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Accessing Inheritance

With this engagement with Heaven, we suddenly saw a large body of water. Malcolm was our tutor, so we asked, “Malcolm, can you tell me what this body of water represents?”

Stephanie remarked, “I am seeing the suns rays upon the water. He had me turn my gaze upward and I am seeing the sun. Its rays are reflecting upon the water.

“I would like Wisdom, Counsel, Understanding, and Knowledge, please. I just heard ‘the indwelling of the Holy Spirit’. This body of water for me represented the indwelling of the Holy Spirit. It is like a place inside of me. It is like this body of water is inside of me that Holy Spirit indwells that I can draw from.

“I am just going to, by faith come over draw from this well, this body of water that represents the Holy Spirit inside me.”

Stephanie continued, “I am being drawn into the water and to fully step in. This is part of that teaching about immersing ourselves. I fully immersed myself and I came up and the rays are on me. I am going to turn and look at Malcolm.”

She asked, “Malcolm, what is it that I am supposed to understand about this?”

Stephanie said, “He got his whiteboard out and now we are no longer at this water, but we are in a classroom.”

Malcolm began, “So, you have heard about leaning. What do you know about gleaning? You have said to yourself over your lifetime, ‘Why it is I have trouble understanding things about the Word, things about Holy Spirit, things about walking in truth and knowledge. Why have I not been able to walk in all the power and understanding’”

She replied, “I do not know why.”

He said, “Did you glean?”

He then began showing her in action and she was now gleaning.

She said, “And now he is showing me that all of those that are drawn near to Sandhills Ecclesia, that is what they are doing. They are stepping in and they are gleaning from this knowledge.”

Stephanie replied, “I understand that now, Malcolm. That was a good question.”

He said, “Have you gleaned the principle and understanding of the son now?”

She said, “Yes, somewhat.”

Malcolm said, “There are many that are ripe for this understanding. There are many that will choose to glean, and begin walking as a son, partaking of their place of authority. There are some who are just beginning to step in Heaven. I want them to know that this gleaning is a trade.”

Stephanie replied, “Malcolm, you are showing me that, just the acceptance of this gleaning, the acceptance of the indwelling of the Holy Spirit and all that the Kingdom of Heaven has for us His sons are in fact a trade.”

Malcolm explained, “It is in fact, the trust of trust. The trust that is inheritance, which was laid before the foundations of the world. The trust that we as sons can indeed trust our Father, that we have this access to the full inheritance of Heaven. No more disassociation.”

Stephanie asked, “Can you explain that to me, Malcolm, no more disassociation?

He replied, “Once the realities that our Father has indeed presented to His sons the trust of this inheritance, that the parameters are the blood, the parameter is faith. That they can fully access every inheritance. The inheritance that is Freedom. The inheritance that is love. The inheritance that is mercies of Heaven. The inheritance that is the Glory, the inheritance that is health, the inheritance that is victory.”

“Thank you, Malcolm, for that clarification,” Stephanie said, “You have been talking to us about the trust and trading with heaven, Can you bring this together for me and for Ron? What is this piece of the puzzle?

He said, “This is a reality, not merely a reality in the spiritual–this is a reality in the natural.”

She said, “That's a missing piece for me, Malcolm. How do we get that from the spiritual into the natural? We have seen a lot of it work.”

Malcolm replied, “For the concept of understanding how a trust built in the natural, we will need to understand that there is an actual trust that has been built in the Kingdom of Heaven for the sons. They do not have to die to get this. It is here for them now! They can access this trust now!”

Stephanie replied, “Malcolm, I can see that You are really trying to make a point about Fathers’ trust for us. We do not have to be X age or have an attorney present, because we have counsel in heaven. We do not have to have these other parameters that the only parameter is the blood of Jesus Christ, accepting Him as our savior, and faith. That that is what that all is. That is the only parameter.

“So, what you are saying is that alone has given us this trust that we have access to and that when we have freedom from these consequential liens that the enemy has put upon us, we are free from those princes.

“Malcolm is really wanting us to understand this principle: how we truly have this full freedom and access to the Kingdom of Heaven. Malcolm, so how do we make it applicable? How do we apply this? Or how does this work where it is truly seen in the natural?”

Stephanie commented, “You know what, I am viewing it too narrow-mindedly as to what an inheritance is, Malcolm. Because I know that we walk in these Courts of Heaven dynamics now and we have plenty of testimonies, lots, and lots of testimonies, but I realize you are trying to help us really be free in our hearts and our minds. This is a part of standing in the sun. That is what you are getting at, isn't it?”

Stephanie then began seeing a ship on tumultuous water. And the hand of God picked the ship up and took it out of the water. That is how we are as sons with this inheritance.

Stephanie said, “I understand that.”

