s will for Sylvia and had to go.

“Where two or more agree upon a thing and that shall be established.” (Matthew 18:19)

It was as simple as saying “We want Sylvia well, and so I agree. Do you agree?” Stephanie replied, “Yes, I agree.”

Alicia was trying to show us is this piece of this puzzle that we had been asking about with ‘as if it never were’.

If you get an agreement with another, it strengthens that bond.

Two or more is sufficient for ‘as if it never were.’

We are talking about acts of agreement.

We paused and began a series of agreements coupled with ‘as if it never were.’ As we did so we could envision Alicia handing developing paperwork and handing the paperwork to angels who had appeared. Once handed the paperwork they suddenly departed to various places. To each angel she would simply say, ‘render it’ and each of them left to render it.

We were not only agreeing with Jesus – and with Heaven about these matters, we were agreeing with someone else – another human, which is an important piece of this process.

When the Senior Advocates and Junior Advocates do this work on behalf of clients, they can agree for the client, ‘as if it never were’ and it will be rendered.

Making all things new is the end result of ‘as if it never were’.

Stephanie remembered a time in her past that she was to apply this to. One night, long ago, her late husband (who was drunk) awoke from passing out on the kitchen floor and came over to Stephanie who was sitting on the couch with their baby girl in her arms. Stephanie looked up at him and explained that their little girl did not feel well. He stared at Stephanie and punched her in the face breaking a bone in her face. The baby had awakened and saw her daddy hit Stephanie. Her husband then walked away and fell asleep.

Recalling this, Stephanie desired a different outcome of that situation that had traumatized their little girl. This time, she saw him standing next to her and Stephanie said, “I want it to be as if it never were.” This time, instead of hitting Stephanie, he turned and walked away and left. In the second scenario, her little girl never saw the abuse of her daddy hitting her mom. It was at that moment of abuse that fear had entered her little girl’s life those many years ago. It showed Stephanie’s daughter that fathers weren't a safe place.

Speaking to Stephanie, I said, “I agree with you.”

The Redemption of Time

The next piece of this puzzle, because of ‘as if it never were’ is the redemption of time. Stephanie saw in the second scenario because of ‘as if it never were’ that the spirit of fear could not enter her daughter.

For each of the people we prayed about there must be redemption because the thief has been found out. Render the redemption of time to the situation. Commission your angels saying,

I commission you to render the redemption of time to this situation.

Rendering the Instruction

We no longer are looking at this situation as it could happen, it has now happened because Alicia had said to the angels, ‘Render this.’ We can say the same thing to the angels. The word render means to cause to be or become. We are causing it to be or become as if it never were. We are causing that because we are governing that situation, but we are doing it with an agreement with someone else.

The Father would agree with us but let’s get another human involved. Matthew 18:19 says if two agree on earth.

Once two or more agree like this, it is like attaching a vacuum cleaner and sucking out the thing(s) that came in. This is where, whatever is bound on earth, is bound in Heaven.

We are governing with the use of, ‘as if it never were’.

Not only that, the Father fulfills another promise that He makes all things new.

Behold I make all things new. (Revelation 21:5)

A few years ago, Rod Parsley went through some prostate trouble and the Father said to him, “I don't want to fix this, I want to make it new.” He can simply replace the part instead of just mending the part.

Making All Things New

Our next step was to render that all things are made new.

For all that we mentioned today, because it is an active agreement with the Father and with one another on earth, that all things are made new, that you are not just fixing the problem, You are rendering the verdict, but you make all things new. I commission my angels to render these verdicts now, in Jesus’ name.

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