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Advancing Angels

Updated: Dec 15, 2021

Donna and I had been engaging Heaven concerning Business Advocate Services Global and Heaven had begun speaking of a new movement of young entrepreneurs[1] that was breaking forth in the earth. Lydia, who had been teaching us asked, “Can you have faith for it in that degree? Can you see it in the spirit and call it in at that degree?

“The trading of these types of businesses are the advancement of the Kingdom through the hands of warring angels who trample the enemy out of these angels’ incredible victory and the power they receive from their initiation rites from the King. These are the angels reserved for this time. They are marked with the word Advance.”

Donna asked, “Do you call them Advancing Angels?”

Donna remarked, “We need those angels.”

Lydia[2] said,

“You need Advancing Angels for maximum impact in the society.

  • “Advancing Angels are in likeness, somewhat fierce.

  • They are extremely focused.

  • They don't put up with the immature sons of God very well.

  • They lay steppingstones for the group, organization, or individual who has pretty much decided that they will no longer have anything to do with the world and its systems, but will advance into the demonstration of the Glory of God.

  • Advancing angels have been released to every nation on earth.

  • Advancing angels come at specific times of the year, more so than others yet, they are available now.

  • Advancing angels greet the believer who is hungry with great joy.

  • Advancing angels have very large piercing arrows.

  • They come equipped with these arrows.

  • They know when to use them.

  • They do not need a commission.

  • They also have what looks like wings on their ankles, like the depiction of the god Mercury in Greek mythology.

  • These advancing angels have something to do with times and they have been anxiously awaiting their time.

  • They have repeatedly requested of the Father for their release.

  • They are drawn to those who operate in courage and boldness.

  • They are also drawn to those who have laid down pretty much everything to be spiritual son of God.

  • They are drawn to those who think in terms of victory.

  • They are also drawn to those whose mindsets are to live from principles of the Kingdom in which there is nothing impossible. There is faith for everything. There is enough faith and belief in the unseen realm as primary and that accomplishes things on behalf of the natural.”

Lydia said to Donna, “Donna, the other day you had this thought, you said to the Father, ‘Father, we need more angels than we have. We need angels to do the things we cannot do in even more wider, greater ways than what we've been doing and what we've been aware of.”

Donna agreed that she had said to the Father, “We are in dire need of some more angels.”

Lydia said, “The company of Advancing Angels are the angels that you are looking for. These are the angels that we need–Advancing angels–the Angels of Advancement, because the final goal in their mind is the advancement of the Kingdom of God to make it seen on physical earth as they see it and Heaven.”

I asked Lydia, “How do we receive these Advancing Angels?”

She said, “Make your requests known to God, but be ready.”

I asked, “How do we ‘become ready’?”

“Prepare your soul to follow your spirit. Prepare your spiritual senses to speak to your soul to translate to your soul realm what the Spirit of God is doing.

“The mind following after the soul only will resist what Advancing Angels are prepared to accomplish. The soul and mind must become comfortable with change–even rapid change, but mostly the soul must become comfortable with not being able to control something, but rather to enjoy the process of what the spirit is covenanted to.

“The soul has an expectation that things will not change, but the status quo–what is, will be improved. However, the soul does not want it to improve to the point of change, to the point of looking different, feeling different, smelling different, or operating differently. So, the soul will think, ‘Yeah, I want change’, but it wants change only in increments that it can control.

Advancing angels will change a landscape, a nation, a group of people, an organization with such a rapid amount of change that the soul will be panting, and its’ only recourse then will be to rest and learn its place of rest so that the Kingdom of God is displayed.

“The soul must be prepared for persecution. There will be great resistance to those who operate with Advancing Angels. If the soul is ready to flex, if the soul is ready to be second, if the soul is ready to not hold on to preconceived ideas of how a thing should or should not play out, should or should not be; if the soul is ready to stand aside and watch the power of the Spirit of God in conjunction with your spirit, you will demonstrate the Kingdom of God on earth. It will supersede time. You call these miracles. It will supersede the ability of the soul. You also call these miracles. It will cause what is ‘in Heaven’ to be experienced by the soul and the mind in the physical realm, but the soul and the mind did not play a part in it's coming to pass.

“The Father is waiting on sons who will make room for this. Allow for this, desire, hunt, and want this. It will break apart every paradigm of what the soul thought it was doing. And it will enliven the spirit with joy.

“These Advancing Angels have been seen on planet earth before by the naked eyes of men. These were the angels that spoke to the shepherds on the night that Jesus was brought forth. These were the representatives of the advancement of the Kingdom, the advancing of the Father's manner of His expression and His next step of His plan.”

Donna replied, “You are right, Lydia. That description in scripture of those angels has been so dumbed down and hackneyed. As the heart has tried to grasp an understanding around what really happened. It was the breaking forth of a contingent of angels. No wonder the shepherds were sore afraid.[3] You forget that in the story.”

With that, Lydia had completed her engagement. We then asked Ezekiel[4] to draw near, and he mentioned upon his arrival that he has knowledge of these Advancing Angels. He said, “I know of their rank.” He cautioned us saying, “Listen to Lydia. Hear what she said.”

Continuing Ezekiel said, “These angels can be fearsome, but they are not to be feared like you are afraid of them because your identity as a son of God causes them to rejoice, but these angels are very timed. They have a real strong connection with times that come from Heaven, the times that are in each generation, but there are more Advancing Angels released from Heaven to the realm of the spirit on earth than before.”

Although Donna was still trying to absorb all that she was hearing, He continued, “They are a bit different than the ranks of angels that you have become accustomed to. These angels listen to what the Godhead says. They are very timed in that. These Advancement Angels carry a frequency about them that contains the fear of the Lord which is where their awesomeness comes from–their fierceness comes from. Therefore, they don't put up with much. They have eyes to see sons of God who are matured and maturing.

They were not designed to be the angels that work with those who are infants in their journey.

“There is a sonship status quo that you press into that highlights you to these angels.”

And Ezekiel said, “Also, they are very aware of the hidden Books of Heaven. They have knowledge I do not have.”

For clarification I asked Ezekiel, “Are these Advancing Angels essentially a different class of angel, or a different ranking?”

Ezekiel said, “I prefer to use the term ranking.”

With that statement, our engagement with the realms of Heaven was over. We had learned of an entirely new ranking of angels that we prepared our hearts to request of the Father. Remember, these angels do not tolerate immaturity well and are for those who are sons or who are maturing into their sonship with the Father. Be a responsible steward of these mighty ones of God.

[1] See the article, New Realm of Young Entrepreneurs [2] Lydia is a Woman in White who advises our ministry. [3] Luke 2:9 [4] Ezekiel is the Chief Angel over our ministry.

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