Malcolm then leaned over and said, “Do you trust?”

She responded, “I do Malcolm. I trust.”

Malcolm said, “The Father earnestly wants us to rightfully take our places as sons to experience it. Not just to know it in our minds, but to experience it, to walk in it, to be seated in it, to stand in the authority of it, ruling from Heaven down, seated as sons in heavenly places with Jesus. This is the next level.

Malcolm showed a picture of the many people sitting in churches and hearing that we are seated as sons in heavenly places and not comprehending it at all–having no concept of it. Believing it, but not knowing how to walk in it–not knowing how to fulfill that in their own lives.

Malcolm said, “For them to understand this Kingdom Dynamic, that this is their inheritance. That is a major part of their inheritance, that they can be seated in heavenly places with Jesus Christ ruling and reigning and walking this out with Jesus. That is where the freedom, the healing, the understanding, wisdom, and knowledge and walking in that in their natural lives will play out. That is the promise.

Romans 8:19-20:

For the earnest expectation of the creature waited for the manifestation of the sons of God. 20 For against its will the universe itself has had to endure the empty futility resulting from the consequences of human sin. But now, with eager expectation, 21 all creation longs for freedom from its slavery to decay and to experience with us the wonderful freedom coming to God’s children. (NKJV)

Our lives now represent the one event. Every creature anticipates with held breath, standing on tiptoe, as it were to witness the unveiling of the sons of God. Can you hear the drum roll? 20 every creature suffered abuse through Adam's fall. They were discarded like a squeezed-out orange, creation did not volunteer to fall prey to the effect of the fall. Yet within the stark setting, hope prevails. All creation knows that the glorious liberty of the sons of God sets the stage for their own release from decay. (Mirror)

Stephanie mentioned, “In verse 21, the Mirror commentary says, ‘I am concerned for you that you might pine away through the illusion of separation from Christ and that just like Eve, you might become blurry-eyed and deceived into believing a lie about yourselves. The temptation was to exchange the truth about our completeness [I am] with the idea of incompleteness [I am not]. and shame; thinking that perfection required your toil in all manner of weariness labor!’”

Stephanie said, “There are so many that are following us that hear this and they know it here (pointing to her mind), but they do not understand who they are as sons.”

I replied, “That must be revealed from heaven. In Numbers 27 we were taught that an inheritance can be distributed, but you must possess it for it to impact you.

Malcolm said, “I am setting the stage for you.”

Jesus then appeared with us and extended his hand out to Stephanie.

Stephanie said, “I have taken his hand and we are walking on a shoreline.”

Jesus said, “Look at your steps.”

She said, “Okay. I see them.”

He said, “Now look at mine. See, where are they in comparison to your steps?”

“They are right beside mine,” she replied.

Jesus said, “That is an inheritance.”

Stephanie replied, “Thank you, Jesus for that, that I can walk daily in the natural knowing I can look down and your steps are next to mine. I can see that in the natural Jesus. Thank you for that.”

Jesus said, “Tell them. Tell them as they walk in the natural, as they are stepping into their inheritance and fully embracing and understood what that means–the trust of trust; in the process to look down and to see my steps are in sync and right next to theirs. I am tangibly at their side.”

Stephanie said, “Thank you, Jesus. It is a picture most will be able to understand and realize.”

“Now he is standing in front of me, and he has both my hands and he said, “Now look where you are facing.”

She replied, “Jesus, I am facing you.”

He said, “Now look where am I facing?”

She said, “You are facing me.”

Jesus said, “As you walk in the natural, look up and see that I am facing you and you are facing me. That is an inheritance.”

She said, “Now he has come over to my right and we are walking holding hands. We are still on this sand. We are still in this place.”

And Jesus said, “Look at your feet. Look at your steps. Now look at mine.”

Stephanie said, “I see them, Jesus. Now he has gone behind me and I am walking.”

He said, “Look at your steps. Now turn around and look at mine.”

She replied, “I see it. This has to do with You being our rear guard too, does it not?”

Jesus said, “There is not a place that you step upon the earth that my step is not coordinated with yours–with the people. That is their inheritance.”

Stephanie said, “Now I am back in front of the whiteboard again.

Malcolm said, “How intimate was that?”

She replied, “That was very personal, very personal.”

He said, “That is the inheritance. Choosing the inheritance is key.” He then showed Stephanie a bunch of keys. He continued, “You must lay down of old mindsets and accept the keys to freedom.”

Malcolm then gave the keys he was holding to Stephanie.

She asked, “What am I to do with all these keys?”

He said, “These are keys to the inheritance.”

She could suddenly see that he had a lot more keys. She then began seeing them with angels. Lots of angels were present with the keys.

