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An Advanced Release of Joy

Updated: Dec 4, 2020

Things are picking up. Momentum is picking up for many.

The advanced release of joy is needed. Faith must shake hands with the expectation of joy for the momentum to continue to roll.

Joy is an infusion into your realm and is based on the truth of the nature of God's character. Release an infusion of joy to your realm, your ministry realm – verbally. It requires the words of your mouth. if you are unable to release an infusion of joy to your realm, it is because you have not invested time with your spirit realm bringing your spirit forward.

Joy comes through the spirit. Joy is the spiritual component of His presence - and comes from looking at and seeking after His nearness, His immediacy.

Psalms 16:11 You will show me the path of life; in Your presence is fullness of joy; at Your right hand are pleasures forevermore. (NJKV)

Psalms 16:11 For you bring me a continual revelation of resurrection life, the path to the bliss that brings me face-to-face with you. (TPT)

Nearness of joy is the result of drawing near to the Father. As a small child would crawl up into her daddy’s lap, so you can crawl onto your Father’s lap. In that place of safety – you have not a care in the world. In that place of safety, you have contentment – bliss – joy unspeakable.

Nearness of joy can be received and passed to your soul. Your soul must be enlivened to joy. You must instruct your soul to cooperate with your spirit in the reception of joy to your soul’s and body’s realms. You can do this by the words of your mouth. Verbally announce joy to your realms – each of them that you know.

  • I announce joy to my spirit realm.

  • I announce joy to my soul realm.

  • I announce joy to my body realm.

  • I announce joy to my family realm.

  • I announce joy to my marriage’s realm.

  • I announce joy to my _____________ realm.

Each realm must be a receptor of joy. It must receive it.

Whenever you have resistance to the reception of any of the fruit of the spirit to any of your realms, repentance may be for believing that realm has the right to dominate from a carnal understanding. Call your understandings to yield to the truth of the Word of God and the truth coming from the realms of Heaven.

As you allow your spirit to receive joy from the Father, it is not as if your soul is receiving the joy because it has limitations on how much it can receive. Your spirit has no limitations. Your spirit can receive joy without measure.

Much worship is from the soul. It is not intended to be, but for many that is the case. When you realize your worship is from the soul, pause and call your spirit forward.

The reverse action by which you have been living – soul first has caused you to judge first, then respond. Heaven would teach you to work differently as you learn to work from the realms of Heaven.

When you teach your students to journal asking, “What does Heaven have for me today?” They need to be doing that with their spirit forward because their soul will get tired. Their soul will consider it to be laborious and will discontinue doing the exercise after only a few days. Few will persist because working out of the soul is laborious.

Many religious traditions have taught wrongly concerning joy and the reception of joy and the power of joy in the life of the believer. One such tradition says it if you request joy you have to wait a long time in The Presence of the Father. That allows their soul to begin to dictate what happens in The Presence of the Father.

Joy is in the pause.

Pause in the present to gain The Presence.

It does not take long but it does take a pause. That does not mean that the Father delays from sending joy or granting joy to his children. He desires that his children walk in joy. Unless they walk in joy they cannot walk in peace.

Many have been wounded by having joy deferred. Yes, that is a thing, just like hope deferred is a thing. Much wounding has come because of joy being deferred. Again, that goes back to wrong teaching by the church. Request of the Father healing of the trauma to your being where your joy was deferred. For many it occurred in childhood and set the course of a lack of expectation or belief that you have an inheritance of joy.

One such teaching is that your joy is dependent upon your circumstances. Joy because it is from your spirit is never dependent upon circumstances.

Habakkuk 3:17-19 Though the fig tree may not blossom, nor fruit be on the vines; though the labor of the olive may fail, and the fields yield no food; though the flock may be cut off from the fold, and there be no herd in the stalls-- 18 Yet I will rejoice in the LORD, I will joy in the God of my salvation. 19 The LORD God is my strength; He will make my feet like deer's feet, and I will conquer by His song. (Septuagint)

Another such teaching is that joy must be earned. Another false teaching is that joy must be developed out of your discipline. Does not My Word say in Psalms that in my presence is fullness of joy and at my right hand are pleasures for evermore?

A secret for your healing hospital. You can request it joy be administered to the patient. Simply request that joy administered in the hospital as the patient is receiving healing. A great part of the healing process involves the release of joy into the life of the believer - into the life of any person.

Joy has been underestimated for its healing characteristics and how it can rejuvenate the body. Heaven wants the earth to understand the power of joy and the benefits of joy in the life of a person.

