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A Reminder of Joy

In this engagement with Heaven, Stephanie and I found ourselves riding in a small sports car. We stopped and Malcolm appeared and said, “Did you like that?”

Stephanie asked, “What were we doing in a sports car?”

He said, “It's fun. It brings excitement. It's taking you new places and it's fast. (I was driving by the way). Stephanie remarked, “And I wasn't scared at all, but you were going fast.”

Malcolm got in the back of the car with us, which was a convertible and we found ourselves driving through a glorious landscape. There were lots of fields of wheat. We saw a lot of harvesting on one side of the road but on the other side were pastures, horses, and water.

“Where are you taking us Malcolm?” Stephanie asked.

He said, “You know about a joy ride, don't you?”

“Yes,” she replied.

Malcolm continued, “Well, let's concentrate on the joy of the moment. The joy in the moments where there is no drudgery, no complications, no dread. This is also Kingdom Dynamics–the ability to be with the Father in Heaven, in joy and enjoying.”

We stopped and got out the car.

Malcolm explained, “There is so much the Father wants to give to his children. The gleaning and the leaning are an integral part of it all. But the joy is what he wants us to revel in–to stand in. The simplicity of being able to step in is yet still very profound, stepping over or through the veil into a place where there is joy unspeakable, joy, unrelenting joy.”

Stephanie remarked, “Malcolm, you are talking about joy today, and we have had teachings in the past about joy. What is very specific about today?”

He replied, “It's a reminder.”

He looked at Stephanie and said, “Ron is always saying to keep it fun, make sure you are having fun. What Heaven is saying is make sure you find the joy–you keep it in front of you, you walk in it, you step over into this realm and walk in the joy that is ever before you.”

Malcolm walked over and picked up a dandelion and said, “The Father is in every simplistic part of our lives that we think is simple.” Malcolm proceeded to blow the seeds from the dandelion and watch them float through the air.

He said, “I'm finding joy in this.”

Stephanie said, “Is there a question that Ron or I should ask you?”

He replied, The question is to ask the people is, ‘Are you finding joy in what you are doing?’ If not, then you are stepping in with the wrong pretenses–soul forward, instead of spirit forward. There is only joy in this place. There's only joy in the realms of Heaven. This is a place of answers and of truths. Souls will get caught up in the works of the courts. The freshness of stepping in very childlike is very vital and important. Even in Heaven you will find joy in the smallest thing. This is a measure.”

Stephanie asked, “Malcolm, what is the measure of this?”

Immediately she heard the scripture, ‘Let everything that has breath, praise the Lord’[1].

She remarked, “What he showed me was that even stepping into Heaven as you are doing that, that everything on earth and in Heaven that has breath praises the Lord. It is not an instruction about praising the Lord. When we step in, we know that that is what we want to do, but is an instruction about coming in childlike in joy, expecting joy, expecting truth, expecting answers, not of any works.”

We just turned around and Malcolm said, “How free did you feel In the little car as we were driving?”

Stephanie remarked, “I could feel the wind and the sun on my face. There was a lightness and a freedom that you get in the natural when you do the things like that.”

Malcolm said, “Freedom is here. Delight in this Kingdom. Delight in the Kingdom Dynamics. You are growing and there will be times when Heaven will give you small reminders of these things. You have had a reminder of joy. You have had a reminder of truth.”

Stephanie commented, “He is showing me the hearts of the people that work for LifeSpring and on behalf of it, their motivations are pure and good. And that the Lord loves to those that love Him. They love the joy of the truth of the simplistic nature of being able to step through the veil. Even though it is profound it is in nature of the Father's heart that we can learn on all of this. Thank you, Father. We thank you for the joy of Heaven. We thank you for the simplicity of being able to step over in the now through the profound nature of what Jesus did for us that has allowed us to be able to be in your presence in Heaven. We find great joy in that Father. We find great joy in being able to come in as a child, knowing that you Father with truth–all truth will give us the answers that we need, the peace that we seek, and ultimately the joy that you bring in working on behalf of your Kingdom Father. Thank you for all of those that work on behalf of LifeSpring. Thank you for the reminder.”

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A Reminder of Joy
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[1] Psalm 150:6

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