Stephanie said, “There are many keys that they want to extend to the people regarding their inheritance, but it is a choice. Well, I choose Malcolm. I choose this inheritance to see Jesus steps next to mine, to look up and see his face before mine, to know that his steps are coordinated with mine–even behind me. I choose that inheritance. I choose the inheritance that is the trust of the Kingdom that has been given to me as a son.”

Malcolm said, “This is a glorious day in the Kingdom of Heaven as is every day. This glorious day is that there are those that are choosing their inheritance.”

Stephanie remarked, “I see celebration Malcolm. I don't understand all this about how we are to express this to people, but I want to thank Heaven for this understanding. It was very simplistic seeing Jesus' feet next to mine, but it was incredibly impactful that today, as I walk in my normal life, I can have the comfort of knowing that as I'm walking, I can look down and know that Jesus' feet are next to mine, in front of me, behind me, and on side. I choose that. Sometimes it is the simplest things that people need to grasp and hear to create profound accelerations in their life.”

Malcolm said, “Yes, that is good. He said, ‘Look at Ron's acceleration and look at yours.”

She replied, “Yes. No doubt about it. It was all Heaven.”

We then asked Malcolm for more clarification regarding the different types of trusts.

Stephanie asked, “Malcolm, can we learn about trusts?”

He replied, “What you learned today was about the trust of trust because the trust of trust is the trust fund that God has created in Heaven for us–all that means, all it encompasses, and how we can walk in it. When Adam and Eve were in the garden before the fall, they walked in the full access of their inheritance.”


That engagement ended, but later in the afternoon, we engaged again. Stephanie and I were discussing the Trust Registry and she said, “When I see the consequential liens, the first question I ask is, “Which trust is this against?”

"Kevin beautifully said it the other day concerning a client he was working with. He said that he knew that there was a consequential lien against a client, or he knew there was an ungodly trust against someone's ministry. And it came up as consequential lien on someone to cause their health to be affected, because if their health was affected, they could not do their ministry. So, it came up as a consequential lien on their health. But he also knew there was an ungodly trust. He said he just knew by the Holy Spirit that it was against the clients’ ministry.

The whole point of the consequential lien is to prevent you from full access into your inheritance, your inheritance as a son, your inheritance as a minister or the platform. You have your inheritance as the full Kingdom of Heaven, all of that.

The whole point of the consequential lien is to keep you from access to your inheritance of the trust that the Father has established for you.

So, let us just take this square that I'm drawing here. That is all that Heaven has for us. I'm showing this as all Heaven has for us which is massive, right?

So, here is all that heaven has for us. We have access as a son. Do we trust the Father? Are we trustworthy? We have the full trust of Heaven, which is our inheritance. Is there a lien on just that? Is there a lien on our health? Is there a lean on our ability to trust as a friend.

When I see a parameter, I automatically know it is against one of those trusts.

The whole point of a consequence lane that a prince has assigned is to keep you from being able to access Your inheritance, to keep you boxed in.

He also uses our generational iniquities in our bloodline against us to do it.

The trust of trust is the trust fund that the Father has created for us and all that encompasses.


Malcolm joined us and Stephanie asked, “Malcolm, how would we best describe the trust registry columns that are in it?”

He got up and went over to a massive window overlooking Heaven, and he moved his hand as if to display of all that is Heaven.

He said, “Heaven has prepared this place for the people. Not only is it for them at the end of their life, but it is also here, and it is for the here and now–this place interaction. But there has been a trust issue. The Father longs for this place for them now. The joy of walking in the here and now of this trust opens all the keys.”

I asked, “What question should I ask you to help the people understand tonight?”

He said, “That they have an inheritance right now, they have access to their inheritance right now, they can access their inheritance right now.”

Stephanie asked, “Why are you showing me these keys?”

She understood that it was an activation that we were going to do that night. She said, “Heaven is giving these keys tonight? (These were they keys mentioned in the earlier engagement).

She watched as Malcolm began putting keys at every seat at the table. She said, “He is placing a key at every seat at the table. The chairs are empty right now, but he is saying they can come sit at the table and partake of these Kingdom principles. ‘The Lord has prepared a table in the presence of their enemies’[1]. As soon as she said that, a giant lion just walked in.

I asked, “Did the lion just say, ‘What’s for dinner?’”

Stephanie said, “He just roared.”

I instructed Stephanie to look at the table we were seated at, and then look at the enemy. I asked, “They do not seem so big anymore. Do they?”

She replied, “No, and they are not seated at the table either. They are not even invited to the table. We are seated at the table that is in the presence of our enemies.”

Malcolm said, “Now you are getting it.”

[1] Psalm 23:5

Mirror - The Mirror Translation by Francois DuToit NKJV - The New King James Version - Thomas Nelson Publishers

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