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Angelic Engagement

Ezekiel began a sidenote saying, “There are some reading your books and they read about me (meaning Ezekiel). And they are trying to engage me. It would be good for you to talk with them about their need to engage their own angels, the angels assigned to them as their personal angel, but also angels assigned to them. There are other angels assigned to them too. Not all angels are going to have a relationship with them in that they talk to them. But use the phrase ‘the angels assigned to me’.”

Ezekiel pointed out that when we speak of or to Ezekiel, it is because he is the angel of this ministry. Some, as they read the books, are trying to engage with Ezekiel at the level we are engaging with him. This is inappropriate.

Ezekiel continued, “Just remember, there is an order of angels. All things in the angelic world are ordered. I’m being very plain. It's not appreciated when things out of order or tried to be entered into. Follow the leading of the Spirit of God within you. Receive teaching from the Spirit of God and direction, leading, and prompting. Ask Holy Spirit to show you your angels. Many are operating immaturely in this, where they are trying from their soul realm to make connection to an angel. This is not how it works.

Your human spirit and Holy Spirit oneness connect with the realm of angelic activity.

“Do not be impatient to meet your angel, nor should you agree with the enemy that your angel is not present. Many angels are present, and backup angels are always present. Do not fall to the lie of the enemy that he has captured more angels than have been captured. This is completely false. Be discerning in your spirit with Holy Spirit, the author of discernment.

Ezekiel said, “Do you not understand this? If you believe your angel to be captured, when your angel is not captured, this hurts your angel and causes a warfare in that angels’ realm. You must believe what Holy Spirit is showing you about your angel. Do not make assumptions from your soul and intellect but be surrendered to the Holy Spirit's truth.

“A plot is afoot against the sons and daughters of God who are learning about angels to make them think their angel isn't present or is captured. This is a ploy to bring warfare in the angelic realm. Resist this. There are many contributions to why you have things taking place in your realm that have nothing to do with your angel. Be discerning, seek Holy Spirit and the Kingdom of God. Ask for help at the Help Desk. Do not fall to the lie of the enemy from your soul realm, telling you that your angel is missing. Every angel who is missing is noted in Heaven and the battle is working itself out for the rescue of these angels. Occasionally you will see an angel missing, but this is not the norm. The enemy is plotting to make you think that it is so, so that he has greater inroad into the battle–the skirmish.

“Your belief, as you grow in these things and mature in these things, is very necessary. Believe in your angel. Having faith that angels have been assigned to you increases the ability of your angels. You are linked that way somehow.” The last thing on this Ezekiel said is, “There are enough angels.”

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