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A Word About Surrender

As we engaged Heaven this day Ezekiel met us saying, “I've come from the realms and much observation of time and not time.”

Donna noticed that he had a sword with him and it was out of its scabbard.

He said, “I have ranks that are taking back territory. It is time to take back territory from the enemy that has been stolen from the body of Christ.”

Donna, seeing Ezekiel moving quickly as if flying with his sword outstretched asked, “Is there a purpose I need to see this?”

He replied, “To know the Father’s might. To know the effect of angels on your behalf and to keep in the forefront of your understanding how much light and the Kingdom of Light overwhelms darkness because it hasn't got a chance. It hasn't got a chance when the sons and daughters of God are releasing angels, working with them in tandem and advancing the Kingdom of God.

“You look,” Ezekiel said, “with natural eyes to the natural world and see the projection of the enemy. When you look with spirit realm eyes to the realm of the spirit and engage Heaven, or like now, as you engage me, I can portray to you the real truth of the scenario.”

At that moment, Donna could suddenly see the globe and could see China and see arrows raining down.

“Whose arrows are these?” she asked.

He replied, “These are the arrows of the Army of Light.” He said, “Look more closely at them. They are very fine and they are made of gold. The battle against this principality (over China) is engaged currently.”

Donna noted that she could not see the angels that released the arrows but could just see the arrows which appeared to be falling like rain. It did not appear that there was even a space that did not have an arrow in it. She said, "The air is so full of arrows and they are all pointing down as they come arching over the geographical earth and over the nation of China.”

Ezekiel said, “I can show you the news of Heaven. I can show you the display of God's might, power, and glory as He will have the earth. He has the earth and He will have the earth and all of its occupants.”

He stopped explaining any more about that subject and said he wanted to talk about the word ‘surrender’. He says, “I heard you yesterday talk about how you surrender.”

Ezekiel said, “To an angel, this is a great mystery, for the sons and daughters of God have truly surrendered their lives to the King of Kings. They were wired with this ability, whereas angels have not this choice.” And he says, “You know how Lydia explains mysteries of God to you? I need you to understand that angels truly find this mysterious. The manner in which you surrender your realms, your lives and your will to the Father is a most remarkable thing. You don't often hear of angels crying, but we often cry at the beauty of a surrendered heart to Jesus. You may wonder why is this? I'll tell you. It is because it is the pathway of entrance to the Glory realm and to the place of reflecting His Glory from the 3D realm.”

He continued by saying, “Angels know that the 3D realm–the natural earth–needs the portal connection to the spiritual realm that a surrendered heart and life affords. You shine more with His Glory than you know, When you surrender your life in exchange for His, and as the Holy Spirit takes His place within your being, and you are in the process of being changed. The light that you emit as a surrendered one to the King terrifies darkness and causes it to flee. Why else do you suppose the enemy wants to blind you and to cause your light to be under a veil, or like scripture says, under a basket? When you walk, not knowing who you are or when you walk in self-righteousness without a surrendered heart to this King of Glory you do not fulfill your purpose on planet earth. But as you walk with a surrendered realm, a surrendered life, and a surrendered heart to the King, allowing His Spirit to flow from you, you emanate light simply by being surrendered, and to the physical realm, everywhere you go, you light it up.”

Ezekiel continued, “This has been been portrayed in movies, documentaries, and fiction where the silhouette of a person on screen is just white light. There are films that depict a super-sight where you can see through things using goggles and you see a human in a container, and you can see them as a white silhouette.” He said, “This is Heaven's view. Those who are surrendered to the Lord are like this. The light can be seen by spiritual beings. His light in us is a thing, and it can be seen by spiritual beings. And It is the light of His shining. It is the light of His arising. It is the light of His Glory. And it is the brightness that shines from within you that even the physical realm responds to.

“The 3D realm responds to this supernatural (not 3D) light within you and the children of God are learning to release this light and the glory of His power and might with more frequency of use.

