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Are you on your mountaintop?

As we engaged Heaven, we found ourselves on a mountain. It was not a large mountain, but it was snow-capped. Asking where we were and what it meant the question came, “Where does revelation put man?”

According to this vision we replied that it would put us on a mountain top. Our tutor then asked, “Would you say there are any valleys in revelation?”

Of course, we could not see any valleys.

Our tutor rephrased the question and asked, “Are there highs and lows in revelation?”

We had no answer and requested that our tutor tell us.

He asked, “What do you see?”

Stephanie described it saying, “I am standing on top of this mountain. I do not see any obstructions in front of me.”

He replied, “Yes, but what do you see?”

She answered, “I see my feet planted firmly on the ground on top of this mountain.” 0

With revelation, your feet are planted firmly on solid ground.

Stephanie continued, “I also see elevation. Am I correct?”

The tutor answered, “Do you think if the people could see themselves from this point of view, they could conquer much?”

We replied, “We would say they would conquer everything because there are no obstructions. Everything is small.”

Heaven said, “If your feet were planted on solid ground, lifted high, elevated as in this picture, why would not or could not the sons see themselves here moment by moment and day by day?

We answered, “Well, Heaven–I would say fear would be the culprit.”

The tutor continued, “One of the strategies of Heaven has been to plant people's feet lower beneath the revelation of Jesus. The fact that you are sons–see yourself elevated higher. The word says, ‘He is high and lifted up’. So, are his sons.”

Plant your feet on a solid ground that is revelation.

“At your times of wanting, rule from this place. Use the imagination of your hearts and see your feet on this mountain that is revelation, that you are sons and there are no obstructions in your way.”

We asked, “Who has been speaking to me?”

The answer came, “It is Paul.”

He said, “It is much easier when you rule from the revelation than from the valley.”

“I have personal experience,” he said laughingly.

Stephanie commented to him, “Now, Paul, it feels like in reading the Word that you figured it out quickly.”

He said, “Once I saw it from that revelation, it was easy.”[1]

Stephanie interjected, “Even despite the persecution?”

Paul replied, “The persecution was not the problem. The problem would have been not ruling as a son high upon the mountain of revelation. It is the only way I survived.”

We asked, “Paul, is there something specific that we can do to use this knowledge in a more timely manner?

He said, “You know how to step into the Court of Times and Seasons, do you know how to go ahead of time? Do it!”

We watched as he took a step off the mountain, and stepped (or leaped) to the top of his own mountain. He went from mountaintop to mountaintop as he moved away from us.

Describing what she was seeing, Stephanie said, “What I am seeing is a picture of all these mountaintops. The people I know around me have these mountains and I see some people on them and I see some mountains, but there is no one on top of them yet.

“I want to rule from my mountaintop.”

Ezekiel Building Steps

Ezekiel could now be seen on a mountaintop. I am watching him, and his troops carve out staircases for easier access to people's mountaintops. This was an assisting they were providing. We commission him saying,

We commission you to prepare and make an easier pathway for the people of LifeSpring and those that draw near and their families to the access points. Remove all obstacles as they journey to their mountaintop of revelation in Jesus’ name.

Father, I ask on behalf of Ezekiel, his ranks and his commanders, for the tools needed to carve out and to remove the debris along the way of people's access points to their revelation that they may set their feet on the solid ground at the top.

We commend Ezekiel and his commanders and ranks and patrollers to you Father. And we ask for angel food, angel bread, and angel elixir.

Father, I asked for the sickle for Ezekiel, his commanders and ranks to be able to remove and cut through the mountains in the way of the people in Jesus’ name.

Lydia appeared and said, “The view from the mountaintop is extraordinary. The air is cleaner. It is quieter.”

She then asked a question, “Where is it that Moses went? He went to the mountaintop.”

Stephanie added, “I just saw a picture of many of those drawn to LifeSpring on the territory that is in Heaven belonging to LifeSpring, or that is LifeSpring. I see everybody's mountains and they are climbing them to the top. Some are still on the journey, but they are close.”

[1] Paul’s time in Arabia was spent receiving and activating revelation in his life.

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Are you on your mountaintop
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