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Accessing the Outpouring & Removing Filters of the Mind

Updated: Dec 15, 2021

On this Wednesday morning when we stepped into the realms of Heaven and requested access to the Business Complex, we went to the Help Desk of the complex and asked, “Is there anything on our schedule?”

The attending angel said, “There is a Sabbath rest on your schedule. A Sabbath rest is warfare.” She said, “Sow the seed of a Sabbath rest. Rest from your enemies. Rest from striving against your enemies.”

She then handed Donna a key and instructed her to unlock the door of rest for the ministry. Donna could then see a calendar and the angel said, “Align with this.” She asked, “Can you align with this? You have already come through the storm. It is over. Now, unlock the door to rest. Unlock rest with the key.” She said, “Have the mind Christ in this. What was loosed against you has been squelched.” She continued, “Good job. Your enemy will hate you taking rest.”

[We had just come through a situation where we had to deal with a storm. See the blog post on “Collapsing Storms”.]

Donna then asked if we could speak to Lydia as we wondered if Lydia had something to share as well.” Donna had the sensation as if she were standing under a waterfall. She described the sensation of the weight of the water that hits you and how it feels endless when you stand under a waterfall like that. She declared, “I received this outpouring of rest.” She described how it felt like it was filling up the room in which she was sitting. She spoke “Lydia, we would love to have a conversation. We have some questions.”

Lydia came and said, “It is the outpouring. It is the outpouring.”

Donna noted, “This feels like a timing thing. It IS an outpouring.” Lydia instructed Donna to speak what she knew. Donna began, “There is an outpouring in the earth right now.

Whoever will put out their buckets can partake of it.

It is being poured out from Heaven. It is timed by Heaven. Notice the calendar. It is this outpouring.”

Lydia said, “You are feeling this like the outpouring of a waterfall, a steady stream of a lot of water released all at one time so that when you stand on under it, you can barely stand up and it hits you on your shoulders and on the head. It is relentless because of the force with which it is falling.”

Donna described, “It quickly fills up the room as I am perceiving that it is. And yet it is coming up around me, but I do not feel it like a river. I feel it like an outpouring. I feel it like a waterfall is the best explanation and it has something to do with this Passover celebration that begins Friday night. It feels like an outpouring.

“The other thing it feels like is that the measure of the rate of the flow of the outpouring is great. Maybe not like Niagara Falls, but consistent. It is not a trickle. I do not know how to measure that flow rate, but it is consistent and here is the other thing I know; it is going to move things. There is something about this outpouring. It is a spiritual outpouring. I feel it coming from Heaven. It is in the spirit and it is going to move objects that we have thought were immobile. We have considered them stationary. We have considered that we had to go around them. We had to go around it. We had to go around this thing, when the rate of flow is going to move those objects out. It is going to move them. Lydia is not saying it is going to move them out of the way. She is saying it is moving them. So, what you thought was stationary is now moveable.”

Lydia enjoined, “Now, this is the good part where the saints of earth join with the Holy Spirit to release the movement of those things once thought stationary and speak to them, you will be moved by the power of God. You will be moved by His movement. You cannot stay stationary. You will move. You will change. You will change where you are. You will change your location. You will be moved. You will be moved out. You will be moved aside. You will be moved.

“There is a great release of the power of the saints of God from the verbal agreement with what God is doing right now for the release of those things that will now be moved. Say to the earth, you will now be moved. Stationary objects who have planted themselves against the movement of God, you will now be moved. You will move aside.”

Lydia continued, “Also, in this waterfall is a great amount of faith. You are accustomed to seeing and experiencing faith that has an expected outcome and goal like this. You apply your faith to it.”

Donna noted, “This faith feels different. It feels like a faith flow of Heaven’s movement for objects to move that have considered themselves planted. I think the faith is just that they move. Usually, you think of that type of faith as a thing that you can name or a something that can be. This does not have a name to it. It is just movement. It is faith for movement, faith for movement.”

Lydia said, “It releases the faith for movement.” She pointed out, “On the heels of this move of God, you will need to watch because from the earth realm because it will manifest in what we call a timeline, but also on the heels of that movement will come change. That change must be accommodated. Become accustomed to change.”

Lydia continued, “Declare yourself possessing the mind of Christ. Declare yourself in the mind of Christ with the mind of Christ in you.

Declare that the change is easily navigated.”

Continuing she said, “As you declare the mind of Christ is in you, and that you are in the mind of Christ, that you have the mind of Christ–reach up and grab the mind of Christ. This is the dunamis [1] resurrection power of the understanding of His height of dominion. It His Royal kingship. It is His resurrection power.”

