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2 New Bonds

Bond of Filtering & Bond of Undoing

On this day we engaged Heaven and they were concerned for one of our team members who is a resident of the State of New York. They gave us the following instructions that will be beneficial to you. For this article I will refer to him as Jesse. Here was Heaven’s instruction:

Jesse needs a thing called “undoing”. It is like quieting. It is an activity of angels.

Think of where Jesse lives? He is in the state of New York. The state of New York is under some principality thrones and some witchcraft - Jezebel witchcraft. The state of New York is under a Jezebel witchcraft spell. The realms of those who carry the Father's light feel the resistance in the spirit realm to their light.

Writ of Undoing

Undoing is a work of angelic hosts to undo spells of witchcraft. When you become aware of a witchcraft activity through human agents and the voices of those aligned with darkness, angels can be requested to operate. You can request this as an amendment to a court case and you can also appear in the Court of Angels to request a Writ of Undoing. It is easier for angels to operate undoing through paperwork that comes from other court cases and you can request of the Father that the angels carry out this Writ of Undoing.

Do not play with this one. This is not something to be done on a whim. This is something to be done when you have been told to and you are assured that witchcraft is in play. The human soul cannot lead you to the accuracy of this discernment. You will need to discern it by the spirit.

Bond of Undoing

If you see witchcraft bonds in the Bond Registry you can request a godly Bond of Undoing. It is a bond at that point. That bond on the Bond Registry releases the paperwork to angels to carry out the undoing. It is immensely powerful. You can use it as a defense item and as often as necessary, but let me be clear with you. Do not guess at this!

Bond of Filtering

I want to tell you about another bond. It is called the Bond of Filtering. This bond also releases powerful paperwork to angels on behalf of the individual, a Bond of Filtering it is going to help your physical atmosphere so that your spirit is more able to discern spiritual things. You may have to work with this one for a while to realize how it works. A Bond of Filtering is for the purpose of angelic activity in that person's atmosphere to cause discernment and revelation to be at a higher level. It enables the atmosphere to carry spiritual discernment and spiritual knowing at a higher upgraded level.

These bonds are often found hand-in-hand or are good to use hand-in-hand because they can work in tandem. When you have been told that there is witchcraft at play, you need the Bond of Undoing. You can also subsequently ask for the Bond of Filtering as that causes a filtering in the spirit that angels are helping with so that the human spirit is catching, grasping, and knowing - all these phrases, meaning they become more aware of what is going on. A mature saint operating under the Bond of Filtering then is enabled and empowered to be their spiritual self with their spirit forward and operate from that route from the Father's realm. This may also help with their dreaming during their night seasons.

With one more question, our engagement was over. “This is when you expose the enemy's work so that you can employ the use of the angelic host? We asked.

“Yes,” was Heaven’s reply with no further explanation.

We have learned that if Heaven doesn’t explain to you that day, the probably will in the near future. Simply be listening for it.

May this understanding broaden your work in the realms of Heaven as we see captives set free!

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