Joy is a presence not a circumstance. Account from the hand of the Father. it comes at the request of the believer by the infusion of joy into that believer’s life.

Concerning the presence of religious traditions and how they have impacted the believer’s belief system related to joy, repentance may be necessary for embracing false teaching and false understandings related to joy. If repentance is in order, simply repent. False teachings have kept many in bondage and out of touch with the nearness of the Father. The Father has always desired joy for his children, but religious traditions have said otherwise. The religious traditions are exactly that traditions and traditions of that nature always seek to invalidate and nullify the truth of the provision of the Father for His children.

Simply cry out to the Father to forgive you of any embrace of false understandings concerning joy. Ask that He would cleanse your heart, your mind, your entire being of the falsehoods you may have embraced. Many were embraced unknowingly, but nevertheless, they were embraced. Ask the Father to erase all the old and wrong thought patterns of joy. Ask Him to give you new thoughts related to joy – new revelations and a new belief system that joy is the expression of His delight in me. As I understand how the Father delights in me joy will come forth. It is a part of the resurrection life you have been raised into.

Allow yourself time to let the delight of the Father refresh you. He delights in you more than you know or understand. His delight is not dependent upon your obedience, your sacrifice, or your manner of being. You need not seek His approval to experience His joy over you. You are His delight – His joy – His reason of bliss.

The reason Heaven speaks to you of things like this is because you have need of joy now. Many of you went through seasons where you needed courage and boldness. You have received of the Father, courage, and boldness. You went through a season (and some of you are still in that season) where you needed hope. Hope has come.

Now you are in the place where you need joy. It gives strength to your body. It causes you to rise when others around you are not rising. It causes you to extend your faith because of your conviction of the matchless provision of the Father for His children. He is not without concern for your or your situations. You may not have even considered that you were in need of joy, but you Father knew and has provided this avenue to stir up within you a fresh understanding of joy and what it can be and do for you.

This season can be for many a time of great sadness, but your Father has provided for you unspeakable, inexhaustible joy. You simply need to request of the Father for the impartation of joy into your life – into your spirit.

Joy in the Healing Hospital

A secret for your healing hospital. You can request it joy be administered to the patient. Simply request that joy administered in the hospital as the patient is receiving healing. A great part of the healing process involves the release of joy into the life of the believer – into the life of any person.

Joy has been underestimated for its healing characteristics and how it can rejuvenate the body. Heaven wants the earth to understand the power of joy and the benefits of joy in the life of a person.

The Substance of Joy

The substance of joy comes from the presence of the Lord and is to be received and not emoted. It comes from the Spirit of the Lord connecting to the human spirit and is therefore not an emotion from the soul realm.

The inclusion of the soul is good in the threefold body, but the soul cannot maintain the joy that the spirit can receive because the spirit receives constantly like a river flowing[1] in to fill the spirit realm with the joy of the Lord's presence. His glory realm is meant to fill the spirits of humans with a seamless flow due to the unlocking of the cross.

This feature is highly contested by the enemies of the Kingdom realm due to the oneness that is felt by the human in the release and receipt of joy from Kingdom realms. This is what the spirit pants[2] for – the joy presence of the one who is love, support, increase, and abundance, and the One who knows the depth of all things. As deep cries to deep[3] the spirit knows its hunger for The Presence of the Lord, and then translates to the soul realm the feeling of joy.

The soul receives joy from the spirit, when the spirit is present with The Presence, with the acknowledgement of its access and entertainment of God's glory.

Why is this so? Because…

The spirit was created to contain the glory of the Lord.

This is what Satan is worried about – the sons of God recognizing their ability to carry his glory into every realm including the society of all mankind.

It is the glory of the Lord that will be recognized by the spirits of all men.

Can you speak to us about announcing joy to our realm?

The human spirit was created with the ability to recognize the glory of the Godhead and its connection to joy.

Joy is linked to glory from the spirit side of humans.

The place of closest spiritual union is the sharing of glory which translates to joy.

When the angels announced to the shepherds – joy to the world – joy breaks forth into the world, through the birth of the Savior in both a prophetic announcement and a literal announcement – joy to you world – joy comes to you – world. This is not an emotion.

This is a substance of oneness in spirit form where humanity's deficit was the spirit's ability to receive joy from the glory presence of His being of who He is, of the I Am of I Am.

So, when Moses, with shining face, came down off the mountain and they could not look at him because his glory capacity to receive joy was so in effect that they tried to process that or translate that from the soul realm, not their spirit and it made the soul cringe or tremble. It made the soul feel its lack because the soul cannot process that spirit of joy-glory.

