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Are You Compromised?

The LifeSpring Team is made up of people who go through the same struggles as anyone else. Fortunately, we are learning how to overcome these struggles, but it is still a process. In this particular engagement Lydia informed us it was about compromise.

For the married women among us, sometimes you may feel compromised, particularly if your spouse is not on the same page with you spiritually. In those situations, you, as a wife, may feel compromised and vulnerable to the enemy who is sure to try to take advantage of those situations. Regardless of where the husband stand, you can stand under the shadow of the almighty the covering that our husbands would bring.”

The good news is, you can stand under the shadow of the Almighty[1]. Let the LORD be your covering. These situations come to be distractions for the team members, but the real issue is the threat the godly wives are to unbelieving husbands – or husbands who are not in league with their wife. The spiritual strength the wives carry contrasts to them their weakness. It impacts their pride, and some feel threatened.

How do we stabilize this because it is affecting the ministry as a whole?

First, realize that as this is being uncovered, the husbands are being challenged to step up. This is an uncovering of something that had been veiled before.

The effects have been upon the ministry, but the danger is within – within the compromise.

Offer repentance work on behalf of the husbands who fall into this category and ask for the covering of the shadow of His wings for all.

Your honor, we ask to step into your Court of Mercy, and we bring every husband, every wife, every parent, Your Honor, that knows that their family members are working on behalf of the ministry. Those that trade with our ministry, their family members, and friends. Father, we bring them all here.

Where they have compromised within themselves and created a dangerous place within themselves, Father, because you love them, you have exposed this enemy.

We repent on their behalf for their accusations, for their belligerence in it, for them not understanding or even uncovering for themselves the truth.

We repent for their assumptions and for the words that they have stated out loud, even the oaths and vows that they've made within themselves, agreements that they have made internally.

We repent on their behalf and ask for the blood of Jesus. To each of them, we forgive, bless, and release for judging the ministry, judging the work of the Holy Spirit and judging the individuals.

Father, we ask now for LifeSpring International Ministries, for every person who works for, contracts with, intercedes for, trades with, is a part of, to come under the shadow of your wings, under your protection, that it be a bond sent to every individual, and that the distractions be no longer visible. Father, we repent on the husband's behalf for not being the true covering on the earth as you have placed them to be for their wives. We forgive them for not accepting this and we repent on their behalf for resenting their wives who have become strong in spirit and for being threatened by it. We forgive their ego in this and the heart of the matter about it.

We repent and ask for your blood and we forgive, bless and release them.

Father, I ask that you draw all of these men under the shadow of your wing in Jesus's name.

There has been time stolen from the ministry and from your lives on many levels because of this.

We must realize that the threat is really against the Father, His Kingdom come, and His will being done.

We can go and receive reconciliation on behalf of ourselves and LifeSpring for all of the time and energy that has been wasted. We can utilize the amendment of

“As if it never were” to make all things new.

Father, for every, and in every time in the natural and in the spirit, through every dimension, realm and age, where the threat has come, where it has attacked another, where it has set up accusations, where it has mischaracterized and demonized your work, where it has come to the heart of every man that was and woman that was brought in, we ask for the amendment as if it never were.

We ask that the angelic shields and the frequency earphones as the preventative means and the blood of Jesus from which this can happen in that moment in time.

We ask that a different decision be made, in each instance where the threat can be eliminated. I come into agreement with these gathered here for the amendment of “As if it never were” upon those that we know, and the countless others that we don't even know about that have been facing this in their lives.

We ask for it to be as if it never were because who they're truly speaking against is you. They do not really know not what they are doing.

We ask for the angels to go back in time and to clean up all the spiritual debris around all of that and to bring back the innocence, for it to be restored.

As you make all things new Father, I ask for Ezekiel to come near. I commission you, Ezekiel to come near and render this – you your commanders, ranks, and patrollers about these things. Render them, co-labor with the awakening angels, the angels of truth and defend the name of Yahweh, remove the threat at every level, in every age, time, and dimension, in Jesus' name, for the mighty have fallen, in Jesus’ name. We rejoice with you now that that's what your blood has done.

Father, we ask that every compromise that was made in the hearts of man be totally eradicated now. We ask that their feet be ordered and set on the righteous Golden Pathway.

We repent for them choosing ignorance over truth.

Father, we repent for the accusing, and for the ignorance. We repent for embracing ignorance over truth and for being in agreement with the religious spirit over these things.

We repent for their alignment with the Pharisee Spirit. We ask that it would now be covered in the blood of Jesus. We forgive bless and we release them.

Ezekiel, we commission you to go snatch up that Pharisee spirit, snatch it up out of each of one of them – where it made them compromised. We commission you to capture them and to take them to where Jesus Christ wants them to be every rank and file under them and clean up all the spiritual debris.

Father, we ask for the release of the revelatory light of Your kingdom as a wave, like an electromagnetic wave that hits their soul and their spirit and their body, that they cannot deny.

Father, we as wives stand under your covering as you are our husband, and we openly forgive our husbands. We want to thank you for your graciousness towards us and for the love and the mercy that you've given through us for we could not stand without you. Thank you. We are forever and eternally grateful for this. For we do indeed taste and see that the Lord is good.

The challenge that some of you have faced is being critical of your spouse as well as being judgmental of them. Unforgiveness is a realm we enter when we begin to partake of that act. If we have found ourselves in that realm, we must repent and step out of it. They must desire for the other person that all things would be made new in their lives, just as in their own.

There is a fierce battle, but we are all well-equipped as we are in the process of making all things new. The authentic nature with which you can walk in the “As if it never were”, will become as real as the nose on your face as you continue this journey.

Shortly after we had prepared this teaching, we engaged Heaven and heard, “There is Glory in the Land!” We then heard the word “Beulah”.

Isaiah 62:4

You shall no longer be termed Forsaken, Nor shall your land any more be termed Desolate; But you shall be called Hephzibah (delight), and your land Beulah (married); For the LORD delights in you, And your land shall be married. (NKJV)

No more will anyone call you Rejected, and your country will no more be called Ruined. You'll be called Hephzibah (My Delight), and your land Beulah (Married), Because GOD delights in you and your land will be like a wedding celebration. (Message)

Stephanie prayed,

“Thank You, Heaven, for Beulah and thank You that we can be under the shadow of the Almighty and thank You for being the husband to the husbandless.”

Malcolm (a man in white appeared and) remarked, “The earth and the fullness of it is the Lord’s. The land and the territory that His sons govern, every place they put their foot, belongs to Him. Trust in that with all of your heart. Lean not on your own understanding, but in all your ways acknowledge Him and in Beulah land you will preside.”

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Are You Compromised
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[1] Psalm 91:1

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