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Accessing Rest

Updated: Dec 4, 2020

Have you found yourself weary? Have you been asking, “What makes me weary with all this?” or, “What is pulling on me that makes me weary?” You are not alone. The demands of the season, the demands of the current pandemic, simply the demands of life can make us weary and in need of respite.

Heaven shared a few things of what make you weary and how to overcome the weariness:

  • Do not try to live another person's life.

  • Do not try to do another’s assignment.

  • When you do not come to me for rest for your soul, that makes you weary. You must come to me for a rest for your soul and you must make time to pause just to be. As you pause just to be, you must be in the present. I made you that way. I designed human to be in the present in time. And if you are living too far in the future, or if you are living too far in the past, you are not present in the present.

  • You must limit distractions. First, you must discern them and then you have got to do the work of limiting them. You have authority to limit distractions. Everyone does, but we do not recognize it in the culture.

A Discussion of Rest

Rest is for the soul. Your soul craves rest was designed for rest and lost rest by the corruption received through the corruption of the identity and corruption of the human being, and the three-part human. The Savior redeemed the three-part being of humans back to its rest. Jesus redeemed us back to rest so that the soul is encased in rest.

Think of rest like a garment you could put on. Think of rest like a case in the natural. You carry things in a case. You put an object in a case. Sometimes you buckle it, snap it, or zip it. But it is encased.

Your soul is meant to be encased in the rest of the Father.

When encased in rest your soul is content. Contentment and rest are similar. The problem has been that your soul is striving to achieve contentment instead of receiving the spiritual quality of rest and contentment from the Father. Rest is a component of being a son of God.

A son or daughter’s rest is a component of relationship with God, the Father, God, the Son and God, the Holy Spirit. The soul agrees with the creativity of the spirit when encased in its rest. The soul also in the physical realm hunts for peace, but peace cannot be found for most from the physical realm in its current state under the usurper. There will come a day when the physical realm is returned to the full measure of peace, but that is not today.

However, human beings are designed for peace.

Humans hunger after peace. Therefore, Heaven and the presence of God causes the soul to rest and the spirit to be awakened and enlightened.

When Jesus walked the earth and the people pressed in around him, what do you think they were pressing in for? Why were they pressing in? Was it for the words? Was it for the healing? Primarily it was for the peace that he exuded -- the frequency of peace that they so hungered after that they could find nowhere else in their day, certainly not from religious leaders and certainly not from the work of their hands.

This peace is a quality deeper than calm. It is richer than happiness. It is more lasting than life. Peace is a quality of Heaven that gives us equanimity (calmness), balance, and joy. Human beings were created to excel and their design and identity in the presence of peace and rest the soul needs; the soul primarily being at rest in the presence of peace.

Engaging Heaven

Your enemy, the one who vexes all humanity, is a thief of rest to your soul and its consequent peace. Engaging with realms of Heaven enable your soul to rest as your spirit comes forward to partake of that substance of Heaven with which it delights. This new way of life is so opposite the physical realm under the rulership of the usurper that the intellect despairs at its inability to achieve it. However, provision and portion has been made for God’s sons and daughters to receive rest in their soul that they may be the portals and outlets of His Kingdom on earth.

Entering the Rest of God

“Labor to enter into my rest.” (Hebrews 4:11)

The working out of this scripture in your day, 2020 is the access to the realms of Heaven that has been opened on to you and to the nuances of learned activity that your spirit knows to engage with Heaven in new ways. Primarily, this is what we teach and help others to understand and even helps them become free from other captivities so now they are enabled to engage the enlargement of their spirit. As the spirit man of human is enlarged within oneness, the soul sighs with relief due to its recognition of how corrupted its life has been with any other alignment.

The Equation of Time

I will tell you a mystery. The time of operating in your spirit does not compare one-to-one with the time at the physical realm. Time spent in Heaven is much more multiplied to your soul and therefore is not a one-to-one ratio. One minute spent in the realms of Heaven does not equal to one minute spent in the operation of the physical realm engaging the physical realm with your soul, which by the way, was what it was meant to do. But it was first to receive the rest that your spirit knows as your rest engages with Heaven and the presence of God. A short time spent in the realms of Heaven engaging with spiritual things, equates to a large multiplication and many more things, many more minutes of rest that the soul works from, having engaged Heaven and the beauty of the spiritual things found in this dimension.

Does the scripture not say that before Adam and Eve ate of the wrong tree, ‘They walked with God in the cool of the day’? This engagement with their spirit in the presence of the Lord equated to their physical ability to operate from rest to carry out assignments and duties in the physical plane.

The soul in front of the spirit has anxiety and worry about these things.

The spirit in front of the soul causes the soul to rest.

Then after having engaged in spiritual activity in the realms of Heaven, by worship, by receiving, by surrendering, by positioning ones’ spirit to be at the forefront to be loved by the love of Heaven. Then these things translate to the soul that the spirit may continue in these places. But then in your daily life, on the physical plane, you operate from what you have engaged in. It goes well with you.

The Courts of Heaven and Rest

Now I am going to talk to you about the Courts of Heaven from this paradigm. Do not strive to enter the Courts of Heaven. Striving in the Courts of Heaven causes many court cases to go awry and not receive a resolution due to people entering the courts with striving or worse with manipulation upon their heart. They feel stymied in the courts because they have entered in wrongly.

Would it not be better to enter the Courts of Heaven as you enter in through the gates to enter in from a more spiritual dynamic with your soul at rest?

Remember, you are told to enter in with praise and thanksgiving (Psalm 100:4). I am to tell you to first partake, I really mean partake of the beauty of Heaven first before going to the courts. Partake of the presence, partake of the spirit of hope, of the seven-fold spirit within your spirit. Come first to receive before you go into the courtroom to do court work or bring the case that you have upon your heart to bring before the Lord. Many things become easier when you enter in this way. This is an alignment. All things in heaven are perfectly aligned. So, as you step into heaven, take time to get aligned. From your alignment -- your positioning in the Courts of Heaven will begin to flow more smoothly.

The soul that strives does not do anybody any favors.

The soul must be at rest to gain the ultimate benefit of what you have been given access to. Your spirit knows the difference when you have entered in, but striving is on your heart -- striving as in labor, hard work, self-work, self-presentation, self-preservation. But your spirit comes here to receive because preservation for you is already here. It is in you. It is in the plan of God for you to receive, not strive after as a thing to get, but as a thing to position oneself to receive. This is a nuance of the work of your spirit in conjunction with Holy Spirit. Holy Spirit is stepping in to spiritual realms with you because you are one and are united with the Holy Spirit, whether you are aware of him or not. His desire to help you in this realm comes when you position yourself to receive him and receive of what Jesus gave you access to.

Limiting Distractions

One more thing. Your understanding about your ability to limit distractions is a paradigm shift for many.

Your role in Earth's realms is to rule over distractions as if you are the King of that realm.

Because in a sense, you are because He lives in you. But you must take rulership over the distractions of the world so that you are not conformed to its manner. People who take this ability and calling to limit distractions in their life will be ridiculed and persecuted by the world. Why? Because the world has lost its hold on them. Ridicule and persecution from the mouths of those the enemy would use will come against you because you found a better way, and therefore, the world has lost its hold on you. It has lost its grip, its position as a slave master. When you think of distractions in these terms, you begin to get a deeper sense of living from Heaven down under the calling, identity, and assignment that the books of Heaven contain about you. It is a choice, but isn't he worth it?

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