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Accessing the Strategy Room

Updated: Oct 26, 2020

Recently Donna and I accessed Heaven to find out what was Heaven’s agenda for that day. We already had a hint of what we would be doing because on the prior day, Ezekiel (the angel over our ministry) mentioned a phrase in passing that was a hint of an upcoming engagement. We were told this day to visit the Strategy Room with Lydia (our ministry advisor).

The Strategy Room is not a part of the Business Complex but simply an aspect of the realms of Heaven. It is more than just a room but a whole department. It seemed to take up an entire wing of a large building. Lydia was with us and once we were in the Strategy Room she walked over to the wall, opened a drawer, and pulled out a file and a device that was a projector of some sort.

As she put the device on the table in front of us it presented a holographic image in 3D. The image represented the sphere of LifeSpring International Ministries. The sphere itself was intersected by tunnels.

Lydia informed us that a lot of information could be gained from the Strategy Room and from this holographic image. She also advised us that it was like the work of what goes on in the Strategy Room that we have access to also involves others who work in the room including some from the cloud of witnesses. They come in or their work comes in here and they can keep tabs on what is going on.

Ezekiel notified us that he had been in this room before and that he had talked with others in this room about LifeSpring before. A lot goes on behind the scenes we were told.

Just prior to our engagement with Lydia and the Strategy Room we had met with Ezekiel to discover what he needed that day. From that encounter Donna had the following question.

When Ezekiel asks us for booby traps is it on his own or is it coming from here?

This is the room where we can come to access the booby traps. In the intricacies of the heavenly realms it is all interconnected so, (in our situation) Ezekiel has knowledge (that would be angelic knowledge) of what is needed from his connection through this Strategy Room on behalf of the ministry because of who we are, what we are doing, what our trade is, and how we are organized. A seamless background work is in place on our behalf.

This department is interested in keeping you off the radar of the enemy by releasing to those who work on your behalf: angels, cloud of witness people (the great cloud of witnesses) what they need to know and what their background work is on your behalf.

You can come here to see about any new thing that you need to be aware. Lydia advised us that it would be good for us to come to the Strategy Room with her accompanying us so she could make explanation to us.

The tunnels that were seen intersecting through the sphere of LifeSpring are the dimensional travel pathways of the angels of God on assignment. Ezekiel was to be commended for the patrol of these tunnels, as well as patrolling the boundaries of the sphere. His work was to create strategic tunnels (we might call them wormholes) through which angels could come and go on behalf of LifeSpring delivering with speed things like bonds and traveling with a certain amount of covertness against the enemy through these tunnels and wormholes that enable the work of the angels on your behalf to work with speed.

Heaven recognizes a timing as well as an excellence and always has the intent of surprising the enemy with a display of threat and power of regarding the enemy’s coming demise and defeated status.

So now that we are here and both of you hinted that we had a reason to come, what is the reason? What else is there to do here?

In response, Donna began to see what looked like a topographical map. This too was a representation of LifeSpring. She could see the borders and although this was a different perspective, she could see on this map the fires that were set by the enemy that had been put out representing enemy attacks. She could also see highlighted on the map in a color-coded key the current or present works of darkness against what we as a ministry are trading on.

The color key involves the colors of the rainbow and yellow and reds and oranges are where there is fierce activity against what we are doing. When looking at the map she could see Ezekiel had been doing a good job because she only saw one or two little hotspots, but not much at all compared to the enormity of the space of the topographical map that she was looking at.

Then she noticed that the map had an overlay. She could touch a button and the map showed an overlay of time, allowing her to look at the past where she saw a lot more yellow, red, and orange but when she looked at the present it looked quite good, much better than it had looked a few weeks before.

Can we look at the future?

This made Ezekiel laugh. We noticed that they were not answering that question. The reason for not answering was simple they explained. It is because it is by faith and faith changes the future. Based on your faith the future is still being worked out. That makes faith really important. Faith is always important. “Faith is what we are all operating on,” they said.