Spiritual joy – the joy that's in your spirit man is a result of receiving the free gift of His presence – His desire to be one, and His desire to be near, and His desire to be in His creation. This translates to your spirit as joy and your human spirit must translate this to your soul, but the soul has tried to manufacture joy or so long within humanity that it has lost sight of the fact that it was never created to manufacture joy but to appreciate the joy that comes from spiritual oneness, because the spirit is receiving joy from the glory nearness.

This is why worship brings your spirit forward, but not worship that is demanded nor worship that is required, but worship that comes from the souls recognition of His glory, of the truth if His being - power, might, knowledge, wisdom, insight, ability, creativity, all things abundantly shared.

The creation itself knows this glory and it is this glory that it longs for. At one time it knew the glory. No wonder Jesus said, if you don't praise Me the rocks themselves and the trees will cry out because they recognize the glory in Jesus and the Father as the creator, the origin of perfection of all things and it cries out for that. As the sons and daughters of God reveal the glory of His nearness and presence through their being – their spirit, creation itself will begin to respond.

So, what blocks this? Because the enemy is afraid of this, what does he do? He shatters it with the soul and intellect. He attacks it with fear and abandonment and rejection through all of this through the employment of lies of your incapacity or inability to be full out who you were created to be - a vessel of the reflection of His glory in oneness. The enemy cannot afford for you to think on these things and therefore he brings distraction, hard labor, confinement (meaning

confinement from other humans). You are experiencing this because there is something about how this joy from glory is transferable. It was on Moses, but you must receive it from your spirit man. Not your soul.

Joy is attractive. People cannot wait to get into the kingdom of God through the Son because of the overwhelming amount of perception the soul gets from the recognition of the perfection of glory.

Why do you think the Israelites followed the cloud – the pillar of cloud by day and fire by night? Because it was a release of the Father’s glory into the physical realm and they could not help but follow Him. They were drawn to follow Him.

Their hearts were aflame to follow him and the spark of that flame came from Passover - the original one. We have a phrase “men's hearts were aflame”.

What is it that is trying to be expressed? The surrender to a greater glory in the things that represent the Godhead at that time – like the pillar of fire for the Israelites and in Jesus' day it is Himself and after the resurrection -- His physical presence.

On the road to Emmaus their hearts burned (refined) within them as He spoke of Himself to them unveiling to them His glory. The hearts aflame were their spirits reception of joy. It is the spirits translation of joy to your soul.

Do you not say, “your heart burns within you?” You call it coals. Coals for the seedbed of the joy link to His presence. The human spirit pants for this with an evident design by God to pant for this.

Another tactic of the enemy is to tamp down or shutter the spirit of the person through trauma or hardship. We might call this programming. Anything that brings the spirit of the man to the point of being broken, shattered, dysfunctional, or asleep is programming.

This is the purpose of miracles. Miracles awaken the human spirit to its capacity to be filled with joy-glory. I am going to call it joy-glory for you because it necessitates The Presence to gain the substance of joy that is subsequently translated to your soul.

Your soul is meant to appreciate joy, not manufacture it.
It is a spiritual dynamic of a human being to contain joy.

Religious tradition squelches the human spirit from its capacity to receive The Presence because it's self-oriented and it's do oriented – like if I do this, if I accomplish this, if I measure up to this I'll have hope for joy. But that will never get you where you need to be because it is a spiritual dynamic of the Godhead and His presence to give you the result of joy where your spirit translates to your soul that it is experiencing and appreciating joy.

You really must work to change your mind, and change your words, and your thinking on this because joy is not an emotion that your soul creates.

Joy something that your spirit receives and translates to your soul. It is an appreciation of what has been given.

When Paul said rejoice in the Lord, always, and again, I say, rejoice, can you unpack that just a little bit for us?[4]

This instruction was to keep your spirit buoyant. Another way to say this would be, “Be in The Presence always,” and I say, again, “Be in The Presence!”

EXERCISE: When you see the word “Rejoice” replace it with “Be in the Presence”

Jesus talked about Himself being the truth. “I am the truth,” He said. Being in The Presence of truth is another avenue of being in The Presence of glory. Present your spirit man to The Presence of truth. These two things are linked and was what Paul was saying.

Do you see that this is a human spirit forward direction and a presentation of one’s spirit to be built within you?

Present yourself to the Lord to be filled with His glory.