Donna described, “I also see lightning.” She asked, “Is the lightning in the waterfall?” Heaven’s reply, “Those are lightnings of God.” Donna noted, “I have never seen a waterfall that has lightning in it before. As the flow comes out, as the outpouring comes out of heaven in the fall of that water–as it is falling, there are what looks like lightning bolts. It looks like lightning bolts in the water, they are mixed with it. And somehow it relates to energy light. You have got the energy of the water. You have got the energy of the light frequency”. She then asked, “What do we do about that, Lydia?”

Lydia explained, “This is the increase of His power on the earth. It is mixed in the outpouring. It has to do with the opening of men's understanding.”

Donna began to describe, “I see books and books and books and books, and they are all open. They are all open like a book would lay on a table opened to a certain page. I see thousands of books opened like that.” She asked, “What are these books?”

Lydia explained, “These books represent lives and times and seasons.”

Donna then described seeing a kite flying in the wind. Lydia explained, “The wind is a symbol, a sign, and metaphor for the movement of God's power.”

Donna then began describing what she was perceiving about Lydia. Donna explained, “Lydia is just in a good mood. She is joyous and happy. And she cannot talk for laughing and this laughter bubbles out of her. It just comes out. Sometimes it is a giggle. Sometimes she is just grinning. There is a lot of joy there.”

Lydia explained, “The goodness of God to His children, the goodness of the Creator who creates and cannot be stopped. She asked, “Do you feel the goodness of the Father who creates and can never be stopped? He never can be stopped. The enemy thought he could stop God. Do you see what I mean?”

She continued, “It is the ultimate joy of all things working out according to His plan. He has never been thwarted, and He enjoys His victory. In agreement with Lydia, Donna then observed, “Even the heinous awful activity of evil is minuscule in the face of the power of His victory and when the saints catch wind of this…

To which Lydia interjected, “Combine that with His love. Then thrones are shaken. Whatever evil thrones Satan pretends to think he has. They are completely shaken.”

Lydia said, “There is going to come a time where, men's minds are not focused on the ruination of the enemy as he tries to bring all things evil to the forefront of the mind, because you are going to be so overtaken with the power and love and goodness of the Father.”

Lydia said, “I will tell you a secret. This heals. This knowledge heals. It aligns. It straightens what is crooked. It brings into alignment what is missing. It retrieves things that are missing. It attracts like a magnet to it, things that are missing and adds to itself so that it becomes whole.” And Lydia said, “This has to do with the fragmentation of light. The enemy has illegally used the fragmentation of light and he is about to be stopped. The understanding of the wholeness of the light of God in the hearts and spirits of man, even the belief systems and the cellular brain structure of light is going to be rearranged.

“Think of the cells in your body like pools and receive the light there.”

Donna declared, “I receive the light of God in the pools of my cells.”

Donna then began to see a vision of humans. They have all been either laying down or reclining, like when you push somebody over. That is what they looked like. They have all been pushed over. They are laying and some are laying crumpled. Some are laying propped up on an elbow and they are kind of all in a jumble. Now, I see this great light sweep over them and the light causes them to stand up, and I see them standing up. Oh my gosh. I think the church is going to start standing up.”

She declared, “I want to be in that light.”

She continued, “Yes, we are going to stand up. Thank you, Father, for that vision. That was very comforting.”

Continuing further she said, “I see what appears to be waves and waves and waves, like tsunami waves crashing over this vision of people standing. And it is the Father’s love. It is the grasp of His love. It is the ability to grasp His love. It is the ability to grasp the power of love from a beneficial Father who benefits you with all that He is; always a hundred percent consistently with it, never shopping.”

She continued describing what she was seeing and experiencing, “Now this is so different because whereas the waterfall moves things, these waves are large waves, like the kind that come and they curl over and then they crash and then they another one forms, but these waves are soft. They are large, but they are soft. They are a force that brings something in, but they are not the kind that just crashes.”

Lydia explained, “It is the billowing waves of His love. It is very exciting. It is an exciting time to be alive now and to stand and enjoy the benefits of the Father, who is your creator and to appropriate His faith, His love, His majesty, and to see yourself in this frame. You represent Him. An unlocking is coming.

Removing Filters of the Mind

Lydia said, “One of the things that will be moved aside by this outpouring of the waterfall are the filters on the mind. There are filters on the mind. I am not talking about the brain. I am talking about the mind. There have been filters on the mind.”

Donna noted, “This feels like an ancient work of an enemy of God.”

Lydia continued, “And the filters are going to move. You are going to find that the filters on the mind, filters on the thoughts are far more moveable and malleable than what you experienced.”

Suddenly Donna was aware saying, “There are quite a lot of cloud of witnesses here. Why are they here Lydia?”

Lydia replied, “Because they have known about this coming and they are watching. It excites them to look into it.”

Lydia then instructed us saying, “Put your hands up!”

As we responded, Donna noted, “That feels like oil.” She then spoke what she was sensing, “I have oil on my hands for the manifestation of this coming move of God.

