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Angels and Direction

On the previous evening I had shared with our mentoring group insight concerning angels and direction. I shared what I heard but Heaven was aware that I was still seeking some clarity on the issue. The next morning, while in my journaling time, Heaven gave some clarity. Here is what Heaven shared with me:

You were not so sure about what was said to you yesterday where angels assist in direction for you but look at the pattern. In a vision Joseph was given clear instruction to go to Egypt. In a separate encounter, Mary was given instruction and direction. In other encounters where John the Baptists’ parents were told of John’s impending birth. Angels expedited that information. Angels expedited Anna’s placement in the temple the day Jesus came to be circumcised. All these encounters occurred concerning and immediately after the birth of Jesus so that you would not have to hunt for them.

However, religion has kept them veiled. As you press in and deal with the veils, the hidden messages in the Word will be able to come forth. They are not hidden from you they are hidden for you. Take a look for yourself so you will see clearly. Angels don’t seek the press but neither will they avoid it at times. They have a job to do and that is what they will do.

Remember too, the story of the shepherds in the field. They were given specific instruction about where to go and what to do.

Peter, in the prison was awakened by an angel and given specific instructions as he was freed from His chains. Who do you think initiated the earthquake in the prison for Paul and his companion? And don’t forget the angel at the resurrection! Angels were involved in these events more deeply than you know.

I shared this with our Platinum and Gold Members that morning. If you would like to become a Gold or Platinum Member, visit for details on our program. We would love to have your partnership as we release what we hear Heaven saying.

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