When you just say the word glory, you are expressing that the Father’s love has nuances. It is the perfection of the character of God. An expression of that whole can be presented to you where you are focusing or receiving one nuance of the glory out of the whole. Your spirit picked up on the expression of glory known as love in that moment. It is a part of the whole thing called The Glory, but you could equally pick up on the expression of a fathering support or protection or any of the finer nuances of the character of God and His overwhelming, never-ending wide and deep concerned care for humanity and their expressions in this realm. God is always concerned (not concerned like worried or anxiety), but concerned to grow you into the best reflection of Himself which expands His glory because the earth would be covered with the glory of the Lord, from sea to sea in his people expressed outward. He is at work, working this out.

Do you see how your soul can rest? Because the plan is in place. If your spirit is following the Holy Spirit, is coached by the Holy Spirit, taught by Him, led by Him, fed by Him, curated by Him, your vessel then reflects Him to others and your soul then becomes an agreeable steward of The Glory in seamless union with your spirit and in seamless union with your body. In The Presence of His Glory, nothing wears out so, if your spirit man is receiving all of His glory on a consistent basis, your soul will be transformed to steward that glory to others in the physical plane, and your body will not wear out. It will be transformed having been the physical carrier of the spiritual glory.

Earlier we had a conversation about Cain, the son of Adam. Cain knew his physical body would suffer harm outside of the presence of the Lord.

Satan seeks to find a way to corrupt the soul and the body using lies so that humanity cannot be the receptacle and the reflector of fact glory to the creation. Because if they are, he has no way to manipulate them with a lie, with his corrupting influence. It will corrupt the mind and the mind plays a part in locking down or shutting down the spirit. This is what Jesus was trying to tell the Pharisees.

The mind not renewed with truth will close every door.

And Jesus even said to them, “You shut the door to those who follow you by the use of their mind,” which is not the use of their spirit. They closed the door to those who they were teaching to the access of who they really are in spirit-glory, as receptacles, and as disseminators, and as carriers of spirit, joy.

Many of our conversations with Heaven began because we were wondering what to release to the students and to the audience that follows this portal. This teaching began because Heaven told us that a momentum is picking up and this momentum is future/present. It is in the present, but it becomes greater with faith and belief. The spirit man's panting after joy is a design motivator (and divine motivator) to woo your spirit to the glory realm to be filled with joy.

Many of you are practicing on many levels what it means to be spiritual, what it means to have an activated spirit, what it means to abide. Announce now to your realms from your spirit man, the reception of joy.

Place a demand upon the release of His presence to your spirit and link your spirit to its desire to be filled.

It is all part of the process of being sons and daughters of God.

What we (as a ministry) are helping people understand is their capacity not to look at the world, even though the world is all around you, but we are helping people understand the necessity for taking time to look to heavenly realms, to receive joy and truth, and glory, and presence, in order for the soul and the body to be involved in the redemption process. We are teaching people a realignment, a new way, and a new season. It is not new. It is more like a broader season of availability of moving in this way as humanity.

Jesus did this continually in his life and His personhood. That is why he did what He did. His spirit was constantly being filled with the joy-glory; others call this bliss.

You cannot understand this if you think bliss is an emotion. We are not talking about an emotion. We are talking about a receptive receiving of a substance like joy or bliss.

Some people do not do this well, while others are teaching this too. We are just coming alongside to be our expression of this.

Why would Heaven tell a ministry that trains in the Courts of Heaven about this topic?

Because this is about transforming the mind to its capacity, to live from spirit first, to enjoy being in joy, and engaging Heaven. A bunch of people are not enjoying it. Many are engaged in the Courts of Heaven, but they have not recognized their need for the enjoyment of the courts because in the enjoyment of the Courts of Heaven, you are not striving. You are moving with the spirit. You are moving with The Presence. You are hearing a dialogue flow between both you and the one who is operating in the realms to bring a case in Heaven and who was helping you with the case. There should be joy in this. But many do not enter in with this expectation of a joy of His courts, because their mind is thinking too political, and too natural, and too intellectual, and too legalistic. They are not be engaging the joy in His courts and eventually your soul will squeeze off your desire to be in the courts.

So, when you engage in Courts of Heaven paradigms of prayer, your spirit will receive joy because you are engaged in the realms of Heaven where His presence is continually, His goodness, kindness, love, support, help, abundance, perfection, all of these, If you're not coming out of your prayer paradigm in our Father’s Courts with a sense of deep satisfaction you are missing an element of what Jesus gave you.

Take a few moments right now and engage the presence of the Father. Receive the infusion of joy into your spirit so it can communicate that to your soul and body. Be in the Presence!

[1] John 7:38 [2] Psalm 42:1 [3] Psalm 42:7 [4] Philippians 4:4

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