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2021, a Year in Review

As 2021 wraps up, we thought it would be useful to give a recap of the impact of LifeSpring International Ministries throughout this year thanks to your support and generosity. At the beginning of the year I heard the instruction to Extend, Expand, and Expect. I was advised that the degree of my expectation would determine the degree of expansion and extension of the ministry.

Compare this with 2 years ago at this time when we had 3 part-time team members plus myself. Currently we have over 25 team members both full and part-time with more coming onboard at the first of the year.

We just graduated our second Facilitator Training Program class with over 25 graduates, several of which are becoming either Junior Advocates, or Advocate Intercessors (focused on a business or ministry) in the next few weeks.

Personal Advocacy Sessions

We have served over 500 clients just this year with Personal Advocacy Sessions. We have seen lives changed around the globe thanks to the fine work of our Senior Advocates and Junior Advocates. For 2021, Joyce Poupart and Kevin Boehmer have served as our Senior Advocates. In 2022, Karee Naudet will step into that role as well expanding our ability to minister to more clients. We have several faithful Junior Advocates who help with the Personal Advocacy Sessions. CLICK HERE to hear from Kevin & Joyce.

Business Advocate Services One of the biggest changes that will be noticed in 2022 is that Bralynn Newby ( relocated from California to work with what has been known as Business Advocate Services (BAS Global). She will have some exciting announcements over the next few weeks to help business build using the Heaven Down paradigm. READ MORE! AfterCare Biblical Counseling Jen Jones, directs our AfterCare program and she conducts classes throughout the year and offers counseling sessions as well. She brings a sensible, seasoned approach to Biblical Counseling because sometimes clients need some basic fundamentals that they had not received otherwise. Jen is skilled at providing these concepts to her clients. Jen has a note to share! CLICK HERE! Donor Care Program This year we instituted our Donor Care program to provide encouragement, agreement, and appreciation aspects to those who support the ministry. Stephanie Shearin who has tremendous experience in this arena serves as our Donor Care Coordinator. She has a short note to share CLICK HERE! Tuesday Mentoring Group We have had approximately 150 join us weekly for our Tuesday Mentoring Class. Typically, over the following 2 weeks we will have an addition 500-600+ view the video plus several hundred reading the blog each week. We are grateful for your support as we seek to share the recent revelations unveiled to us. Our Move to Pinehurst One of the biggest changes personally and for the ministry was our relocation to Pinehurst, North Carolina from Albemarle, NC (approximately one hour away). I am originally from the Pinehurst area and following the death of both parents in 2020, we found it necessary to be closer to the Pinehurst area as we have many estate related things to deal with. Sandhills Ecclesia Although not in our thoughts when we moved to Pinehurst, Heaven has made it clear that we are to establish a local ecclesia here. This will provide a home base for those Heaven is moving to this area to work with the ministry. Recently David Porter, who recently graduated from our CourtsNet FTP program relocated from Cinncinnati, Ohio to assist Adina in the accounting department. and will assist with leadership of this ministry. Sandhills Ecclesia ( will launch on January 2nd, 2022. It will be a hybrid with both a local and a Zoom audience. Visit the website to find out more and to register to be with us beginning January 2nd. To register for the Zoom link, CLICK HERE! Where is Donna going? Donna Neeper, who has served as my Executive Assistant for nearly 2 years will transition to a focus on the CourtsNet video training platform of the ministry. Most of the administrative duties that have been on her plate will be handed off to Stephanie Shearin will serve both as Executive Assistant and DonorCare Coordinator. You will still see Donna's smiling face on Tuesday's and Wednesday's. This arrangement will allow her to focus on the CourtsNet program which has been on her heart for quite a long time. I'm thankful for Donna's faithfulness and sense of excellence she brought to the position as Executive Assistant. Thank you Donna! Outposts for LifeSpring The number of Outposts for the ministry is steadily increasing with new outposts in North Carolina, Missouri, and Tennessee. Outposts are usually ecclesias that seek to align with LifeSpring. We don't provide a "covering," but we do provide a place of alignment. If you wish to know more, contact me. LifeSpring Publishing Although it seemed a quieter year as far as book writing in 2021, still we released two new books in English and four books in Spanish. More are in the works for 2022. Meetings in 2021 We had 3 different meetings in Missouri this year, 1 Spanish-speaking Web Conference, plus the Coastal Carolina Conference. We also were guests of Prophet Kyle Miller in Dallas for his conference in June. Membership Our COHW Membership Program continues to grow. The weekly Platinum Members meetings via Zoom are precious times of sharing and revelation. Once per month, also invite our Gold Members to join us. Perhaps you may want to consider becoming a Platinum Member? Coming Up for 2022 We are not slowing down as a ministry. Rather, 2022 will see a solidifying of some of the ministry aspects as well as continued expansion. Ted and Mickey Moore will be joining us in January 2022. Ted will serve as a videographer and video technician. Some of you will remember him from the St. Charles, Missouri meetings. In February 2022, we will be with Chad and Aprile Osborne in Ft Myers, Florida. See for details and to register. Ministry Headquarters We are in the planning stages to build a ministry headquarters facility in the Pinehurst area. The facility will include studio and conference center areas so we can host conferences in the beautiful Pinehurst area. It will also serve as the home for Sandhills Ecclesia. When Heaven instructed me about this newsletter, the visual was of someone looking through a ViewMaster handheld viewer that provided a recap of the various aspects of LifeSpring. This newsletter covers the more prominent aspects of the ministry, but does not cover all of them. We are incredibly grateful for all that has been accomplished in 2021. Lives and families have been impacted. We have a faithful core of intercessors who work in the background taking care of the ministry bond registries and outstanding folders. Heaven instructed us to speak the opening of doors for 2021. We encourage you to do the same. "Sow the seed of your voice for their opening," Heaven said. That we are doing. May the Glory of Heaven invade your life this season and throughout the coming year, in Jesus' name. Blessings of Life, Joy, and Favor, Ron & Adina Horner

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