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Abraham on Surrender

On one of our engagements with Heaven, the council we met with had a special guest. The father of faith, Abraham. We asked for his input as we met together. The honor that was bestowed him by those gathered was noticeable. Abraham had this to share with us.

He began, “A uniqueness of body, soul, and spirit capacity is being released. Sons of men and the sons of God will have a showdown. Those filled with the light frequency of His Glory can engage their citizenship of Heaven for maximum benefit. The world's glory will not remain. It is passing now even quickly. How you engage this transition results in your ability to see yourself for who you really are. The sons of men versus the sons of God. There's a showdown that has to take place. It takes place internally in each individual, and it will take place in bodies of people (groupings of people).

“There is a new awakening forming itself inside the sons of God, such that has not been on earth yet. This comes through the realm of God’s sons. It comes to the realms of God's sons from the inside to the outside. The sons of God become aware of how they are changing internally. They become aware of the fact that they are being changed internally. Their systems are coming online in a manner of speaking with the systems of Heaven. Their heart is like a gate choosing for them in a way that they will go. Surrendered hearts are like surrendered lives and trust becomes the issue. Whether trust in oneself, as sons of men or trust in God, as sons of God.

“A precipice looms ahead where another choosing happens. There are many angel armies who have been waiting in the wings to assist the sons of God to surrender and let God be who He is among them. This will be a time like Moses when he went to meet God on the mountain considering himself already dead. He fully surrendered everything that he was in the natural to encounter God in everything He was being displayed as, fully trusting that God would be responsible for the outcome. Jesus, in like manner surrendered everything, trusting the Father to be in charge of the outcome.

Your day will be filled with like opportunity–trusting God for the outcome.

“A lot can take place when you trust God for the outcome. I trusted Him with the outcome of Isaac. Sons of God are about to understand the faithfulness of God. Not for how He responded to their desire, but for how He responds to His own plan–to the faithfulness of his own plan–to the faithfulness of His own being. God is faithful to Himself.

Lead your life in contentment with the Spirit of God.

“Learning to live your life with the contentment of the Spirit of God will feel like your life takes on new definition. It will feel like life is being redefined. Surrender to the fact that there are many things you have not been told. Surrender to the fact that there are many things that will not be told. Surrender to the fact that there are many things that will not initially run according to your own judgments. Surrender and follow.”

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