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Accessing Heaven

A tremendous privilege we share in this time in history is the ability to access the realms of Heaven with ease. Many of us were taught that Heaven is only for after you die. Heaven is much more than a final destination on a journey, but also can be a vital aspect of that journey.

What I am about to share is vital in progressing in the various Courts of Heaven. We can access the Mercy Court while fully planted here on the earth, but to maximize our endeavors in the Courts of Heaven, we need to learn how to operate FROM Heaven.

In teaching on accessing the realms of Heaven, I often point out some simple facts. If you were to tell me you were a citizen of a particular town, but you could tell me little of it from your personal experience, I would have a tendency to doubt the authenticity of your citizenship. I am a citizen of a small town in central North Carolina. I am familiar with the location of the city hall, police station, hospital, local county courthouse, Sheriff’s Department and much more. I know where many sporting events will be held. I know where the parks are. I know many of the stores and restaurants. I am familiar with this small town. Yet, if I were to ask the average believer what they can describe of Heaven from personal experience, the answer will likely be nothing. They have no personal experience of Heaven that they can relate to me. It does not have to be like that.

In Matthew 3, Jesus informed us that the Kingdom of Heaven was at hand. You could say, “the Kingdom of Heaven is as close as your hand.” Hold your hand up in front of your nose as close as you could. Do not touch your nose. Heaven is closer to you than that. It is not far, far away up in the sky. It is not “over yonder” as some old hymns describe. It is a very present reality separated from us by a very thin membrane – and we can access it by faith. It is very simple.

When Jesus was baptized in the River Jordan, as he came up out of the water IMMEDIATELY the heavens were opened. He both saw (a dove) and heard (a voice coming from Heaven). This one act of Jesus restored our ability to access Heaven. We can experience open heavens over our life. We don’t have to wait. We can live conscious of the realm of Heaven and live out of that reality!

Everything we do as believers we must do by faith. Accessing the realms of Heaven is done the same way. Prophetic acts can create realities for us. It is the same with this. You can visualize stepping from one room into another easily. It is like stepping from one place to another. To learn to access the realms of Heaven, you will follow the same pattern.

Stand up from where you are now and prepare to work with me. You can experience the realms of Heaven right now! You don’t have to wait until you are dressed up in a long box at the local funeral home or decorating an urn. You can experience Heaven while you are alive! Remember, we enter the Kingdom as a child.

Quiet yourself down. Turn off distracting background noises if possible. Prepare to relax and focus. Now, say this with me:

Father, I would like to access the realms of Heaven today, so right now, by faith, I take a step into the realms of Heaven. [As you say that, take a step forward.]

Imagine you are going from one place to another in a single step. Once you have done so, pay attention to what you see and hear. You may see very bright lights; you may see a river, a pastoral scene, a garden – any number of things. You right now are experiencing a taste of Heaven. You will notice the peace that pervades the atmosphere of Heaven. You might notice the air seems electric with life. The testimonies I’ve heard are always amazing and beautiful to hear.

Now spend a few minutes in this place. Remember, Jesus said that to enter the Kingdom you must come as a little child. I often coach people to imagine yourself as an 8-year-old with what you are seeing. What would an 8-year-old do? He or she would be inquisitive and ask, “What is this? What does that do? Where does that go? Can I go here?” If a child saw a river or a lake, what would that child want to do? Most would want to jump in the water.

The variety is infinite. The colors–amazing! The sounds are so beautiful. You can learn to do this on a regular basis. When you access the realms of Heaven, you are home. You were made to experience the beauty that is Heaven.

The reason learning to access the realms of Heaven is crucial to engaging the Courts of Heaven is that much of what we do is done FROM Heaven. We need to learn to engage Heaven and work from it.

Many people tell me they can’t “see” visually in the spirit. Often, they are discounting the ability they do have. They may be discounting their “knower.” Every believer has a “knower” at work within them. This “knower” who is Holy Spirit at work within you helps you perceive things. Whether something is good or evil, He works to guide you more than you may have realized. Most navies that have submarines have a device known as sonar. Sonar gives a submarine “eyes” to see what is in their vicinity. They can detect what the object is by the ping emitted by the sonar. They can determine the distance to the object and if it is another submarine. They can even identify what class of submarine it might be. Sonar is invaluable in this setting, but a video camera would be rather useless underwater.

The military has a similar device for above ground situations known as radar. It functions in much the same manner. If a pilot were flying through thick cloud cover, the pilot would need to know what is in his path. Radar becomes his eyes.

Some people function visually. They often see what amounts to pictures or video images when they “see” in the spirit. They may see more detail. Yet one operating by his or her “knower” (their spiritual radar or sonar) can be just as effective as a seer. If you operate more like sonar or radar, don’t discount what you “see” in that manner. It is how I function, and I have been doing this type of work for many years.

I can often detect where an angel is in the room (or if it is one of the men or women in white linen and not an angel). I can often detect how many are present and whether they have something they are to give to someone. I can detect any number of things and even though it is not “visual” it is still “seeing.” It will set your mind at ease when you understand that operating by your knower is just as valid as any other type of vision. It will help you to realize you have been seeing much more than you know and you may know much more than some who only see.

This excerpt taken from Dr. Ron's book, "Engaging the Courts of Healing & The Healing Garden" (2019)

Accessing Heaven

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