Donna noted what she had been seeing the last few moments and shared what she was hearing. “I have been seeing rope and I just heard the word ‘lariat’ from Holy Spirit,” she remarked. Holy Spirit was helping us understand that the strategy and weaponry needed by Ezekiel and his ranks was rope and a lariat. We were told we could request these for Ezekiel and his ranks. They cautioned us to remember that this rope was not made from materials of earth but made from materials of Heaven. This rope is powerful, and it is released to capture and bind and is not easily broken.

Donna realized that simply by standing in the Strategy Room, she did not have to know a lot of things. She could simply wait to be shown something then make the request on our angels’ behalf.

Do we just make that request or is there a court you need to access?

“You will know the difference when you are in the Strategy Room,” we were told. Further clarity was given, “You will know whether you need you need to go to the Court of Angels and request it there, or by just requesting the Father to give it to your angel. This is a function of how practiced you are in the realms of Heaven. Now, ask of the Father for your angel. “Father we ask for our angel rope and lariat from your storehouses,” we asked.

Ezekiel informed us that the Strategy Room is a place you can come when he was not coming directly to us to request things.

[At times we had called our angel near and he did not immediately appear. The answer was simple. He was busy. Now, with this information we knew what one of our options were. We could wait on him to appear or access the Strategy Room and find out what he had need of and petition for those things on his behalf without him ever being present.]

The Anchor

As we proceeded Donna realized she was seeing something else -- a large anchor. Ezekiel told us that the anchor goes with the rope and was another tool or weapon for their use. It was for a tethering the demon to the anchor and demons hate anchors. This is like the anchors in the physical world when you are tethered to an anchor you are restricted -- you cannot move freely.

In response we requested of the Father anchors for Ezekiel, his commanders, and his ranks. We also commended Ezekiel and his ranks to the Father for their use with excellence of the anchors that limit and restrict activity of realms of darkness. We also commended Ezekiel, his commanders and ranks for the effective manning and patrolling of the tunnels on behalf of the ministry.

Chaos Net

Next, a large net was seen. It seemed exceptionally fine in its construction and it had weights all around it. It was a large circle, taller than Ezekiel. Ezekiel referred to it as a Chaos Net. He explained that he would use it to capture the chaos.

“It expands in such a way that you can put it over an atmosphere, and it will trap the work of chaos,” he explained. We had needed that.

Request of the Father for Your Angel

We requested of the Father on behalf of LifeSpring International Ministries, for Ezekiel and his commanders and his ranks, that he would be provisioned with Chaos Nets to trap the chaos in the atmospheres of those who are aligned with LifeSpring International Ministries. We asked this in Jesus name.

Chaos, Intimidation & Distraction

Lydia was smiling and remarked, “This is the good work of the saints to co-labor with the angelic, for the capture of every hindrance, limitation, and defeat, which leads to the utter defeat of realms of darkness.” She explained that the amount of chaos in the nations right now is the number one tool of the enemy. That along with intimidation and distraction.

The net could be small, or it could be as big as a city. Angels secure it. It can be secured over a business, a realm, a person, a city, or even over a nation. It works somewhat like the shields of the earth. It contains the power of God for the destruction and shutting down of the work of chaos.

Agree with the Angel & Commission Them

Once the Chaos Net has been requested, tell your angel that you are in agreement with him/her and commission them to release the Chaos Nets to trap and limit all works of darkness operating in confusion and operating in chaos throughout your realm wherever needed.

With faith agree with your angels’ work that these Chaos Nets work and that they are mighty unto God even for the pulling down strongholds.

Fill the Void with Peace

Once you remove chaos from an atmosphere remember that when you remove something, you must fill it back in with something. The request of the release of bonds does this, as well as our commissioning your angels to work and to bring peace. For instance, the decrees of the saints that these things can then settle in as the chaos is removed. This enables Heaven to work in that situation and enables people to receive the goodness of what is coming through the prayers of the saints and as people are releasing bonds and are praying for each other.

Limitations of Use

One thing about the Chaos Nets is that your authority to use them is related degree of authority. For instance, if you were to arm your personal angel with a request of the Father that the angel received the Chaos Net, but her ability to use that would only touch your personal realm. If you have authority in a larger realm it can touch that realm.