Donna paused to clarify. She said, “Ezekiel, are you saying that the light within us and as we do courtroom work for the removal of the legal rights of Satan to bloodline iniquities, based on those verdicts of righteousness, the frequency of the glory of His light within us shines brighter.” Ezekiel said, “Yes, I am absolutely saying that! Angels see this. This is what was in operation as the throngs of people were drawn to Jesus when He was on planet earth. They were drawn irresistibly to His light. Why? Because they had the capacity to have the same light and Jesus’ healing and miracles released their capacity to shine brightly through their belief, through their agreement with who He was and with the assurance of hope.”

Garzan’s Message

Garzan appeared a few moments later and had a message for us. We received the message and invited him to read it to us.

Hark! Hearken to a great light of the glory of Jesus Christ. Let it be known on earth that His kingdom will come and cannot be stopped. Let it be known that a turning has begun.

To the children of God comes the message of opening their mouth to begin to repeat the word of the will of Yahweh. A turning and a turning has come and will not be deflected nor overcome. A turning and a turning has begun. As a new leaf budding from a tree and turning to the sunlight, so is the turning and turning of this decree. Time will align both time on earth and time in Heaven for the joyous occasion of the turning. Celebrate as His people and rejoice with faithful hope that the turning of things has occurred and so shall it be.”

Ezekiel then began to give some interpretation to what Garzan had spoken. He said, “Let the surrendered part of your heart receive the joy of this announcement. Garzan brings an announcement from Kingdom realms regarding time. In your physical 3D timeline realm see this as done and allow your spirit to rejoice as Abraham rejoiced in the promised son.

Many traumas exist in the people of God which hope deferred has caused. These have become walls against the faithfulness of God. Yield and surrender the walls that you have erected against the truth and might of God, so that you can rejoice with hopeful expectation in His decree and in what He will do, for He is not a man that He should lie[1]. Let Holy Spirit comfort the places of trauma hope deferred has left but rise up and command every intruder of hope deferred to leave your realms that you may celebrate and rejoice in anticipation of the manifestation of His Words.” And again, he repeats, “God does not lie!”

For greater understanding, Donna asked Ezekiel, “Is there a definition for turning and turning? It feels like two things. It feels like two wheels. It feels like a wheel within a wheel turning and turning.”

Ezekiel responded, “That's right. Think dimensionally. Don't think 3D.”

Then he asked the question, “Can time change?”

Donna replied, “Yes. Time can change…and change again.”

“Yes,” Ezekiel agreed. Then he smiled and said, “All you have to do is believe.”

Immediately Donna responded, “I believe with the willful intent given to me. I believe in this turning and turning and the turning and turning. I believe it. I receive it. And in agreement with Heaven, I announce it. And I co-labor with angels assigned to the Word of God that the turning and turning will take place and that our natural eye will see what God has promised because He does not lie.”

Ezekiel said, “Remind the people they must hear the voice of God. Remind the people they must be in dialogue with the Godhead. Remind the people that hearing Him speak strategies and plans to you, whether in the night season or in the day is crucial in this hour. Hear the Lord. Record what He says. Count on His promises. Let your faith and your joy rise into celebration.”

He then reminded us, “Hope deferred often comes because we have not heard the Word of God for ourselves. Personally, we have not taken the time to get in His presence and hear His word for us personally. Therefore, we have drawn inappropriate conclusions about what the words that others have heard actually mean. This drawing wrong conclusions is the place where hope deferred squats.

“We have mind conclusions. We have soul conclusions. We have emotional conclusions. What we need to be in to operate from is the spiritual oneness conclusion. That is a process of a journey with each footfall taken in faith and belief. Believe the goodness of God.”

Donna responded by saying, “That just makes me want to say, ‘I believe the goodness of God in the land of the living. I'll say it again. I believe the goodness of God in the land of the living. I believe the goodness of God in the land of the living.’”

[1] Numbers 23:19

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