Lydia said, “Do you accept it?”

“Yes, we replied, “It seems very good.

Lydia said, “What you have engaged is a marker.”

We asked, “What is your counsel on the way we ought to share any of this? Should we share it? How should we share it?”

Lydia replied, “It is a promise of God. Share it like you would share a promise. Its purpose is to instill hope because of His goodness, because He hears the cry of His children, because He knows their hearts, but also let it instill holiness and the beauty of His Thrones’ dominion–that He is God and there is no other, and that His ways are not human ways. Let holiness settle in you, around you, and on you. This holiness is the pleasure of being known. Remember, Scripture says, ‘He knows all things’.

Learn to luxuriate in the luxury of being known.

“This is connected to the verse in scripture that is in the Old Testament where it says, ‘when you get up, when you lie down, when you come and when you go, when you do this, and when you do that’. Luxuriate in the luxury that you are known. Let that become personal. Let the knowledge of you being known become personal. Let it come closer to you. Let it come deeper to you. Let it come broader in you. Let this come in you. You are known. You are known.”

Lydia continued, “The word known feels like not just known, but when you are known, it is like when you have a favorite sweater and you put it on. You love having it on. You love how it feels and you know what it makes you feel like. You know how close it is. You feel as if you know what every fiber feels like. That is why it is a favorite. It is like God wears you. He knows you so well. He wears you like you wear that favorite sweater or that favorite sweatshirt or that favorite piece of clothing. Just think of that. Why do you turn to that? Because you feel comfortable, you feel comfy, you feel satisfied. You feel well, at leisure, you feel at pleasure, you feel all of that wearing a favorite garment and God wears you like that. That is how you are known. You are known. He has pleasure in that. He has put Himself in you and put you on.”

Lydia said, “Imagine the body of Christ, having this mind of Christ of the enjoyment of the Godhead, as the Father puts on those, He has redeemed unto Himself. He has put you on. He knows you like this. You can know your known-ness. Know yourself like He knows you.

The only way to know yourself is to know yourself as He knows you.

The only way to do that is to commune and have His mind. Some of the trouble has been the filters from the fruit of the wrong tree, from the filters of the world, from the filters of doctrines of demons and from the filters of fear, loneliness, inadequateness, and the fear of not being supported. He has already rescued you from these things. Let your understanding blossom in the fact that He has already rescued you from these things. As you see yourself already rescued from these things and your mind can change your outlook. As your mind aligns with the mind of truth a different outcome plays out because you have linked to truth. So, truth is the outcome.”

Lydia continued, “Do you remember a few weeks back where you were told nothing is hard because nothing is impossible?” She said, “This is the associated knowledge with that.

The anticipation of goodness decreases fear.

“Your mind chooses the anticipation of goodness. Your mind can choose the anticipation of a good outcome and receive the outplay of the goodness and the kindness and the power of God. Focus only on these things. Your spirit will help you focus on this.”

Lydia said, “I do not know if you can understand this, but if this is your constant stance, if this is your stance where you are faced to the light and your come-from is the anticipation of goodness; it does not mean that you cannot have any knowledge that the enemy is at work over here trying this, or trying to pull this stunt here, or is holding someone in captivity. Do not take this to mean that if you focus on the good, you do not have the knowledge of how to defeat the enemy because you can see what he is doing, but you are not focused on that. You are not. Your ears are closed to the frequencies of that, except from the frequency of how God is going to overcome that, or how He is about to overcome that, or He is about to fix that, or He is about to release the solution for that or, the strategy for that. He is going to cancel that. He is going to.”

Donna realized that what she was hearing was a type of filter. She said to Lydia, “That is what you were talking about. The filter that just popped up in my mind was how people do not see that they do not think they see the movement That is a filter. And so, if I focus on the good expectation of the outcome and I move the filter aside and I say, ‘The movement of God is everywhere.’ That is changing one's mind. I can feel that in my brain. I see God's movement everywhere. God is a moving. God, He is moving. God is always moving and whatever that filter in my mind, or my belief system, or my heart comes from, I come out of agreement with you. I come out of alignment with you. I ask the Father to judge through the blood of Jesus between me and you. And I put you [mind filter] under the blood of Jesus Christ and under my feet. And I say to you filter, ‘You will never arise on me again’. I release myself from this mind filter in Jesus' name.”

Lydia said, “Good job. That is how you do it. Every time you see a filter, you speak to that filter.”

Donna realized that a lot of humanity operates out of these filters that are on the mind and this is what God is releasing power to move. We started out by saying that.

Now Lydia said with a big smile, “Okay, I am going back to the celebration.”


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[1] Definition of the Greek word “dunamis

In Strong’s Concordance, #1411 – miraculous power, might, strength

Usage: physical power, force, ability, efficacy, energy, powerful deeds, deeds showing physical power, marvelous works

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