At the same time, being part of the nation of the United States, you could request the angels assigned to Union[1] to use the Chaos Nets, but Ezekiel reminded us that it was based on one’s authority level. It would be like agreeing that the angels could use the Chaos Net over the nation. However, for example concerning the state of California, except for your friendships there, you do not have a lot of authority. Therefore, you cannot say to the angels of California use the Chaos Net to remove the chaos. You can pray in other ways and you have plenty of other ways to pray but understand there are limits. Do not get outside your boundary. Therefore, it is so important to work with Heaven and not out of ignorance or spiritual immaturity. Remember you do not give the keys to the car to a two-year old.

Could we request revelation of these weapons for the intercessors responsible for the nation?

You could, but it would be wise to start with your own intercessors to request their revelation of the weapons available to the angels and their use. You could even start by sharing this and teaching this understanding with your own intercessors or other intercessory groups the ministry may align with.

Are there similar weapons to intimidation and distraction?


Ezekiel says you meet like with like, so with intimidation, you would arm your angels with weapons that would intimidate. Recently, Ezekiel requested cannon. That was because cannons are big guns and are effective in showing the enemy that Heaven has the big guns. The cannons are a threat deterrent and we loose that to our angels as a deterrent. It meets intimidation with greater intimidation. The threat of the realm of darkness is to intimidate. That is what they are doing now, so Heaven intimidates in return.

The Tool of Distraction

Distraction is a favorite tool of Satan because he says, “Look here, not here.” He will distract you to look in one place when he is over in another place doing a dirty deed, so you are not paying attention. He has managed to turn your gaze, and this enables him to pull the stunt.

What is the comeback for destraction?

Weapons of clarity and vision. Weapons like magnifying glasses, binoculars, goggles of various types. These are angelic weapons, but in the co-partnering relationship the saint praying for these weapons to be used by the angelic guard creates a linking that also brings clarity to the saints when these weapons are being used by the angelic.

When the angelic are using these weapons, we feel the result and can stay more focused. Focus is defined by letting the main thing be the main thing and not letting the minor things become main things.

In realms of prayer, the saints often touch on this through tongues, fasted states, and visions that they are given. These are the openings of spiritual realms of clarity that the saints agree with and pray into and speak into.

Since distraction is a rather common tool of the enemy, to request of the Father the arming of angelic hosts according to your authority and according to your boundary that these angels be given these weapons, but it is almost like they are not like weapons in the typical sense -- not like a gun or arrow. It simply benefits us.

When exploring the Strategy Room do not get too wrapped around the axle on this. Angels have many weapons that you will not ever know of, but we still employ them even though you may not know about them.

What else does she have to show us here?

Lydia said, “We are just about done here. Be sensitive to this place when you check in to Help Desk, whether in the Business Complex or the regular Heaven’s Help Desk.

In prayer you can also come in here. If you have a problem and it needs strategy. Realize that strategy is linked with warfare, but strategies are also linked with justice -- the working out of justice. Most often the saints are going to use it with those two things with those two motivators to war against the enemy and to bring justice.

Employed by Angels

We can come to the Strategy Room to gain strategy, but we employ the strategy through angels. Whereas in the courts, we utilize the counsel of the court and the Holy Spirit and men and women in white linen to give us understanding of how to legally bring about a thing. The Strategy Room is linked with more direct angelic activity than the courts.

Although that may not sound like a true statement because both operate with angels, but If you stop at the Help Desk you are going to know when you need to be here. Do not worry about it unless you are told to come but see this as the need for coming to heavenly realms to find out.

Remember, it is all linked. Heaven is a very communicative place. Beings in Heaven all operate in a unity that we do not have in the earth realm. It is so different in Heaven. You will discover linking between revelation and strategy. It is very graded. It has many different layers of different things like ‘what strategy do we need for this thing?’ Or we discover we do not really need strategy or the same level of strategy for another thing. A different level of strategy may be needed. We often work on these things in prayer not even realizing that is what we are doing. It will appear to us revelation.

[1] Union is the chief angel over the United States of America. Dominion is the chief angel over Canada. Copyright ©2020 Dr. Ron M. Horner - All rights reserved

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